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Webkinz Rare Items

Egyptian Rare Theme To Retire June 20th

Ganz has officially announced that the Egyptian Theme is "rumored to retire" on June 20th. This theme will be the second ever Rare theme to be retired, the first being the Kooky Scientist theme back in April 2010.  
The Egyptian theme has been very popular with Webkinz Members since its release, and we know many members will be surprised to see it go. For more information on the history of the theme, and what items are included please visit our WIki HERE.
These items will no longer be available in the Curio Shop or as Adoption Gifts as of June 20th, so be sure to keep your eyes on our Curio Shop and Rare Tracking thread HERE for when they are available to purchase!  This will be players last chance to complete the Eygptian theme.

Neo-Gothic Theme Comes to Webkinz World

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After last night's maintenance, we learned of a new theme coming to the Curio Shop; the Neo-Gothic Theme. This theme will be reasonably priced and is black and pink in color. To see this exquisite theme, one can see it HERE in the WIKI.
As pieces of this new theme become available, we will have them up top our forum page so that no one will miss them when they become available.
UPDATE: If you have been looking forward to this new theme then be sure to visit Arte today at 4PM to get the Neo Gothic Flat Screen TV. It is being offered for 1450 KC to Deluxe members only.

Webkinz Insider Members Wonder, What's up with PJ? *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatsMany of you Rare Clothing collectors are starting to wonder if something has happened to PJ, the owner of the KinzStyle Outlet.  For some reason, she hasn't offered any Rare Clothing items recently.  According to our PJ Trackers (located here), the last time PJ had a special item for sale was back on Sunday, July 3rd, one week ago.
PJ typically has one Rare item of clothing for sale each day, but sometimes she'll skip a day or two.  There have only been a few times in the history of the KinzStyle Outlet where she has gone longer than three days, causing many players to wonder if this is a programming glitch.  Hopefully PJ will have something good for sale soon.
To keep up with the latest PJ information, just keep an eye on the Rare Notice at the top of the Webkinz Insider forum.  Or, if you are at least 13 years old, you can follow Webkinz Insider on Twitter  @WIdotcom.  If you choose to have the tweets sent to your mobile device, please review your mobile plan to see if data or text fees will apply.
UPDATE:  Wednesday, July 13, PJ is back in business!!!

New Victorian Garden Theme Coming to the Curio Shop!

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Ganz gave us a big surprise today with a brand-new rare theme in the Curio Shop called the Victorian Garden, the first all-outdoor/treetop rare theme in Webkinz World.
Please help us keep track of this lovely new theme by visiting the Rare Tracking Thread in our Webkinz Forum. For more information on the Curio Shop, visit our WIki.
To see all of the new rare items, please click "Read More".
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Server Issue Effects Certain Webkinz World Players * Updated*

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Webkinz Deluxe members were all excited as they have been waiting patiently for the Captured Criminal Chamber making its debut in the Curio Shop today. So far it has only been seen as an Adoption Gift.  Members worked hard to make sure that they had the KinzCash on hand to purchase it from Arte. What could go wrong? Webkinz World being down. Only certain servers have been working for the past couple hours. What we have determined so far is that Servers 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 12 are currently down. For keeping track of which servers are currently up and running, that can be found on the Glitch Report. Hopefully  all the servers will be up and running soon.
Update as of 8pm KT: It appears that the servers are back up and running currently. Hopefully this particular rare item will be available again soon for the members

Member Receives Captured Criminal Chamber In Adoption Gift

Congrats to WI Member Kirahazen for receiving the new rare item "Captured Criminal Chamber." As many members are aware of, this is a new rare item which part of the wShop Superhero theme. The item is animated and when you first step onto the smaller part (shown below), the platform sinks into a hole with your pet.  They reppear shortly after that in the larger platform area, and a bubble appears over the pet to enclose it.
Currently this item has not been available in the Curio Shop. Be sure to follow the rare nofitications on our forums at the top of any page, and onTwitter (@WIdotcom) for the latest updates. You can also help track rare items on our forums HERE.

