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Holiday Items

UPDATE Halloween Theme Chosen

UPDATE!! The results from the voting are in and the winning theme is the Trick or Treat Street Theme! UPDATE!!
Voting is now over, results are in.
We have one day left to vote on a New W-Shop Theme for Halloween. The concept drawings of one piece of each theme are displayed below with a link to the Voting page. It will close Midnight July 25th. The themes are Glampire, which is supposed to represent a Teenaged Vampire's room. Then we have Trick or Treat Street which will have Home Fronts and outdoor furniture. Lastly, the Cauldron Café theme which will cater to witches and Wizards wich will have a lot of weathered and spider webs . I know I like all three and I can't wait to see the concept drawings as the October 1st date for introduction to the W-shop gets closer. Autumn sure looks like it will be fun in Webkinz World.

Webkinz Announces Summer Sensation 2012

Webkinz Newz has announced that Summer Sensation 2012 will be on June 28th.  Each member of Webkinz World that logs in on June 28th will receive a special Summer Sensation Gift.
A couple of the previous Summer Sensation gifts have included the Summer Fun Picnic Basket and the Sensational Water Sprinkler.  If you would like to see a full list of the previous gifts you can see them on our WIki
If you would like to see a Sneak Peak of the Summer Sensation 2012 item please click read more.
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Sneak Peek at the 2012 Spring Celebration Gift Basket!

It's that wonderful time of the year again ... a time to celebrate earth's renewal and the pleasant days of Spring.  On April 8th, Webkinz everywhere will receive a Spring Celebration Gift when members log into their accounts.
WKN is giving us a sneak peek at this year's Spring Celebration Basket. Wekinz Insider members will be happy to log in on April 8th to receive this special gift!

Last year's Spring Celebration gift included the lovely Egg Holder Love Seat, a furniture item for your pet's room and two very special food items, a Caramel Bunny and Chocolate Eggs  For a look at the 2011 Spring Celebration Gift and those of past years, check out the WIKI on Webkinz Insider.

We already brought you the news that the Spring Celebration Eggs are returning to Webkinz World between March 31st and April 8th. Now we know that on those days when you log in, you will receive a Milk Chocolate Egg to feed to your pet! Also on these days, you will be able to get a Milk Chocolate Egg by visiting the Daily Activities page on Webkinz World and a White Chocolate Egg will be available on WKN. Your pet will receive a special prize when fed these special eggs!
So get ready to celebrate Spring on Webkinz World!

Webkinz Login Gift on Saturday March 17 for St. Patrick Day!

Webkinz World members with Asian accounts, where it's now Saturday March 17, are having a lucky suprise when they log in to their accounts. Your special holiday gift is a Shamrock Root Beer! This is a food; be careful not to feed it to your pet if you intend to keep it as a souvenir of this day.
Members with European and North American accounts can expect to find their login gift when the day turns over to March 17. You must log into your account to receive this prize.
You can find out more about various Saint Patrick's Day events in our WIKI. There are special food recipes that you can make to send your friends, check them out HERE.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all!

Valentine Day Gift Boxes Arrive in Webkinz World on February 14!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts, where it is now Tuesday February 14, are delighted to find a sweet surprise on login. The Valentine's Day Gift Boxes have arrived! They will show up in the European and North American accounts when your day turns over to Feb 14. You must log into Webkinz World on the day itself to receive your Gift Box.
Please do not reveal the contents of the Gift Box, as many of our members enjoy the surprise of opening their gift.
Learn more about Valentine's Day in Webkinz World in our WIKI!

New Holiday Clothing Available At The Kinzstyle Outlet

Webkinz Pets can now be better prepared for the holidays as Pollie Jean Collie has stocked the KinzStyle Outlet with a wonderful selection of new clothing. 
You can now purchase the 4 piece Santakinz Helper Outfit or the 4 piece Santakinz Helperette Outfit.
Check out these fashion forward pets modeling the latest holiday attire.

New Turkey Hat Click to Win Event Coming to Webkinz Newz

Don't let the fact that there are no clothing items in this year's Thanksgiving basket get you down.  Ganz has announced that they will be holding a special Click to Win event on the Webkinz Newz site for a fantastic Turkey Hat!  On November 24, 25, 27, and 28, keep an eye on the Webkinz Newz for floating hats.  When you spot one, click on it, and you will be rewarded with a hat on your account.  Each player can win one hat per day per account.  Get ready to get clicking!

Thanksgiving Baskets Arrive in Webkinz World on November 24!

webkinz cheats
It's now Thanksgiving Day in Asian accounts! Webkinz Insider members are finding their Thanksgiving Basket waiting for them on login. Members with European and North American accounts will find their basket on login when their day turns to Thursday November 24, which is the date of American Thanksgiving.
Please do not post the contents of this gift basket in order to preserve the surprise for our members. You can see this year's Thanksgiving Gifts, along with the gifts from previous years, in our WIKI HERE.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

World Wide Play Day Has Begun, Log On Later for a Gift

webkinz cheatsThe World Wide Day of Play has begun!  Just a few minutes ago, in a short video presentation, Goober flipped the switch to shut down Webkinz World.  Webkinz World will remained "closed" for the next three hours.  When Webkinz World comes back up at 3pm, Eastern Time, players logging on will be rewarded with a gift bag containing three food items.  To learn more about the Day of Play, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.
UPDATE (3:01pm, ET):  Following a short video in which Goober flipped the switch back, Webkinz World reopened.  Players logging on between now and Midnight, Eastern Time, will receive a snack for their pets.

Fall Fest Dates Announced!

webkinz cheats
No need to wonder when those leaves will start falling. From September 17th through September 23rd, watch for falling leaves in Webkinz World. We have been anxiously awaiting Fall Fest, as that means Autumn will soon be here. This is the earliest Fall Fest has ever started so make sure you get your clicking fingers ready.
Let's hope lots of leaves blow through Webkinz World and it won't be hard to spot them.  Happy Fall Fest everyone!
UPDATE:  This year's prize list includes several new prizes and several old prizes as well.  If you missed out on collecting the Baked Butternut Squash, Lumberjack Coat, Lumberjack Hat, Gourd Table Candle, Colorful Corn Display, or Autumn Tree Globe, you're in luck!  This year's new prizes are Fall Zip Polo, Pressed Leaf Collage, Maple Sugar Pop, Fall Cabbie Hat, Pumpkin Centerpiece, and Fire Log Rack.

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