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Communal Challenge News

Communal Challenge for August 7th & 8th

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 For this weekend's Communal Challenge, you have the chance to earn a trophy while earning KinzCash! It's a win-win situation! Cash Cow is the game for us to play. If you need help on how to win a trophy, click HERE. The prize is 500 KinzCash and the goal is score 230,000,000 points. Who doesn't love the chance to earn a trophy and help the Cash Cow stack milk bottles? We can do this! Good luck to everyone and hooves are crossed that lots of trophies are won this weekend!

Goal Achieved for Communal Contest July 31-Aug 1st!

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We did it! Congratulations to all our members who played Tunneling Twigzy this week-end, Ganz has announced that the goal of 170,000,000 points has been achieved. Don't forget to log in to your WW account any time this week, starting Monday, to claim your prize of a Delicious Store Desserts Display.
If you have not qualified yet , it's not too late! You have until midnight eastern time to enter the contest, and play this game.

Goal Achieved in Communal Contest July 24th & 25th

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The goal was achieved in the Communal Contest this weekend. If you participated, make sure you log into Webkinz World anytime from Monday through Sunday to claim your prize of the Awesome Arctic Television

Communal Challenge for July 24th & 25th

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For this weekend's Communal Challenge, Webkinz World says that the prize is the Awesome Arctic Television. The goal is to score 30,000,000 points in Lunch Letters. Let's work on our typing skills this weekend, win the Communal Challenge and get a free prize. Good Luck Everyone!

Communal Contest for July 17th & 18th

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The Pearls of Wisdom is the prize this weekend for the Communal Contest. For this week's goal....We must score 450,000,000 points in Polarberry Jam. Remember that you must participate in the challenge by playing the game in order to win the prize. Good luck everyone!

Communal Contest for July 10th & July 11th

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"Atomicolicious!" It came down to the wire to see which prize would be the chosen one and the Ginkgo Tree won. For this week's contest the goal is to score 1,050,000,000 points in Goober Lab. Yes that is the correct amount of zeros in there.
If everyone participates, it's possible we can win this week's challenge. We can do it! Good Luck everyone and if you need help playing this game, click HERE.

Communal Challenge for July 3rd & 4th

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The votes are in for this week, and the prize for this week-end's Communal Challenge will be a Glass-Topped Patio Table.
The game is Candy Bash 2, and the goal is to score 185,000,000 points. Remember that you must either vote or Enter on the Communal Challenge page, and play the game on Saturday or Sunday, in order to get the prize if we meet the goal.
Good luck to all!

Communal Goal Achieved for June 26th - June 27th

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We Did It! Congrats to all who helped achieve the goal of scoring 140,000,000 points in Home Before Dark. Everyone who participated will have from Monday through Sunday to claim their prize of the Galactic Viewport.

Communal Challenge for June 26th & June 27th

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The prize for this weekend's challenge is the Galactic Viewport. The game is Home Before Dark. Our goal is to get 140,000,000 points. Remember that you must participate in the challenge in order to get the prize if we meet the goal. We can do it! Good Luck Everyone!

Communal Challenge week of June 14 ACHIEVED

Congratulations all participants. The Communal Contest goal was just achieved in this weeks challenge in Eager Beaver. For those of you who have not played, yet, get in there and play a round or two to qualify for your Refreshment Drink Cooler Prize. Way to GO Insiders!!

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