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Believe it or Not: Yummytummy Tumbler Has Been SOLVED!!!!!

It's an historic day in Webkinz World... Yummytummy Tumbler has been solved by ClaraZ25!!!! It can be made in the Blender by combining Cabbage, Papaya, and Ginger Ale. This is the first recipe that has ever been solved that contains an ingredient not found in the wShop (Farm Fresh Cabbage is grown in your garden).
Yummytummy Tumbler
We've posted numerous articles about this infamous recipe that has remained unsolved for over 2 years! The recipe-solving thread had over 5,000 posts and 214,000 views! Per ClaraZ25's wishes, I am posting a statement verbatim from the thread where it was solved. Please visit the thread and congratulate ClaraZ25 and the entire team of recipe solvers for their tireless efforts in solving one of Webkinz World's biggest mysteries: Yummytummy Tumbler (August 2007) [Blender]
Posted by ClaraZ25
I have never experienced so many emotions at once and yes one is frustration and anger for Cabbage being in there. Don`t feel bad about having to hate this recipe. I don`t blame you.
MODS: I ask that when you make the front page article to please recognize the following people. First off all the dedicated members of the recipes section but also the following members for sending me cabbage: funkyc63, kinzmom1924, crnovak, enny26, Lotamoxie. Without their help I would have never had enough cabbage to do this combo. Thank you all.
Posted by monkeecj
Thank you to all of these members for working for more than two years to help solve YTT:
AChip, Amneris, carmel_mom, cocoabean, fumble99, hptigerlily, ImTara55, kitten496, monkeecj, peggios, sambellarose, sydney88, webkinzworld14
Aimless, alex1920, aquiverful, Azuzza, Crazyeyd, Dixiecup, dizzydessi, fvb, jazzinmarch, JumpingWizard, KeyLargo, klb1010, likmfurry, LittleDog, MamaPatrick, peace1430, Zooz, 000000005 

Abracaldo Dabra solved!

Congratulations to WI member stiegy for solving Abracaldo Dabra.  This is a blender recipe made with apple, licorice, and sunflower seeds. Thanks to WI member monkeecj for providing this picture.

Two Year Anniversary of YummyTummy Tumbler

In August 2007, a group of five recipez was added to Webkinz World.  Four of those recipez have long since been solved, but one, the YummyTummy Tumbler, or "YTT", remains a mystery.  For two years now, chefs all over Webkinz World have been creating mountains of Gak, Gunk, and Blech in an attempt to create this recipe.
In March 2009, Webkinz Insider contacted the Creative Director of Webkinz to ask if YTT had been programmed in the system.  He responded by telling us that yes, it is in the system, and then he answered a question that so many of our members had been asking:  He told us that YTT is a Blender recipe. Inspired by this new bit of information, our members dove back in to cooking.
Yesterday, we contacted the Creative Director again with some more questions about the YTT.  He responded that he couldn't tell us anything about the ingredients, but he did go on his personal account and create a YTT just to prove that it does work.  Below you can see the picture he sent us.
webkinz cheats
At this point, we still don't know what goes into the YTT recipe, but our members are hard at work trying to figure that out.  If you'd like to join in the search, please check out the YummyTummy Tumbler thread in the recipe section of our forum, located HERE.
NOTE:  Following the posting of this article, we were contacted by the Creative Director with this message:
Been reading the discussion.  Here's a very minor hint:  Watermelon is not a clue.  It is not in the recipe.  It was just on sale and I bought one.  And, yes, I've gotten my pet's meters up since I took that shot.  ;) 
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Webkinz Insider Recipe Cookbook Officially Relaunched!

A few weeks ago, with the introduction of the Webkinz Mega Stove, our recipe guide required a re-write to handle the extra ingredients for the Mega Stove recipes.
I'm happy to say that our WI Webkinz Recipe Cookbook has been officially relaunched!
Webkinz Recipe Cookbook
It now includes all of the Mega Stove recipes and has received a major facelift to match the styling of Webkinz Insider's front page. All of the original functionality remains -- selecting ingredients to find out what recipes you can make, showing all recipes from a particular appliance, and showing all unsolved recipes -- but with the added 5-ingredient recipes for the Mega Stove!

