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Special Events

Candy Cane Collection Event in Webkinz World!

It's now December and Christmas preparations are in full swing, starting with the Candy Cane Collection. If you liked the previous collection events where you have to ask your friends for various items, you will like this one. As shown above, click on the Candy Cane icon in the lower right-hand corner of your Webkinz room to get started. Every day you can ask 10 friends for candy canes, although only the first 5 will count. You get an extra one each day, just for logging in and clicking on the icon. There are also extra candy canes to be had on Webkinz Newz or if you have a Deluxe account.
The prizes are as follows:
  • 10 candy canes: Green Mint Cocoa
  • 20 candy canes: Green Festive Holiday Wreath
  • 30 candy canes: Snow Belle Dress
  • 40 candy canes: Candy Cane Couch
  • 50 candy canes: Santakinz Sleigh Ride
The Candy Cane Collection event in Webkinz Word starts today and you have until December 31 to complete it.

Webkinz Grizzly Bear Retires on August 10!

Virtual Webkinz Grizzly BearThe regular-sized Webkinz Grizzly Bear is slated for retirement on August 10, 2013. He has been a member of the Webkinz Bear family since May 2011.
Webkinz Insider members will recall that this is the third pet retirement in as many weeks, following the Beaver and the Red Panda. Pet retirements will continue weekly until the end of December 2013.
Previous Pet Retirement parties have been celebrated with the Count the Sailboat Game on the Saturday, and a special activity such as Big Button of KinzCash or Bonus SPREE Rolls on the Sunday. If you have a Grizzly Bear on your account, mark Saturday August 10 and Sunday August 11 on your calendars!
Retired pets will continue to be sold in stores as long as stocks hold out, and their adoption codes will always work.
If you wish to adopt this pet, you can't go wrong with our partner store Ameriwade. Your order will ship for a fixed rate of $5 in the US ($8 in Canada) for up to 8 pets, and your credit card won't be charged until your order ships. Virtual-only versions of the Grizzly Bear will also be available in the Ganz eStore.

Berry Festival 2013 Arrives in Webkinz World!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts, where it is already July 13, are already seeing floating berries in their Webkinz World accounts. This is the much anticipated Berry Festival 2013, which will run from July 13 to July 28, 2013. Catch a berry as it flies across your screen, anywhere that you can see your dock. On the menu are the Goo-Goo Berry, the Polar Berry and the four berries from the Jumbleberry Fields Arcade game: red, yellow, green and purple.
If you've been admiring the latest kit, the Moonberry Marmalade Machine Kit, but unwilling to spend the 750 KinzCash to buy it in the W Shop, here is another pleasant surprise: Ganz has deposited a FREE one in your dock! Enjoy asking your friends on your kinzphone for the items to build your own Machine.
If you enjoy doing the Webkinz Challenges, there is one for this occasion: the Berry Festival 2013 Challenge.
There will be associated activities in Webkinz Newz and Webkinz Friends.
Look in our WIKI for more information on the history and details of Berry Festivals.

Flower Collection Runs From May 1st - May 31st

Has your pet been dreaming of a Flowery Greenhouse and winning some other prizes along the way? Starting May 1st, click on your map in Webkinz World and click on the Flower Collection icon in the bottom right hand corner. All you have to do is collect flowers from your friends and you will win prizes enroute to the grand prize... the Flowery Greenhouse! This event runs through May 31st.

Earth Day in Webkinz World!

Monday April 22 is Earth Day! On logging into your Webkinz World account, you will be greeted by the above announcement in the Today's Announcement window. There is no gift bag; your Flower Power Wind Turbine will be in your dock in the Furniture section.
Learn all about Earth Day in Webkins World in our WIKI. You can see previous turbines and other Earth Day gifts in our WIKI by clicking HERE.
Don't forget to log into your accounts on April 22 as this will be the only day that this special gift will be awarded!

Thanksgiving Gifts Arrive In Asian Accounts!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts, where it is now Thursday November 22, are happy to report that they are greeted with a Thanksgiving Basket on login! There is also a Thanksgiving Card in the Kinzpost. To receive these gifts, you must log into your Webkinz account on Nov 22.
This year's gifts are a food item and two clothing items. Please do not spoil the surprise for other members by posting these items. You can see the gifts from previous years in our WIKI by clicking HERE.
Happy Thanksgiving to all our members!

Halloween Fun Has Begun in the Webkinz World Asian Time Zone!

It is officially October 1st in the Webkinz World Asian accounts and Webkinz Insider members holding accounts in this time zone were delighted to find that the Halloween fun has started!
First of all is the new Halloween Challenge with a grand prize of the estore Midnight Monster Gargoyle for completing all the tasks! You have until October 31st to complete all the tasks in the three levels to win the Halloween Challenge prizes, including the spook-tackular grand prize!
In addition, the Halloween Candy Collection Event has begun in Asian accounts. In order to win the grand prize of a caring Valley  Haunted Hickory Sapling to design for your scariest outdoor room, just collect a total of 30 candies and help your friends to also complete their collection!  You can collect five candies a day from your friends and you get a sixth free just for logging in to your account and clicking on the special Vampire Pop Icon on the map, so it wont take long for Webkinz Insider members to get all their bewitching prizes!
Have fun and Happy Haunting in Webkinz World!
Please Note: It has been reported that the Halloween Collection Event is not working correctly in the Asian accounts. Sent candies are not being registered .. just a technical difficulty which I am sure the Ganz techies will have fixed quickly and will appreciate our patience as we gear up for this fun event.


Update Oct. 1 - We are now receiving reports that candy is working on accounts.  Have fun collecting!

Wacky Zingoz Celebration Coming to Webkinz World!

Get ready! Webkinz Newz has just announced the next big celebration event that is about to hit Webkinz World and it's going to be Wacky!
Beginning on August 18th and continuing until September 2nd, Webkinz Insider members will be able to enjoy this year's Wacky Zingoz Celebration! There are several events planned including a Floaty Clicky event and new Wacky Challenges! Webkinz Insider members will also be able to win clothing items from the WackyER Zingoz Arcade game! To view Prizes and events from previous years of the Wacky Zingoz Celebrations, click HERE!
As soon as we get more info on the planned Wacky events, you can be sure we will bring the news to you here on Webkinz Insider! Stay tuned!

Exciting Changes Coming to Jumbleberry Fields Game with the Berry Fest!

Are you ready?! ...  because there is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Berry Festival on Webkinz World which begins on July 18th and continues until the 29th!

In addition to the Floaty Clicky berries to collect in Webkinz World and on Webkinz Newz, there will be a new way to reward yourself and your pet for filling up your preserve jars when you play Jumbleberry Fields! Webkinz Insider members will be thrilled to know that they will now be able to choose thier own prize when they completely fill a jar of preserves when playing Jumbleberry fields. There will also be new Prizes available, so let's get started playing Jumbleberry Fields and filling those jars! Everyone loves new prizes!

According to Webkinz Newz, you will be able to view the new prizes by clicking the VIEW PRIZES button above your jars of preserves.  Come on, everyone! ... let's go berry picking!

Summer Sensation Gifts Arrive in Asian Accounts!

Our Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts, where it is now Thursday June 28, have a pleasant surprise on logging in. The Summer Sensation event has begun! On login you will get the Turtle Wading Pool, your Summer Sensation gift for 2012. You will also receive a Greeting card in your Kinzpost!
The much anticipated Super Wheel will be available all day from your Daily Activities screen, starting at 6am KinzTime.
Don't forget to log in on Thursday, June 28 for this exciting start of summer fun!
Learn all about the Summer Sensation in our forum HERE and in our WIKI.

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