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Key to Kinzville

Webkinz Halloween Mission Oct 28 - Nov 5, Sneak Peek at Final Prizes! *UPDATE*

Ganz just posted a sneak peek of a Halloween Mission, with a "Key to Kinzville" style that they'll be giving all of us starting tomorrow morning!
As you can see from the screenshot, you'll have a clickable "Creepy Spider Web" when you log in to Webkinz World and pull up your pets' rooms, which will bring up a 3-part Halloween Mission. Check out the amount of Kinzcash in the lower left!
*UPDATE*  Our members are finding that they have to complete the Key To Kinzville game first, before the new Creepy Spider Web game appears on their screen.
*UPDATE*  Members are reporting that the Kinzstyle outlet purchase does not work if you use coupons. For this task to count you need to pay full price for those Halloween pieces. 
Thanks to luvey53 for bringing the new mission to our attention in the forum! A few of our members have already completed all 3 parts of the Halloween Mission, and we've hidden the prizes you get for completing part 3 of the mission to after the "read more" break, to prevent spoiling it for those who want to be surprised! It's definitely worth your while to complete the mission.
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Mayor of Kinzville Now Easier to Get

After maintenance this morning some of our eagle-eye Webkinz Insider Members took note of the changes to obtain the Key to Kinzville and the requirements to be met. Thank you Margo for this snapshot of your Webkinz Account.  You now have to spend less (only 2000 KC) to get the spending requirements, and you finish the Gaming Path with playing a game of Supermodelz in the Arena.
The education path has you going only twice to the Employment office, entering a pet into competition at the Arena and then going to the Travel Agency as a final requirement.  The shopping path has you making a Wish of the day for your 4th requirement and for the 5th you need only send a Kinzpost.
For more information on the Key to Kinzville, check our WIki

Key to Kinzville and Mayor easier to get

Webkinz Newz has just announced that it is easier to get your Key to Kinzville. The requirements for buying W-shop items has been decreased in all paths! You now only need to spend 1000 Kinzcash for the first shopping task and another 3000 to finish the next (4000 total). Also the Arcade money you earn to bring those levels up are lower. First you will need 100 KC, then 500, then 1500 and finally 3500.
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So getting through your paths to become Mayor should be much easier now! For more information on The Key To Kinzville Game check out our WIki

Arte's Favorite Items are Curio Shop Only Items

webkinz cheatsFor years we have known them as "Curio Shop Only" items, but now they have a new name "Arte's Favorites".  On Wednesday, when Ganz introduced the Key to Kinzville feature, they made a small change to the Curio Shop in Webkinz World.  Curio Shop Only items are now marked with a small graphic indicating that they are Arte's Favorites.
One of the Key to Kinzville challenges is to purchase one of Arte's Favorites in the Curio Shop.  This simply means that you need to find one of the items marked with this graphic, and buy it.  There is usually at least one of these items for sale each hour.  It is worth noting that Webkinz "Rare" items are NOT Arte's Favorites.  Those items are in a category all their own.

Webkinz Insider Member unlocks Key to Kinzville

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member CheekyDB on completing all the tasks required and earning the Key to Kinzville. Here is CheekyDB's pet Magick sporting their new Mayor's Suit!
key to kinzville

Ganz Responds to Player Concerns Over Quizzy's Key Challenge

webkinz cheatsWhen Ganz introduced the Key to Kinzville feature in Webkinz World yesterday, some of you voiced concerns over the Quizzy's Question challenge.  To achieve Level One on the Educational Path, players need to complete any "Learn and Play" group of questions.  For those players who have answered ALL of the "Learn and Play" questions, this presented a problem.  
Fortunately, this morning Ganz has announced a solution.  If you have answered all of the "Learn and Play" questions at Quizzy's, just go to "5-6 Math" and you will find one unanswered question.  As soon as you answer that one question, a notice will pop up letting you know that you have completed that level.
UPDATE:  Based on member reports, it looks there are single questions like this in other sections too.

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