Mega Stove Recipe "Dulcospire" Solved!

Special thanks to WI member Sydney88 for informing us that the recipe for "Dulcospire" has indeed been solved!
Dulcospire is made on the new Mega Stove and uses the following ingredients:
Candy Apple, Dragon Fruit, Licorice, Lollipop, and Peppermint.
webkinz cheats
As you may recall, the Mega Stove was added to Webkinz World earlier this month along with ten new recipes; recipes that require five ingredients instead of three.  Dulcospire is the first of these recipes to be solved by fans.  Happy cooking!

This Week's Webkinz World Survey: The Mega Stove

webkinz cheatsDon't forget to check out this week's new Webkinz Survey.  This is your chance to tell Ganz what you think about the new MEGA Stove that was added to Webkinz World last week.  
To reach the Survey, log on to Webkinz World and click on the "Contact Us" option in the Newspaper.  Then, click on "Comments & Suggestions".  Your account will be awarded 50 KC for voting in the survey.
If you'd like to work on solving some of the new 5-ingredient MEGA Stove recipez, come on in to Webkinz Insider's forum and check out our new MEGA Stove section located HERE

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Sweet Creola Secret Recipe

Congratulations are in order for Webkinz Insider member, 3bluedaisies, for solving the secret recipe "Sweet Creola". This recipe made its debut in Webkinz World on April 16th, 2009. We now know that it is made in the blender using the following ingredients: Cream Soda, Orange Pop, & Sushi
webkinz cheats
There are many other unsolved recipes in our Recipe Section of the forum. Why not stop on by that section and see if you can help solve the next recipe?

Ten New Webkinz Secret Recipes for the Mega Stove Discovered!

Webkinz Mega Stove Recipe UltimacarooneyWith last night's update to Webkinz World, Ganz added the brand-new Mega Stove which has 5 ingredient containers, rather than the usual 3 for all other appliances! 
The first known recipe (shown left) for the Mega Stove has been given to us by Ganz -- Ultimacarooney -- Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Milk, Coconut, Fudge and Marshmallows.
Ganz also added 10 secret recipes for the Mega Stove, so our "forum chefs" will be working with the new stove to make these new recipes! All 10 are shown below, and it appears that, unless a Mega Blender is introduced, the Mega Stove can make blender-style recipes as well.
Webkinz Mega Stove Secret Recipes
The new Mega Stove secret recipes are Wurstinfurst, Whirlowisk, Crunchkinz, Dulcospire, Knotty Numnums, Kinzlet Milanese, Pomumitta, Superstinachew, Yumidenum and Flanpyre.
We'll be working on our Webkinz Recipe cookbook in order to accommodate the new 5 ingredient recipes, please be patient while we make the changes!

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Secret Recipe, Picaroon

webkinz cheats
Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member fvb on solving the Webkinz Secret Recipe Picaroon!  This recipe is made on the Stove using Eggs, Raspberries, and Webkinz Crackers.  fvb would like to thank everyone who has been working so hard on the unsolved recipez.  She says "It's definately a team effort!"
Now that Picaroon has been solved, there are five remaining secret recipez our members are working on:  Abracaldo Dabra, Demitasse Lassi, Sweet Creola, Tusslepuff, and Yummytummy Tumbler.  If you'd like to help, please come on in to the Recipez section of our fourm located HERE.
And, don't forget, all known Webkinz World Recipez can be found HERE, in our Webkinz Insider Cookbook.

WI Member Solves New Webkinz Springerle Drizz Recipe

Congratulations to fvb from on solving the recipe for Springerle Drizz!
The recipe is: Blueberries + Bread + Salad on the stove
Springerle Drizz Webkinz Recipe
Springerle Drizz is one of the new recipes introduced on April 16th.  We still have 6 unsolved secret recipes, so head over to our Recipes section of the forum if you'd like to join the team to help solve them!

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