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Exclusive Items

Three new exclusives coming to Webkinz World with Wednesday's Maintenance

Have you been saving up your wishes in the Wish Factory? After next Wednesday, January 18th's maintenance you may have a reason to use them. There will be three new exciting exclusives available! We can expect to see a Time Machine, a Dress Rack and a Medieval Torch!! Happy Wishing Webkinz Insider's! Will there be any old exclusives retiring? We will have to wait and see!

UPDATE: The release date for the Medieval torch has been moved back until February 1st.

Webkinz Adds Five New Exclusives and Retires Three.

 Webkinz has released five new exclusive items available through the Wish machine, or new pet adoption gifts. These items are the Ancient Aztec Stone Statue, Classic Car Booth, Egyptian Tomb Window, Salt Water Aqua Table, and Snack Cart Stove.
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Along with the release of these five new exciting items, three exclusives were retired.  These include the Ambulance, Grandfather Clock, and Ribbon and Bows Tree.
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Five New Adoption Exclusive Items Added to Webkinz World *UPDATE*

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Players adopting new pets in Webkinz World now have new Exclusive items they could receive as prizes.  The Speedy Scooter (aka European Scooter), Enchanted Garden Fountain, Happily Ever After Cake, Wild Water Ski, and Bubble Wrap Chair were added to the system today.  In a surprising move, none of the older Exclusives were retired.
UPDATE (Aug 4, 11:00am, ET):  According to reports coming in from our members, the Bubble Wrap Chair can only be placed in an Underwater room.  Moments ago Ganz posted a statement that they were "looking into" the issue.  Hopefully the programming for this item will be sorted out so that all players who receive it as an adoption gift will be able to enjoy it.
UPDATE (Aug 4, 1:00pm, ET):  Ganz just released the following statement:  "The Bubble Wrap Chair will be available in indoor rooms soon. At the current time, this item can only be put inside underwater rooms."

Exclusive Clown Car Now Available in Webkinz Wish Factory

webkinz cheatsWhen five new Exclusive items were added to Webkinz World during the last scheduled site maintnenace, many players were distressed to discover that one of the items, the Clown Car, was not avaialble in the Wish Factory.  Today, the programmers at Ganz have fixed the programming and the Car is now there with the rest of the Exclusives.  You can now buy it with Wish Tokens, or, if you're lucky, win it with just a wish!

Five New Exclusives Added to Webkinz World, Five Old Retire

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Yesterday Ganz announced that five new Exclusive items would be added to Webkinz World today.  Today we can report that the Amazing Ant Farm, Circus Ball Trampoline, Clown Car, Golden Apple Tree, and Orange Plasma Ball are in the system.  To make room for these new items, the Dex Dangerous Space Fighter, Rainy Day Window, Red Plasma Ball, Twister in a Pot, and Vortex Storage Unit have been retired.
Four of the five new Exclusives can be purchased in the Wish Factory for 15 tokens.  There appears to be a glitch affecting the Clown Car.  It cannot be purchased in the Wish Factory, and it cannot be wished for.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to clear this up soon.
webkinz cheatsIn other Exclusive news, the graphic for the Ice Resurfacer has been changed.  Many of you will remember that this item's name was changed to Ice Resurfacer from Zoomin' Zamboni several weeks ago.  Now it has a new image to go along with its new name.

New Webkinz Superbed, Bed in Breakfast

webkinz cheatsDuring maintenance this morning a new Super Bed was added to Webkinz World. If you have been saving up your Super Bed Boxes you may want to get the Bed in Breakfast Superbed!!
You will receive a Super Bed box with your tenth pet adoption in Webkinz World. Every fifth pet adoption after that point will also earn you a Superbed box. Thanks to Webkinz Insider member blessedx5 for alerting us to this exciting addition.

New Webkinz Superbed, Sewing Superstar bed

For those of you who have been saving your Super Bed Boxes, now is the time to cash them in. After maintenance this morning, there's a new Superbed in Webkinz Word -- the Superstar Sewing bed!
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To get a superbed box you need to have 10 pets on your Webkinz World account, and every fifth pet (not including Hamster adoptions) thereafter will give you an additional superbed box so you can select an exclusive bed.

Insider Information about New Webkinz Exclusives, Retirement!

In some correspondence with the Webkinz Creative Director today, he revealed the following:
On Feb 2 we’ll be releasing the next set of Exclusive items and will be retiring another five. In those retirements, three of the four oldest Exclusives still on the site will be going away
Based on the information in our Webkinz Wiki, the following 4 exclusive items (shown below) are the oldest: Rockin' Robot Digital Clock, Elephant Fountain, Sparkle Plant, Zingoz Bubble Blower.
possible retired exclusives
I guess it's up to you all to guess which 3 of these 4 will be retired!

New Superbed in Webkinz World - The Acropolis!

acropolis bedAs promised a few weeks ago, Ganz has added a new Superbed to Webkinz World!
When we reported a few weeks ago about the retirement of the Sleeping Dragon Superbed, Ganz confirmed that the new bed would be coming and would go "great with the Ancient Civilizations theme."
As you can see, the new Acropolis bed is a perfect match for the theme! Let's hope that Arte starts rolling out some Ancient Civilizations items in the Curio Shop, so those of you missing a few items can complete your themes with the new Superbed.
Keep an eye on our Webkinz World Rare Items Schedule or the top of any page of our Webkinz Insider Forum for rare item appearances!

Sleeping Dragon Bed No Longer a Super Bed Option *UPDATE*

Originally Submitted by FIA on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 11:53am.
webkinz cheatsIf you have a Sleeping Dragon Bed on your account, you may want to hang on to it.  It appears that this animated item may be the very first Super Bed to be retired in Webkinz World.  When the system came back up from maintenance this morning, this bed was no longer a Bed Box option.
At this point we have not been able to confirm if the bed being removed is something the programmers at Ganz did on purpose, or if it is a system glitch that will be corrected.  This bed is not the first Webkinz item to disappear without an announcement.  Sometimes items like this return, like the Allium Flowers and Webkinz Dragster.  Other times, they don't come back, like the Modern Television and Vibrant Green Mauna Loa Lamp.
If/when Ganz releases more information about this situation, we will bring it to you here.
UPDATE (Oct 28):  Ganz has confirmed that the Sleeping Dragon Bed has been officially retired.  They have also announced that they will be adding a new Super Bed to Webkinz World in two weeks.  This bed "will go great with the Ancient Civilizations theme."  From now on when Ganz retires an old Super Bed they will replace it with a new Super Bed.

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