Halloween Gifts appearing in Euro and North America, not Asia

webkinz cheats
We have been receiving reports that we are now getting the Halloween Gift Bags in the American accounts as well as the European accounts. Unfortunately as it is November 1st in Asia. account holders might have to call Ganz head office to get their bags.  Trick or Treat badges show up in accounts that did not get one last year. It is the same badge.  Enjoy your packages, everyone, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
GANZ phone number is 1-866-WEB-KINZ Please note that they will only accept calls from adults (18 years old or older).
UPDATE (Monday):  Based on reports in our forum this morning, it appears that the Customer Service Reps at Ganz are being very helpful in getting players their missing items.  Our members are reporting having the missing items dropped directly into their docks while they are on the telephone with Ganz.
If you are trying to get through to Ganz on the phone regarding your missing Halloween gift, please be patient.  We understand that the number has been ringing busy most of the morning.  When you get through, please remember to be polite.  The Customer Service Reps have no control over what happened this weekend.  Their only concern is making sure you get the items that belong to you today.
If you would like to contact Ganz with feedback, please take a look at our WIki's "Contact Ganz" page.

Webkinz Insider Members Wonder, What's Up With PJ?

webkinz cheatsMany of you Rare Clothing collectors are starting to wonder if something has happened to PJ, the owner of the KinzStyle Outlet. More specifically, you're wondering why she hasn't been offering any Rare Clothing items for sale recently. 

According to our PJ Trackers, the last time PJ had a special item for sale was back on Sunday, August 1st.  PJ typically has one Rare Item of Clothing for sale each day.  Aside from one week at the end of June, when Ganz confirmed that a glitch was affecting PJ's sales, PJ has never gone more than a couple of days between items.

To keep up with the latest PJ Information, just keep an eye on the Rare Notice at the top of the Webkinz Insider Forum. Or, if you have text messaging on your mobile device, and you are at least 13 years old, you can follow us on Twitter @WIdotcom.
UPDATE (August 8th):  After one week of no rare sales, PJ's Back in business!  

Webkinz Insider Members Wonder About "Stone Age Car"

webkinz cheatsBack on June 2nd, Ganz announced that a new Rare item, the Stone Age Car, had been added to the Webkinz World system.  Although it is impossible to predict in advance when Arte is going to have a specific Rare item for sale in the Curio Shop, many of you have noticed that there seems to be something different about this Rare introduction, and that is causing you to ask questions.
Normally when a new Rare item is introduced to Webkinz World, it quickly starts showing up as a bonus gift in some new pet adoptions, usually within minutes of Webkinz World coming back up from site maintenance.  In the case of the Stone Age Car, it has been over three weeks since the announcement and we haven't had a single report of a member getting the Car as an adoption gift.
At this point, we are not certain what is going on with the Stone Age Car, but we will let you know as soon as more information is revealed.  In the mean-time, keep an eye on the Rare Item Notice at the top of the Webkinz Insider forum for the latest Curio Shop information.
UPDATE:  A number of you have pointed out that at least one other "rare item" has had a similar history.  Back in January 2008 Ganz announced that a "Rockin' Mohawk" would be coming to the Curio Shop (Click HERE for Story).  The item eventually became the "Rockinz Mohawk" a prize on the Wheel of Wishes, but as of today, it has never been for sale in the Curio Shop.  Hopefully this won't happen with the Stone Age Car.
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Typo on Kinzville Times Newspaper Regarding Science Theme

webkinz cheats    Many of you are asking about the current front page of the Kinzville News in
    Webkinz World.  The main article refers to the items from the Kooky Scientist
    Theme as "out of this world eStore items".  
    The items from the Kooky Scientist Theme were actually "rare" items.  They
    are not, and never have been, eStore items.  At this point it appears that
this is a simple typo.  We do not have any indication that these items will be coming to the eStore.
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