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Webkinz Insider Members Spot Unreleased Clothing Items

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider members funkyc63 and dragonbird for sharing these pictures with us of unreleased clothing items they spotted in the Pro Beauty Competition on Wednesday.  Neither of these items is yet available to Webkinz World players.  Reports are that the Magic W Toque is one of the new prizes for the upcoming Winterfest, but what about the Head Full of Curlers?  We'll just have to wait and see...

Christmas Countdown Begins on Monday!

Webkinz News site has announced that the Countdown officially begins on Monday. They have unveiled the first item that you will receive from Ms. Birdy and will do so, every day until the 12 Days of Christmas song (revised Ganz style) is complete.
The first item is Figgy Pudding and the line for the song is:
'On The First day of Christmas Ms. Birdy gave to me
A Plate full of Pudding (figgy)'
For more information on this feature, and for help finding Ms. Birdy in the Clubhouse, please click HERE to visit the Webkinz Insider's Christmas Countdown page. As new information becomes available, it will be posted there, creating a comprehensive guide to the feature.

Cyber Monday at Ameriwade.Com starts at Noon Eastern Time

We hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday! We've just been told by Robert from our partner store, Ameriwade.Com, that he'll be holding a Cyber Monday sale today!
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Here's what he told us: 
For Cyber Monday, we will have specials like:
  • Series 1 TC Boxes $49.99
  • Series 2 TC Boxes $59.99
  • Webkinz Bottlenose Dolphin $12.99
  • Webkinz Rhino $9.99
  • School Essentials Pack $7.99
  • Emperor Dragon $11.99
Plus more. We will also have a very limited supply of the following back in stock: Zumbuddies, Webkinz Signature Timberwolf.
The Cyber Monday sale starts at Noon Eastern Time, so check it out if you get a chance! Remember, a portion of every purchase at Ameriwade.Com helps pay for hosting here at Webkinz Insider!

More Ghostly Sightings from Webkinz News

Webkinz News has stated that As Halloween approaches, it looks like they are going to step up the hauntings in the rooms. Get out your Trick or Treat bags and find that ghost to complete your Ghost Busting quest and get the Customizable pumpkin for your room. You only have until the 31st to complete this quest.
Based on reports from members in our forum, it appears that the ghost is now on a 15 minute schedule instead of a 20 minute schedule.  That means the times we posted in our earlier article have changed.  Now he is following this pattern:
He goes to light blue, yellow, and green at these times past the hour- :08, :23, :38, and :53.
He goes to gold, dark blue, and pink at these times past the hour- :12, :27, :42, :57.
To keep things simple, for those of you who don't want to do the tracking, on this new timing, if you stay in the same room, in the same color, you will have two chances an hour at finding the Ghost.  Remember to look for him at 15 minute intervals.
Despite what the front page article of the Newspaper says, you can still only get candy from the Ghost once every three hours.
For more information on how to track the ghost, go to this thread:
webkinz cheats

Webkinz Insider Member finishes Ghost Quest

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider Member, ginger3166, for completing the ghost quest and collecting all of the Candy. 
For more information on Ghost Busting and help finding the Ghost, join us HERE.
To see the different Jack-o-Lantern options, please check out WI's Wiki HERE.

Webkinz Insider Members Solve Trick or Treat Ghost Pattern!

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Thanks to the Webkinz Insider members who have been working hard to track Ghost sightings in our Ghostbuster thread we can now tell you how to predict where the Ghost will appear on your personal account!

Once you see the Ghost once on your account, you should be able to figure out where he will be on that account for the rest of the week. When you see him the first time, make note of what color you were in and the exact time you saw him. When you return in three hours to try to find him again make sure you pick the same color. The Ghost will appear in 20 minute intervals in certain rooms.

If the Ghost showed up on your account at :08 after the hour, 
he'll show up at :08, :28, & :48.

If the Ghost showed up on your account at :12 after the hour, 
he'll show up at :12, :32, & :52.
UPATE:  The timing has changed.  The Ghost is now appearing at :08, :23, :38, & :53.  If you just stay in the same room in the same color, you should have two chances an hour of finding the Ghost.

Now, figuring out what room he will be in is a little bit trickier, but as long as you stay in the same color zone, there is a pattern to follow that should have you getting candy in no time.

Party Room to Girls Rule Room to Garden Yard to Party Room, etc.
Games Room to Sports Room to Bowling Alley to Games Room, etc.
Go Fish Room, to Exercise Room to Trading Room to Go Fish Room, etc.
Collector Room to Reading Room to Super Chef Room to Collector Room, etc.

