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PJ Collie's New Clothing recipes revealed

Since last maintenance, Pollie Jean has introduced her new Summer Clothing line. Along with the new clothing they also revealed that there would be two new recipes using the new clothing, only, for combinations to make unique clothing pieces. We are fortunate enough to have diligent recipe crafters, here and they have found the recipes for these two new spectacular items! The two new combinations are the Citrus Strappy Sundress and the Short Sleeve Hoodie. For one of the combinations you will need a piece of Deluxe clothing, the other is made using regular player clothing. The Citrus Strappy sundress requires Neon Green Board Shorts (220 KC) Neon Yellow Visor (250 KC) and the Hot Pink Cargo Pants (Deluxe 355 KC) The Short Sleeve Hoodie is made from Neon Green Sunglasses (200 KC) Neon Pink and Orange Swim Dress (355 KC) and the Neon Yellow Slides (190 KC) Currently, you cannot send the finished combination. We will let you know if this changes.
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Webkinz Newz publishes Neigowa Blancetta Recipe

Attention Webkinz Food Collectors: Webkinz Newz has published the secret recipe for Neigowa Blancetta.  This secret Super Chef recipe has been underwraps since November 24th, 2010. Super Chef recipes are extremely rare to solve, as they require players to use the super chef stove in the clubhouse and three recipe foods to solve.  
The recipe for Neigowa Blancetta is Fire & Water Sandwich, Mount Snococo, and Sweet Creola. 

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Vegan Veggie Wrap Recipe

Congratulations to WebkinzInsider Member wylady for being the first to solve the Webkinz recipe for the Vegan Veggie Wrap.  Harmony likes posing by the beautiful trophy they won for being first to make this recipe.
During the Daisy Doe event, you could win a food items and now it turns out if you mix the foods together in the sandwich maker you can create a tasty treat!  The 3 ingredients in this recipe are the Tofu Burger, Crunchy Kale Chips, and Farm Fresh Pasta Salad.  Remember these foods were all only available during the Daisy Doe event and may or may not return to Webkinz World in the future.

Webkinz Recipe BooTooYoo has been solved!

A special thank you to WebkinzInsider member dancerchick914 for letting us know the Webkinz Recipe BooTooYoo has been solved.  While she can't take credit for solving it, she was the first time point out that an article on the Webkinz Facebook feed contained the ingredients.
You can make your own BooTooYou using a Super Stove in the Clubhouse to combine Ophidian Callaloo, Rice Pudding, and a Serpentash Squash.  

New Foods Carnivaloop and Chugachooogaloo in Webkinz World! *UPDATE*

Two new foods have appeared in Webkinz World, that look like new Secret Recipes. On the left is the Carnivaloop and on the right is the Chugachooogaloo.
You can join in the efforts to solve these beautiful food recipes, and other unsolved secret recipes, as a cooperative effort of our forum members by clicking HERE.
Learn all about Secret Recipes in our WIKI by clicking HERE and HERE.  The Secret Recipe Solutions are  HERE.
*UPDATE* : Ganz has confirmed that these new foods are just foods, and NOT Secret Recipes.

Kinzlet Milanese Recipe Revealed by WKN!

4818-1.pngHave you been wondering how to make this marvelous food that looks like the sinking of the Titanic? Wonder no more! Webkinz Newz has just revealed the ingredients of the Kinzlet Milanese. This secret recipe was first released in July 2009 but had remailed unsolved until now. In the Mega Stove, combine these ingredients:
  • Baked Potato
  • Cheeses
  • Granola Cereal
  • Hot Dog
  • Pretzel
Mega Stove Recipes are very difficult to solve because five different ingredients must be guessed or deduced.
You can buy a Mega Stove in the W Shop or you can use the one provided in the Super Chef Room of the Clubhouse. All the ingredients are bought in the W Shop.
Read all about the History of Mega Stove Secret Recipes, and which ones are solved, and who solved them, by clicking HERE. You will see that only one recipe has been solved by a Webkinz Insider member, meadandspencer who solved the Yibbles recipe in August 2011 and won a trophy as a result. Most Mega Stove Secret Recipes are still unsolved. You can join our members in their group effort to solve secret recipes HERE.

Yummy Tummy Tumbler Secret Recipe on Webkinz Newz!


In a surprising move, Webkinz Newz has revealed the well-known recipe for making the infamous Yummytummy Tumbler (also known as YTT). In the Blender, combine Ginger Ale, Papaya and Farm Fresh Cabbage (regular W Shop Cabbage will not work; this is what made this recipe infamous).


Here at Webkinz Insider, we are proud to have known this combination of secret ingredients for over 4 years. It was on September 25, 2009, that Webkinz Insider member ClaraZ25 discovered the secret recipe for Yummytummy Tumbler. It took over 2 years of solid cooperative efforts from our WI members to solve this recipe by elimination. The Yummytummy Tumbler was first introduced to Webkinz World on August 5, 2007 and solved on September 25, 2009.


You will note that ClaraZ25 solved the YTT recipe BEFORE the introduction of the Secret Chef Trophy on September 30, 2009, awarded to the first Webkinz World member to solve a recipe.  Read a first-hand account of the solving of this historical recipe by ClaraZ25 by clicking HERE.


Join us in our forum HERE to help solve currently unsolved food recipes, and read about the solved ones.


Click HERE for all the Secret Recipe Solutions.


It is not yet known whether this article in Webkinz Newz marks the beginning of the release of other unsolved recipes.



Three New Secret Recipes to Solve in Webkinz World!

Food lovers in Webkinz World will be thrilled to see the addition of three new secret recipe foods today! The new foods are Yiplish, Mozzlenoms and Tumbang.
Join our Recipe solvers in our forum HERE.  To solve one of these recipes, try combining 3 ingredients in either a Blender, a Stove or a Sandwich Maker and post your results on that recipe's thread. You can learn all about Recipe Foods and the History of secret recipes, in our WIKI.
Happy cooking!

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Spranklebeek Recipe!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member monkeecj on solving the Spranklebeek recipe!
The Spranklebeek recipe was introduced in Webkinz World on April 13, 2011. It took more than a year and a half to be solved! Hints about its solution were released recently in Webkinz Newz.
Thanks to the efforts of our recipe solvers, we now know that this interesting food is made in the Sandwich Maker, with a Bagel, Broccoli and Durian.
You can read all about the History of Secret Recipes in our WIKI HERE. Our WI member monkeecj is a Master Chef who has the greatest number of solved recipes to their credit, with Spranklebeek bringing the number of solved recipes by this member, to ten! Way to go!
You can join the efforts of our recipe solvers in our forum HERE.

Boiled Wyvernacle Breaks Record as Longest Unsolved Webkinz Recipe!

It's been 2 years and 51 days... Do you know how to make the Boiled Wyvernacle Webkinz Recipe?
Boiled Wyvernacle is an unsolved three-ingredient recipe which was introduced in Webkinz World on April 27, 2010. All we know so far, is that this recipe requires three ingredients in the Blender. Come and join our recipe-busting team on our forum HERE to help solve the mystery of this recipe.
Until now, the record for the longest-unsolved recipe was held by the infamous Yummytummy Tumbler, which was solved by Webkinz Insider member ClaraZ25 on September 25, 2009, two years and 51 day after its release. As of today, Boiled Wyvernacle has been unsolved for two years and 51 days. Unless it is solved in the next few hours, this recipe will be the new record-holder for longest unsolved Webkinz Recipe.
Learn all about the history of the secret recipes in our WIKI.

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