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Item Retirement

Grey Wolf Retires on February 16th, 2014

Word is the Grey Wolf is officially sold-out at the Ganz Warehouse and in celebration of this big event Ganz is throwing a retirement party this weekend! The Grey Wolf was originally introduced to us in December of 2010, and came with a spooky Howl and Prowl TV.
The retirement festivities for this pet will be held on Saturday, February 15th, featuring the Count the Sailboats Game for all Grey Wolf owners, and on Sunday, February 16th, when all Grey Wolf owners will be awarded with a free pair of Be Mine Sneakers.
If you would like to add this pet to your collection before it is gone please visit Ameriwade, our partner store.

School Theme Retires on January 8! *UPDATE*

Webkinz Newz is announcing the retirement of the School Theme from the W Shop. This will happen on January 8, 2014, to make room for the returning Winter Wonderland Theme. You will remember that the Winter Wonderland Theme was removed from the W Shop in June 2013, with a promise that it would return seasonally.
The School Theme will also return, next fall, just in time for the start of the new school year. However, not all the items will be returning, so you would be wise to stock up now with your favorites. There will also be new items added to this theme when it returns.
Click to see the School Theme in our WIKI. Click HERE to see all the Room Themes.
UPDATE: This week, visit the Kinzville Map and do the Webkinz Video Challenge in the Kinzville Movie Theater for a FREE Classroom Wallpaper! You can get one every day.

Spring Clothes Retire, New Fall Line on Sept 18!

Fall is now here, and it's time to clean out the clothes closet! Webkinz Newz has announced that the entire spring line of clothes (the ones introduced this spring only) will retire on September 18, 2013. A new line of fall clothing will be added. This will be in the Kinzstyle Outlet, also known as PJ's Outlet.
All these items of clothing are Deluxe Only except for the Blue Striped Top, Candy Striped Wellies, Fresh Spring Hat, Good as Gold Hairband, Petal Power Shorts and Plaid High Tops which can be purchased by all Webkinz World members.
Some of the spring line will come back next spring, and some will be retired permanently; but we don't know which ones.
A new line of Fall Clothes will appear on September 18.

Four Jumbleberry Fields Prizes Retire on September 18!

Webkinz Insider members who are fans of the Jumbleberry Fields game will be interested in this information from Webkinz Newz. It has just been announced that these four prizes will be retired on September 18. They are from left to right, the Berry Farm Scarecrow, the Farmer's Hat, the Farmer's Boots and the Jug of Pickleberry Juice.
The Farmer's Boots and Hat are prizes awarded when you fill a jar of Jumbleberrries. The Berry Farm Scarecrow is a prize for a full jar of Sugarberries, as is the Jug of Pickleberry Juice despite its name.
You have until September 18 to get these prizes, but also consider saving your berries in case new prizes are introduced. Our members will remember that six new prizes were introduced recently; read about it HERE.
Learn all about this game in our forum HERE and in our WIKI

General Store Theme and Country-Western Theme Retiring to Deluxe August 28!

  File:generalstorethemelogo.png  File:countryandwesternthemelogo.png
Our Webkinz Insider interior decorators will be interested to know about the upcoming retirement of these two themes: the General Store Theme, introduced to the W Shop in June 2009, and the Country & Western Theme dating back to 2007, will both be retired to Deluxe only, on August 28 2013.
You can see all the General Store items HERE and the Country and Western items HERE, including some interesting history about the legendary Kinz Corral Spittoon.
Save your KinzCash and stock up on the items that appeal to you. You have more than two weeks, until Wednesday August 28 to buy them. You can see all the Room Themes in our WIKI HERE.

Automotive and Superhero Themes Retire From W Shop!

Automotivethemelogo.png   Superhero_Theme.png
In an unannounced move, Ganz has retired two Room Themes from the W Shop and moved them to the Curio Shop. They are the Automotive Theme (also called the Cars Theme) and the Super Hero Theme. Click on their names to see all the items in these two themes.
These themes will no longer be found in the W Shop. But our Webkinz Insider members will be relieved to know that Arte will still be selling the various items randomly, in his Curio Shop. They will be labelled Arte's Favorite, and their prices will fluctuate from 20% above the regular price, to as much as 40% off! Arte's stock changes every hour so watch for bargains!
You can see all the items of these themes, and all other Room Themes, in our WIKI.

Lily Pad Theme Retired From W Shop!

Interior decorators in Webkinz Insider will be saddened to know that the much beloved Lily Pad Theme was retired today from the W Shop. This charming theme which included the amusing vehicle Swamp Runner Fan Boat, was one of the original Webkinz themes dating back to 2005.
Click HERE to see all the items from the Lily Pad Theme, in our WIKI.
While all the items are gone from the W Shop, most will still be available for purchase from Arte in the Curio Shop, and will be known as Arte's Favorites. The prices will vary from 20% above the original price, to bargains from 5% off to 40% off. Happy bargain hunting! 

Football Theme Plus Another Will Retire July 17!

Webkinz Newz has just announced another room theme retirement. On July 17, 2013, the Football Theme will be retired along with another theme. We won't know which other room theme until July 17. The Football Theme was among the original W Shop themes in Webkinz World and can be seen in our WIKI HERE.
You can see all the Room Themes HERE. The only thing that we know about the second theme to be retired, is that it is also a W Shop Theme. Good luck with shopping!

Loot Bag Prizes Retiring, New Prizes Coming Soon!

Webkinz Newz is announcing the retirement of the three Loot Bag Prizes pictured above: the Dunce Cap, the Chocolate Zingoz, and the Zum Balloons. The exact date of this retirement has not been announced yet, but it will be SOON! Of course new prizes will be introduced to replace them and we are all anxious to see them.
Loot bags are obtained at the end of a Webkinz Party, held either in the Clubhouse or in your own webbie house. Party Packs can be purchased with your KinzCash from the W Shop in Webkinz World. Invite some friends over, play games, eat a special treat or piece of party cake, and at the end of the 30-minute party you can bring a loot bag home. Each loot bag contains three random prizes. You can learn all about Webkinz Parties and Loot Bags in our WIKI by clicking HERE.
The Dunce Cap is particularly interesting due to its history, and you can learn all about it HERE.

Two Backstage Prizes are Retiring March 13th

Webkinz Rockerz Pet Owners may recognize the Bass Case Closet as one of the Backstage Pass Prizes. According to Webkinz Newz, on March 13th, the Bass Case Closet and one other item will be retiring! So if you don't own the Bass Case Closet, now may be the time that you adopt a Rockerz Pet so that you can own this great item. What do you think the other will be that is retiring?

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