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Exclusive Items

New Super Bed Released, Daredevil Bed Retires

This weekend, WI member StLouisCutie184 shared information of a new superbed released in Webkinz World.  The new Construction Plans Bed can be placed in any indoor room, but members have reported it is unable to be placed in an outdoor room.
This is the first superbed to be released this year. Three superbeds were added in 2013: the Waffle Iron Bed, Take Flight Bed, and Chocolate Bar Bed.
As we have seen in the past, the introduction of a new superbed also led to the retirement of an old favourite.  The Daredevil superbed was officially retired on August 29th, 2014.  If you are a fan of this superbed you may want to hang on to it, as it is no longer available through the Super Bed Boxes!

Two new exclusives in Webkinz World

You already know two exclusives were retired in Webkinz World this week. As disappointing as that may be to some we do have some exciting news to cheer you up! There are now two brand new exclusives in Webkinz World! Pictured on the left are the Melting Chocolate Couch and the Neo Gothic Piano.
Exclusive items can be obtained five ways. When adopting a new Webkinz pet you will receive a random Exclusive for every pet except the first one. Visit the Wish Factory and trade Tokens for the exclusive of your choice. Make a Wish of the Day in the Wish Factory and you might win an exclusive of your choice. And don't forget the Super Wheel. Exclusives are tradeable and kinzpostable and can be exchanged with other Webkinz World players.

Gas Pump and Ice Resurfacer retired!!

During the maintanence today, Webkinz made an unannounced retirement of two Exclusive Items - the Gas Pump and the Ice Resurfacer.

The Gas Pump was originally released on June 24th, 2009. The Ice Resurfacer (formerly known as the Zoomin' Zamboni) was originally released on October 13th, 2010.

You can see these Exclusives and all other Exclusives in our WIKI.

New Exclusives Announced, Old Exclusives Will Be Retired!

Webkinz Newz is announcing the introduction of two new Exclusives: the Big City Bus and the Playpen Trampoline, seen above. These new exclusives will be available starting Wednesday, June 6, 2012. The Big City Bus will be a vehicle which your Webkinz pet can ride in Webkinz World. The Playpen Trampoline will be an interactive item too, and your Webkinz can climb into the playpen and jump up and down.
Exclusive items can be obtained in one of five ways. When adopting a new Webkinz pet, you will receive a random Exclusive for every pet except the first one. In the Wish Factory, you can trade 10, 12 or 15 Wish Tokens for the exclusive of your choice. You can also make a Wish of the Day in the Wish Factory, and have a chance at winning an exclusive of your choice. Exclusives are also available on the Super Wheel. Exclusives are tradeable and kinzpostable and can be exchanged with other Webkinz World players.
4448-1.png   3218-1.png      3204-1.png
To make room for these exciting new items, Webkinz World will be retiring three older Exclusives: the Giant Gift Box, Giant Sandwich Table and Webkinz Theme Music Box. If you want to get one of these exclusives, you'd better hurry! They will be retiring on Tuesday, June 5 2012.

New Pet of the Month Exclusives Coming to Webkinz World!

WKN has fantastic news for Webkinz Insider members who love the Pet of the Month and the POTM loot bags! According to a release on Webkinz News, three new  POTM Exclusive items are coming to Webkinz World this Wednesday!

The new Pet of the Month exclusive items will be the Volcanic Geyser, the Air Hockey Arcade Unit and the Caramel Apple Seeds! The Caramel Apple Seeds will harvest into actual very yummy looking Caramel Apple food which the pets can eat!

In order to make way for these exciting new Pet of the Month Exclusives, the Dex's Lugbot Lookout and the Blooming Dandelion will be retired.

New Mother's Day Click To Win Event on GPC!


Mother's Day is just around the corner and Ganz World is celebrating with a new Mother's Day Click To Win event! Between May 3rd at 4pm and May 23rd, Webkinz Insider members will have the opportunity to get some lovely prizes for their pet's rooms!

In order to get your exclusive Mother's Day Click To Win prizes, just find the ad on GPC (Ganz Parent Club), click, and complete the form. A Mother's Day Buttercup Plant, a Mother's Day Potted Tiger Lily or a Mother's Day Floral Bouquet will be added to your WW account. The usual limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day applies.

Wacky's Road Trip Peek-a Newz Event on WKN!

