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Five New Recipes in Webkinz World!

This morning's update also brought us 5 new recipes to solve in Webkinz World! Our resident recipe guru's will surely be hard at work trying to figure these out as quickly as possible.  If you'd like to lend a hand, please visit our Webkinz Recipes section in our Webkinz Forum!
Grapplesnap Webkinz RecipeSweet Creola Webkinz RecipeTusslepuff Webkinz RecipePicaroon Webkinz RecipeSpringerle Drizz Webkinz Recipe
The 5 recipes in order are: Grapplesnap, Sweet Creola, Tusslepuff, Picaroon and Springerle Drizz.  Good luck!!

WI Confirms Yummy Tummy Tumbler is a Valid Blender Recipe!

In my conversation with the Creative Director, I decided to ask him a question completely unrelated to the adoption and HHH issues in Webkinz World -- is Yummytummy Tumbler in the system?


For those who aren't aware, Yummytummy Tumbler was introduced into Webkinz World on August 5th, 2007.  It has proven to be the most elusive recipe to date and our recipe wizards are stumped -- so much so that many assumed that it hadn't been programmed into Webkinz World.


I tried my best to squeeze the recipe out of him, but was unsuccessful.  What I did get, though, was confirmation that the recipe is in the system and is definitely a blender recipe.


Yummytummy Tumbler Webkinz Recipe Blender


For those that want to help our dedicated recipe solvers, here is the Yummytummy Tumbler thread, which has over 3,000 posts and 100,000 views -- Yummytummy Tumbler - August 5th, 2007


I'd also like to remind everyone about our great recipe guide and cookbook tool here on Webkinz Insider.  All 160 recipes in Webkinz World are listed, 157 solved and 3 unsolved.  Go ahead and take a look or print yourself a copy -- Webkinz Recipes in our Webkinz Insider Cookbook!

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