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Five New Secret Recipe Foods Added to Webkinz World

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This morning's unexpected system maintenance has brought even more new items to Webkinz World.  We now have five new secret recipes for our chefs to solve!  Pictured above are the Bellatart, Ravishelli, Boiled Wyvernacle, Pastel Rilladillows, and Wigglumdrip.  A thread for each of these recipes has been added to the Recipe Section of our forum.  Feeling lucky?  Think you know what goes into these foods?  It's time to get cooking!  

Unsolved Tusslepuff Recipe is now One Year Old!

webkinz cheatsThank you to our resident recipe-solvers for pointing out that the Webkinz recipe Tusslepuff still hasn't been solved.  As some of you will remember, Tusslepuff was added to Webkinz World back on April 16th, 2009.  Although many of our members have been hard at work trying different food combinations, none have been successful yet.
In an interesting twist to the Tusslepuff story, back on October 1st, 2009, Ganz ran a story on the Webkinz Newz site indicating that "CAP with Pacey" had solved the recipe and been awarded a Chef Trophy.  Even after six months, the food "CAP" combined is still a mystery.  If you'd like to work on solving the Tusslepuff recipe, please visit the Tusslepuff thread in the Recipe section of our forum, HERE.  Good luck Chefs!

More Super Chef Recipes Added to Webkinz World

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Earlier this month we told you that Ganz would be adding new Super Chef Recipes to Webkinz World.  Today those new recipes arrived:  Splatibonk, Winsabrim Kabrang, Macdoodles, Wozzled Elphinda, and Fleefgrimbles.  These recipes can only be made on the Super Chef Stove in the Clubhouse which combines three different Recipes to make a new recipe.  If you'd like to help try to solve them, please visit the Recipe section of our forum, HERE.  

More Super Chef Stove Recipez Coming to Webkinz World

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that they've created some new recipez for the Super Chef Stove and that the programming for them should be added to Webkinz World in two weeks.  You may remember that the last time Ganz added Super Chef Stove recipez to Webkinz World, the entire batch was solved by Webkinz Insider members in less than 12 hours!
According to the Creative Director, this time solving the recipez won't be so easy.  As soon as we have more information on these new foods, we will bring it to you here.  To see all of the current recipez in Webkinz World, please visit the WI Cookbook, HERE.
Currently there are 20 unsolved recipez in Webkinz World: Six Regular Recipez (Blender, Sandwich Maker, or Stove), and 14 Mega Stove Recipez.  If you'd like to work with our members on trying to solve them, please visit the Recipez section of our forum, located HERE.  

Five New Mega Stove Recipes in Webkinz World!

With the massive update this morning, Ganz also added five new recipes to the Mega Stove! As many of you know, of the 10 secret Mega Stove recipes, only 1 has been solved up to this point -- Dulcospire. Ultimacarooney is a "given" recipe.
Our members have had much less success and interest in the Mega Stove, as a trial-and-error system is nearly impossible with the number of combinations required to test with 5 ingredient possibilities. That said, there are now 15 secret Mega Stove recipes, 14 of them unsolved. You can visit out Webkinz Recipes section to check out all the current recipes, including those in regular appliances and the Super Chef Stove. If you'd like to help out in solving any of the unsolved recipes, please visit the Recipes section of our forum!
The new recipes shown below in order are: Brisked Triflador, Grufflegoop, Laphabet Oops, Nonano PomanoYibbles.
Brisked TrifladorGrufflegoopLaphabet OopsNonano PomanoYibbles

Five New Recipes in Webkinz World!

Originally Submitted by Justin on Wed, 01/20/2010 - 6:10pm.
In this morning's maintenance, where we saw the addition of Tunneling Twigzy and a number of new pets, 5 new secret recipes were added to Webkinz World as well! Here are all five recipes:
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Careening Rojodillos Betwinkled Strumble Striped Mellowmallow Jazzi Jeweloni Amora Supora
At the time of this writing, Jazzy Jeweloni has already been solved! To see any of the other solved or unsolved recipes in Webkinz World, visit our Webkinz Recipes section. If you'd like to work together with other members of WI on solving the new recipes, please visit the recipe section of our forum!

WI Member Solves Jazzy Jeweloni Webkinz Recipe!

Congratulations to WI member samoyeds43 for solving one of the just-released recipes in Webkinz World!  The recipe for Jazzy Jeweloni is:  raspberries, blueberries, and ramen noodles on the stove.  Unfortunately, no recipe trophy was awarded -- which means that someone else in Webkinz World solved the recipe earlier.
There are four more foods from today's group of secret recipes still waiting to be solved:  Striped Mellowmallow, Betwinkled Strumble, Careening Rojodillos, and Amora Supora.  Please join the fun in our Recipes Forum to help in finding these solutions!

New Estore pet, New Recipes and Glitches Fixed announced on Webkinz Newz

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Several members throughout our forum have noticed the recent Webinz Newz accouncements.  The Candy Leopard is a new Estore pet.  Its pet specific food is the Jellybean Buritto and its pet item is the Candy Counter fridge.  This is an adorable pet to add to your collection.
Webkinz Newz also announced there will be 5 new recipes coming soon to Webkinz World.  Two recipes will be from the stove, 2 from the sandwich maker, and 1 from the blender.  The first person in Webkinz World to solve these recipes will receive a trophy.  Visit the recipe section on our forum to work with other members while solving these recipes.
Webkinz Newz also announced that several text and navigational issues have been fixed during this last maintance.  A big thanks to all of our hard working members who have contributed to our Webkinz Glitch report, and a big thanks to the hard workers at Ganz for fixing these bugs and releases the fun, new features.

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Rhomblintzes!

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member, Grapecrush for being the first to solve the recipe for Rhomblintzes. She solved it in her own room using the Sandwich maker. Blueberries, Pancakes and Macaroni and Cheese are the three ingredients needed for this recipe. She also received the Chef's trophy for being the first to solve it.
We still have more recipes to solve, though, Shellbelow, Tusselpuff and Spiny Sporcues. Of those three, two will not be awarding the Superchef trophies because someone else has solved them in Webkinz World, already. We just have to solve them ourselves :)

Webkinz Insider Member solves Puzzellapies Recipe.

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member, Grandmajo2 for solving the recipe for Puzzellapies. Unfortunately, she was not awarded the trophy for this solution so it is possible that someone else may have already solved this recipe. The solution is Pizza, eggs and fishsticks using the Sandwich maker.
We have three outstanding recipes from the last introduction of recipes to solve and one older recipe to find the solution to. Rhomblintzes, Spiny Sporcues and Shellbelow from the November 12th's addition and Tusselpuff from April's addition.
Webkinz News has announced that both Spiny Sporcues and Tusselpuff have been solved, but no recipe solution was given. These two will not award a trophy.
To help our recipe solvers, please check out our Recipez section in the forum.
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