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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Communal Challenge News

Webkinz Community Successfully Unlocks #OneWebkinzWorld Prizes!

Congratulations to the Webkinz Community and WI Members for unlocking all ten levels of the #OneWebkinzWorld prize package.  For completing all of these challenges players have unlocked prizes to be enjoyed by all Webkinz World players on #OneWebkinzWorld play days -- running August 8th through August 10th. 
The total prize package earned includes: 
  • 10,000 Kinz Cash
  • Three extra spins on the Wheel of Wow
  • Three free Spree rolls
  • Three Jumbleberry Fields plays
  • One Spin on the Super Wheel
  • All Webkinz World mobile apps will be FREE during play days
  • 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, or 70% off specific eStore Pets.
  • A FREE Melanie Pet Buddy
  • An Adventure Park Backpack
  • The Goobers room theme
  • 3,000 4,000 eStore points
  • and Exclusive Play Day #OneWebkinzWorld themed Items!
There are still a few days to participate in the Bonus Goal challenges found via Webkinz Newz. Currently, members are working to unlock the recipe for the Neon TuTu recipe! Congratulations, and don't forget to log in during the Play Days to collect your prizes!
UPDATE (August 7th @ 3:15pm KT): GANZ has added 1,000 extra eStore points to the final prize tally as a thank you to everyone who participated.  Play Days start tomorrow, so don't forget to log in!

Webkinz World Communal Challenge for May 7 and 8!

In Webkinz World, the Communal Challenge Game for the coming weekend will be Atlantiles. The challenge is to score  2,600,000,000 points, and if this goal is achieved, all participants will receive the prize of a Galactic Viewport.
In your Webkinz World account, in the Kinzville Times, the newspaper index link to the Communal Challenge is still missing. To access the Communal Challenge page, click on either Contact Us or on the POTM ad above the Index. Then click on the new ad which will appear, the "Vote, Play, Win! Communal Contests" ad. This will take you to the Communal Contest page. Make sure to enter the challenge if you have not voted for a prize. Return on Saturday May 7 or Sunday May 8 and play Atlantiles in order to qualify for the prize.
You will find more information on this fun game in our forum HERE or in the WIKI.
Good luck to all!

Communal Challenge for April 30th & May 1st

The Arcade game for this week's Communal Challenge is Hungry Hog. The goal that we need to reach is 65,000,000 points and if we succeed, then our prize is the Ginkgo Tree. We can do it! We have had a few weeks off from participating in these Communal Challenges. Good luck everyone!
Update - It seems that the entry for the Communal Challenge can be a bit tricky to find.  When you enter Webkinz World, click on Contact Us on the Newspaper.  Then look for the ad that say Vote, Play, Win and click on that.  Here is what ad you are looking for:

Communal Challenge is Back

After a few weeks off from participating in the Communal Challenges, members logging into Webkinz World are seeing these famous words...
Looks like our challenges are back! In order to go see the prizes that we are voting on this week, log on into Webkinz World, click the Contact Us, then click the ad Vote, Play, Win! Communal Contests! The voting ballot will appear. It will also say that the goal was not met last week, but there wasn't anything available for us to vote on and see what the challenge was.

Goal Achieved in April 9-10 Communal Challenge

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Stacking Milk Bottles proved to be no challenge this week for Webkinz Cash Cow players. CONGRATS to Everyone who helped contribute to the goal of 88,000,000 points in Cash Cow! The goal has been met! Everyone that was entered and helped contribute will win the prize of the Plushy Soft Sofa. The prize can be claimed starting on Monday. Hopefully some of you won the Cash Cow trophy when you were playing this game. Great Work everyone!

Communal Challenge for April 9th & 10th

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Do you love having a chance at winning a trophy? Then this Communal Challenge is for you! This weekend's game is Cash Cow and the goal is 88,000,000 points!
If we meet the goal then the prize is the Plushy Soft Sofa. Cash Cow is a simple game of stacking milk bottles and if you click large amounts of milk bottles, you can win a trophy. For assistance in playing this wonderful game, please use the WIKI
Good luck fellow milk bottler stackers! We CAN do this!

Goal Reached in Communal Challenge for April 2nd & 3rd

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After a few weeks of unsuccessful wins in the Communal Challenge, I am happy to say... WE DID IT! Congrats to everyone that participated in the Communal Challenge this weekend. We have scored the 3,700,000 points in Ant Mania! Everyone that was entered and played a game of Ant Mania can claim their prize of the Wisteria Tree starting on Monday.

Webkinz Communal Challenge for April 2 and 3! *UPDATE*

Kinzville Times, the newzpaper in your Webkinz World accounts, has announced that the Communal Challenge game for the coming weekend, will be Triple Strike Solitaire. The goal to be achieved will be to score a total of 1,200,000,000 points. The prize will be the Wisteria Tree.
If you have not yet voted for a prize, visit the Communal Contest page of the Kinzville Times in your Webkinz World account, and click Enter. Return on Saturday April 2 or Sunday April 3 to play this well-known favorite solitaire card game. You must enter the competition and take part in the challenge to be eligible for the prize, if the goal should be achieved.
You will find more information on this solitaire game in our forum HERE or in our WIKI.
Good luck to all!
It looks like Ganz played an April Fool's trick on us! The Communal Challenge game is Ant Mania.
The prize remains the same, the Wisteria Tree, but the goal to be achieved has been reduced to a more realistic 3,700,000 points.
You can find out all about this game HERE.
Good luck to all!

Webkinz Newz Announce the Communal Challenge for March 26 and 27!

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Webkinz Newz has announced that the Communal Challenge game for the coming weekend will be Polarberry Jam! The goal is to score a total of 450,000,000 points, and if this is achieved, all participants will be awarded a Webkinz Studio.
If you have not yet voted for a prize, it's not too late! Go to the index page of the Kinzville Times in your Webkinz World account, click on Communal Contest and click Enter to participate in the challenge. Return on Saturday March 26 or Sunday March 27 and play this amusing game to be eligible for the prize, should the goal be reached.
You can learn all about Polarberry Jam in our forum HERE, or in our WIKI.

Ganz Announces Communal Challenge for Mar 19 and 20!

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It's springtime for many of you, and it's puddle-jumping time! This weekend, the Communal Challenge game will be Lily Pads 2. The goal of this challenge is to score a total of 65,255,000 points, and if achieved, all participants will receive a prize of a Cherry Blossom Tree.
If you've not voted on this week's choice of prizes, click Enter on the Communal Contest page of your Webkinz World account, and return on Saturday March 19 or Sunday March 20 to play this amusing game.
You can learn more about Lily Padz 2 in our forum HERE or in our WIKI.
Best of luck!

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