If the Ghost showed up on your account at :08 in the Collector Room, he is on this pattern:
:08 Collector Room to :28 Reading Room to :48 Super Chef Room to :08 Collector Room, etc.

If the Ghost showed up on your account at :12 in the Party Room, he is on this pattern:
:12 Party Room to :32 Girls Rule Room to :52 Garden Yard to :12 Party Room, etc.

Once you figure out what pattern your account is on, write it down so you won't forget!
Unfortunately, just like with Doug the Dog, the sometimes the Ghost doesn't show up in every room number of the type of room he's supposed to be in. This is the way it has been designed, each room instance has its own odds of having the ghost appear. To find the Ghost, you just have to be patient and keep trying.  

Each server is on a different pattern and many people have been trying to figure out what server they are on to try to figure out the pattern. If you know your server, you can match up your pattern with other members who are on the same server, but this information is NOT necessary. As long as you spot him once on your account, you have all of the information you need to predict where he will be.
It is worth noting that once you get candy from the Ghost your internet browser will lock up and you will get kicked out of Webkinz World.  Some members have reported being able to say logged in if they quickly switch rooms after getting candy.  Either way, you get to keep your candy.

A special thank you goes out to to webkinzaddict and maypal for sorting out the pattern, to crnovakjagular, and adrkmfdm for fine-tuning the details, and to webfamily for helping so many members figure out how the pattern applies to their accounts!
UPDATE: Ganz has also let us know that they've squashed the "freezing" / "locking" bug!!!

Trick or Treating Time is Here in Webkinz World

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Asian accounts are welcomed with the new front page announcing Trick or Treating in the Clubhouse. All that you have to do is head to the Clubhouse and the pumpkin automatically appears. When you click on it you can see what candies you have collected so far.
webkinz cheats
Once all 12 candies are collected you will receive a special carvable Jack-O-Lantern. Want to help track where the ghost is or know where it is? Click HERE to join in on the fun! Good luck all collecting all 12 pieces! The ghost seems to be appearing at :00, :20, :40  and it doesn't matter the room or zone. You will hear a Booo when it makes its entrance, so make sure you have the volume up so you can hear it
UPDATE: European & US Accounts now can Trick or Treat too

More Leaves in Webkinz World -- Ganz Confirms "High Winds"

Leaf Pile
According to the information on WebkinzNewz, Ganz is planning to turn up the winds in Webkinz World on Saturday, so the leaves should start falling more frequently. Get ready to click some more leaves.. Maybe they'll be so fast you won't be able to keep up!
We just received word from the Webkinz World Meteorologist. High winds are expected for tomorrow — get out your rakes, because the leaves are going to be piling up!

Leaves have Begun to Fall - Update: Fall Fest happening on all Zones!

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Fall Fest has begun in Asian accounts, and we now know the 9 prizes the leaves will yield: Decorative Wheat Sheaf, Autumn Sunset Toque, Decorative Cornucopia, Fall Festival Place Setting, Hot Apple Cider, Potted Elm Tree, Baked Butternut Squash, Pressed Leaf Wall Plate, Autumn Striped Sweater.
Update: Fall Fest has started on Euro Accounts and American Accounts.
With these 9 items chosen for Fall Fest 2009, it means that the Harvest Time Poster and Pumpkin Soup, seen in Fall Fest 2007 and Fall Fest 2008 have been retired. Also, the Orange Cable Knit Sweater, which was only a part of Fall Fest 2008, has been retired!
The leaves appear to be on a 6-minute cycle, meaning you have a chance at seeing a leaf every 6 minutes after you log on. Fall Fest runs from September 19th through September 25th. Good luck everyone clicking!
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Ganz Announces Autumn Arrival Contest, New Fall Fest Items

For this week's contest, Autumn Arrival, they would like to know, "Why do the leaves change color? " Five lucky winners will win the Autumn Prize Pack. The Prize Pack includes every Fall Festival prize ever seen in Webkinz World! The contest runs from September 19th to September 20th. Click here for more details.
In addition, added to this news article were pictures of the 3 new Fall Fest items added for Fall Fest 2009. They are the Baked Butternut Squash, Autumn Striped Sweater and the Pressed Leaf Wall Plate! 
New Fall Fest Items
At this point, we are still unsure as to which 3 items from the Fall Fest 2008 collection are being retired from Webkinz World, but we will let you know as soon as we have any information!

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