Winner: blessedx5
Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Zingoz Pop now available on Mobile App

Keen eyed Webkinz players have noticed something NEW in the Mobile app! At the very bottom of the arcade is a NEW space for the Mobile Zingoz Pop game! It has a lot of the same features as the original Web based game. The easy game is not available. It is a simple point and shoot game. It also boasts a Gold trophy at the finish of thirty levels. This game is currently available to Deluxe members OR you can open the game for 2500 estore points and keep it on your mobile game without a Deluxe membership. Check out of Games forum for great tips on how to play this game.

August 18th: Time to Get Wacky!

Time to get Wacky! Starting August 18th, you can collect pieces of the Wacky costume. The game to play is WackyER Zingoz. Just score 11,500 points or more and you win a piece of the Wacky Costume. It's that simple!
In addition to winning those great costume pieces, there is a floating Wacky in Webkinz World. It looks like WackyER Zingoz, with the rocket ship on his back. Even though he is floating in Webkinz World, you can only click on him, once a day per account.
One can also earn the Wacky Zingoz 600 trophy during this event by hitting the 600 mark on the game Wacky Zingoz.
Good Luck getting Wacky! This even will last until September 2nd.

Ganz Announces Winners in the Webkinz Day Contest

There may be no snow in Webkinz World this Christmas in July, but five lucky winners received a great gift...  All the Webkinz Day prizes from Year 1 to Year 7! Let's all say congrats to Aarushi, Anthony, Kyra (webkinzlover400), Sharryl(mom-2-3) and Steven (a WI member who wishes to keep their identity a secret).
They all wrote about what they loved about Webkinz World. To read their entries on Webkinz Newz, click HERE.

Webkinz Releases New Arcade Game: Leapin' Llama!

Leapin' Llamas! There is a new deluxe arcade game released today in Webkinz World.  Our members may remember a quiz last week on Webkinz Newz, which asked what "Leapin' Llamas" were the correct answer was an Arcade Game. Ever since the quiz hit Webkinz Newz we have been anxiously awaiting for the game to arrive in Webkinz World.
The game is a side-scrolling adventure. You must help Lulu the Llama avoid obstacles while racing up the mountain. The controls are simple, all you have to do is time your jumps right by pressing the UP arrow on the keyboard or your spacebar. If you hit too many obstacles or fall off the mountain your game will end.
Traaav, one very skilled member of our forum, has already completed the game and won the trophy. If you make it to the distance 1500m, you will be awarded this fabulous new trophy. It cannot be sold or traded as you can only win one trophy.  Thanks to Hiphopten for a picture of the trophy they won today.
There are also two badges to be won from this new arcade game. Our members have been collecting information about the game for the past few hours. It appears that the two badges are triggered by either the distance your llama runs that game, or the amount of obstacles they avoid.  Be sure to visit the "Gamez In Webkinz World" section of our forums to lend a hand!
Leapin' Llama is sure keep our members busy collecting for a little while, and the kinz cash you earn on the side is an added bonus! Keep in mind that you will need an active deluxe membership in order to play this game. Good luck to all of our members.

Webkinz Bowling Trophy Awarded as Webkinz Friends Prize!

For those old-timers out there in Webkinz World, you know the story of the Webkinz Bowling Trophy. It has been a legend, shrouded in mystery for many years. The prevailing rumor about the Bowling Trophy was that Ganz had awarded 10 trophies in 2005 and no one had ever seen one in another Webkinz player's home. In 2009, the Creative Director at Ganz dispelled the rumor by giving Webkinz Insider the official word about the trophy -- it had never been given out to anyone, and only existed in the Club House. That is, until now!
The yearned for bowling trophy can now be yours in Webkinz World, as the fabled trophy is a prize that can be earned in the new Webkinz Friends game and sent to your WW account! Thanks to pinkbellygirl in the Webkinz Friends area of our forum for showing us the new prize. We're putting together as much information as we can about the new Facebook Webkinz Friends game in our forum and the Webkinz Friends article on our WIki. We need all of your help to create guides for new players of the game, so please don't be afraid to contribute everything you've learned!

Webkinz Insider Gets Exclusive Sneak Peek at New Arcade Game

webkinz cheats
webkinz cheatsA new arcade game is coming to Webkinz World in December 2011, and we have your exclusive sneak peek here on Webkinz Insider!  This evening the Creative Director of Webkinz contacted WI with this picture from their newest game, Scramble!  We know that the game has chickens, we know that it has eggs, and we know that it has a trophy!  For any more details, it looks like we're going to have to wait for the game's official release sometime next month.  We can't wait!
Thanks again to the Webkinz Creative Director for sharing this Exclusive Content with us!

Webkinz World Arcade Features New Game - Hoppy Little Rockets

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Our very own Webkinz Insider Lemony has given us a sneak peek at a new game in the Webkinz World Arcade! In this game, Hoppy Little Rocketship, you will be controlling a rocketship as it rises higher into the sky. There will be "Soda Boosts" for power, "balloons" to avoid, "emergency click boosts" and "bonus points". The higher you are able to rise the more points you will earn. The first time you reach the moon in this new game you will receive a surprise. This trophy is a one-time-only deal!! So stretch out those muscles and get ready to shoot for the moon.
webkinz cheats
webkinz cheatsUPDATE: We already have a winner!! Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member charlesthefourth on being the first to win the Hoppy Little Rocketship Trophy. And this is no ordinary trophy as you can see by charlesthefourth's in room picture. Not only is it huge, it is animated!!

Halloween Hunt Maze Set Returns to Mazin' Hamster Area

webkinz cheatsIf you missed out on earning the Mazin' Hamster Halloween Hunt Trophy last year, you're in luck.  This seasonal maze set has returned for another year, and it is the perfect place for getting your Hamsters in the Halloween mood.
Each of the five mazes in this set is filled with ghosts, bats, and tons of spooky places to explore.  Even if you completed the challenge last year, it's worth visiting again this year as you never know what is going to be hiding around the next corner!

Ganz Corrects Wacky Zingoz Celebration Badge Glitch

webkinz cheatsDuring last month's Wacky Zingoz Celebration, players who managed to win at least three trophies in the Wacky Zingoz game were rewarded with a special Wacky Thrills Badge.  Unfortunately, this badge was identical to the badge awarded in the Wacky Pinata portion of the Wacky Log Out Carnival, so they didn't have anything special to display on MyPage.  
As of Wednesday's maintenance, this glitch has been fixed.  The Wacky Thrills Badge now has a brand new picture that can be displayed on MyPage.  If you were lucky enough to win one of these badges on your account, you can now show off your reward.

Webkinz Insider Members Solves Mega Stove "Yibbles" Secret Recipe

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member meandspencer on making the Mega Stove recipe "Yibbles" and on receiving a Secret Chef Trophy.  Just twenty minutes after we brought you an exclusive report from the Webkinz Creative Director on what four of the ingredients in the recipe were, meandspencer discovered the missing ingredient.  Yibbles is made on the Mega Stove using Blueberries, Farm Fresh Cabbage, Pink Lemonade, Raspberries, and Ramen Noodles.
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