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Five New Mega Stove Recipez Added to Webkinz World

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Get your Chef's Hats out and your Mega Stoves ready.  Ganz has added five new Mega Stove Recipes to Webkinz World for players to solve.  Shown above are CeramibaketteCrystellmata CrispOrbishimmerosPlumbalum Pannam, and Shoopdeloop Soup.  
Think you may know what it takes to make one of these fantastic recipez?  Head on down to the Mega Stove section of our forum where a discussion thread has been started for each recipe.
To learn more about the History of the Mega Stove and its Recipez, check out the WI WIki. If you're looking for all of solved and unsolved recipes, visit our Webkinz Recipes Cookbook here on Webkinz Insider!

Webkinz Insider Member solves Betwinkled Strumble

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Congratulations go out to our own Webkinz Insider Member and chef extraordinaire, Fumble99.  She has solved the recipe for Betwinkled Strumble.  This is her 5th recipe solve and her first on a sandwich maker. This Webkinz recipe is made using apple, chicken noodle soup and honey in the Sandwich Maker. Unfortunately, she did not receive a trophy in Webkinz World, so we know she was not the very first player to solve the recipe, but she is the very first to share the solution in our online community.  Check out our WIki and our Webkinz Cookbook for all known Webkinz recipes.

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Pokeydokees Recipe

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member 8thnotegirl on solving Pokeydokees.  This secret recipe is made on the Sandwich Maker with Artichoke, Durian, and Raspberries.  It was one of five recipez added to Webkinz World on the 10th of November, just over a month ago.
If you'd like to work on solving the remaining secret recipez, please join our members in the Recipe Section of the forum. Make sure to check out our interactive Webkinz Recipes tool for a comprehensive listing of all recipes in Webkinz World, both solved and unsolved!

Five New Super Chef Stove Recipes in Webkinz World!

Along with the five new virtual Webkinz added to Webkinz World this morning, Ganz has also added five new Super Chef Stove recipes! The new recipes are: Neigowa Blancetta, Bootooyoo, Illissivy Elixir, Murkalgae Muffins, Telemen Watsaroons.
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For those unfamiliar with Super Stove Recipes, they can only be created in the Super Chef Room in the Clubhouse and the ingredients are other recipes, making these much more difficult and expensive to solve!
When they were first introduced, Ganz made them a bit too easy and all 12 recipes were solved by our members in under 24 hours! Since then, no new Super Recipes have been solved! To see the ingredients for the current solved Super Chef Recipes, visit our Webkinz Recipes tool! If you'd like to help solve these new recipes, visit our Super Chef Recipe section of our Webkinz Forum.

Spiny Sporcues, One Year Later, Still Unsolved!

webkinz cheatsThis past weekend was the one year anniversary of the introduction of the recipe Spiny Sporcues to Webkinz World.  Much to the dismay of Webkinz Insider's dedicated chefs, the ingredients for this recipe remain a mystery.
Spiny Sporcues is only one of only five regular recipez to go more than one year without being solved.  The other four were Gladdugrumble (1 year, 9 days), Epochiquox Glimmer (1 year, 18 days), Tusslepuff (1 year, 121 days), and Yummytummy Tumbler (2 years, 51 days).  (Thank you to monkeecj for tracking down the information.)
Think you know what's in Spiny Sporcues?  Please stop by the recipe section of our forum to work with our chefs.  Together, we can figure out how to make it.  Good Luck to everyone!

Five New Recipes Added to Webkinz World!

Another addition with this morning's maintenance -- 5 new recipes have been added! We can confirm that all five of these recipes are regular recipes; they can be made in the Stove, Blender or Sandwich Maker with 3 ingredients.
Five New Recipes
The recipes are shown above: Falleafals, Aminkle Grog, Petallastar Pop, Pokey Dokees and Murkiibuns.
Since they've just been added, we're sure there will be a rush for recipe solving to earn the coveted Super Chef Trophy, which is awarded to the first person in Webkinz World to successfully solve a recipe! Come check out all of the recipe solving threads in the recipe section of our forum to start solving.
Also don't miss our Webkinz Recipes integrated tool here on WI. It contains all of the recipes in Webkinz World from all appliances, both solved and unsolved!

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Starry Starry Hat Pattern

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider Member Pixel Pony. She has just solved one of the three Newest clothing recipes just released last week; The Starry Starry Hat.  This awesome piece of clothing is made using the Wizard hat, Purple Mod Hat and the Star Fly Pants from the Kinzstyle outlet.
For more information about solving patterns from the Clothing Machine and other already solved combinations, check out our WIki. Don't forget to visit our Clothing Machine Recipes section here on Webkinz Insider that lists all of the Clothing Machine Recipes, both solved and unsolved!
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Webkinz Insider Member Solves Striped Mellowmallow

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Congratulations go out to our own Webkinz Insider Member fvb for successfully solving Striped Mellowmallow. She was defintely the first to do so in Webkinz World because she even won the trophy for her solution. This recipe needs Jelly, Lemon Pie and Pickles. It is made in the blender.
This recipe was introduced on January 10, 2010.
If you would like to join in helping to solve other recipes in Webkinz world, click here:
Also, please visit our Webkinz Recipes section to use an interactive tool and guide to all of the recipes in Webkinz World!

Webkinz Insider Member solves Sweet Echocoa Recipe

Congratulations and thank you to Webkinz Insider member momwhoplays for solving the recipe for Sweet Echocoa! This is the second recipe solved by momwhoplays. She was not awarded a trophy for solving it. Sweet Echocoa is made in a blender using Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Bar and Lollipop.
Sweet Echocoa was added to the Webkinz World system on June 23rd, 2010.
If you would like to join in the recipe solving quest, join the WI Chef family in the Webkinz Insider Recipe Section.

Webkinz Insider Member solves Shellbellow recipe

Congratulations goes out our own Webkinz Insider Member, MomWhoPlays for solving Shellbellow. Let's all welcome her to the Masterchef's Hall of Fame.
If you'd like to help solve Webkinz Recipes here on Webkinz Insider, please visit the Recipe section of our Webkinz Forum. Make sure to check out our solved Webkinz Cookbook here on WI, that has all solved and unsolved Webkinz Recipes to date!
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To make this recipe: Cherries + Chocolate Milk + Shrimp in the blender

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