As the Webkinz Road Trip crew gears up to start their 2012 journey throughout the US, Webkinz Insider members can celebrate the coming trip with a chance to get great prizes playing the new Wacky Peek-a-Newz Challenge!

Beginning May 2nd and continuing through May 23rd, the Wacky's Road Trip Peek-a-Newz event can be found on Webkinz Newz. To get your prize, just find Wacky five times, complete the form, and an exclusive Road Trip prize will be added to your Webkinz World account. The prizes are reported to be the 2011 Road Trip prizes, so if you missed out last year, now is your chance to get those great items!

To view the Webkinz Road Trip Staff Shirts, Staff Hats and various Posters which were the 2011 Road Trip prizes, visit our WIki HERE. There is the usual limit of one prize each day per Webkinz World account.

Persephone’s Glam Peek-A-Newz Challenge Coming to WKN!

Recently, Webkinz Insider brought you the news of the new Glam Boutique Role Playing Clubhouse Room! Now get ready for more fun and  glamour as WKN brings us the exciting new Persephone's Glam Peek-A-Newz Challenge beginning on April 16th and continuing until April 30th!

In order to get great exclusive glam prizes, Webkinz Insider members need simply to log into Webkinz Newz during this event and find Persephone five times. Correctly complete the entry form and a random WKN exclusive Glam Boutique item will be added to your Webkinz World account! Your pets will love these beautiful prizes and a chance to redecorate their rooms! There is the usual limit of one prize per WW account each day of this event!

PJ’s Spring Fashion Fest Click-To-Win Event Coming to WKN!

Along with the warmer days and spring showers of April, comes the need for new pet clothing   appropriate to the season! WKN has announced a special Click-to-Win Event, PJ's Spring Fashion Fest, to give you the chance to add a few exclusive spring pieces to your pet's spring wardrobe!

Pollie Jean Collie, known to Webkinz Insider members simply as PJ, will be floating around the Webkinz Newz pages between April 12th and April 26th. Find and click on PJ, correctly complete the form and one of the stylish pieces from Pollie Collie's new spring fashion line or an exclusive piece of clothing will be deposited into your WW account!
The three exclusive clothing pieces that are available to be won are the lovely Springtime Laced Heels, the versatile Springtime Leather Skirt and the styling Springtime Cardigan. The Kinzstyle Outlet items available as prizes are the Polka Dot Rain Hat, Polka Dot Rain Coat and Polka Dot Rain Boots. There will be the usual limit of one item per account each day.

So if your kinz have been asking for a new outfit when you log into your WW account, this is a perfect chance for Webkinz Insider members to satisfy the fashionista in their pets by updating their wardrobe, courtesy of PJ and WKN!

Webkinz Insider Members Puzzled by Announced Exclusive Retirements! *UPDATED*

664-1.png   3166-1.png   3169-1.png
Webkinz Insider members are puzzled by a recent Announcement in Webkinz Newz.
Webkinz Newz is announcing the Retirement of the following Exclusive Items: the Elephant Statue, the Wading Pool and the Farm Tractor.  These three Exclusive items will be retired on February 1st, so get them while you can!
You can obtain Exclusive items in five different manners:
  • at the Wish Factory, in exchange for Wish Tokens: both the Farm Tractor and the Wading Pool are worth 10 Tokens.
  • at the Wish Factory, make a Wish of the Day for a chance at obtaining your wish
  • as part of a Webkinz Pet Adoption
  • as a prize on the Super Wheel
  • as a trade
The controversy surrounds the announcement of the Elephant Statue as an impending retirement. The statue pictured in the Webkinz Newz announcement is the Stone Elephant Statue. This exclusive was introduced in 2005 and retired in May 2006. In April 2009, it was offered for purchase at the eStore as a Replica.
There is no item in Webkinz World with the exact name of "Elephant Statue".
It is not known what kind of error is involved here. Can a retired exclusive be retired again? Or does Ganz mean the Elephant Fountain, another current exclusive?
Stay tuned for clarification of this mystery.
UPDATE (1/14 @ 10:30pm EST): Webkinz Newz has updated their original announcement. The image of the Elephant Statue has been removed, and replaced with the Elephant Fountain. The Fountain will retire along with the other exclusives mentioned above on February 1st.  

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