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Special Events

Webkinz Day Gooobatomic Rocket Launch

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Many of our members are enjoying searching for Goober, and when we find Goober we are enjoying the Rocket Launch feature.  After collecting one or more rockets from Goober, you may launch your rockets by clicking on the rocket icon in your room or at the club house, by selecting "arrange rockets" and then "lauch."  Members who have won the grant prize have also reported being about to launch the rockets from their room.  I thought I would show you a picture of this fun feature from my account.
Many members are wondering if this feature will be available after Webkinz Day? If there are extra rockets (over 10) will we still be able to launch them after webkinz day? Is it possible to loose these rockets?  At this point, we do not know, but time will tell.
UPDATE (Monday):  Thank you to WI member prissypie for the following information:
"I just wanted to let you all know that I just called Ganz and the lady that I spoke to said that you will not be able to launch the rockets after this weekend. I have found my 10 so I am not sure if it is worth spending a lot more time searching for something that we can't keep. I just wanted to let you all know so you don't spend so much time on it if you don't need to."
To track goober, please visit our Goober Tracking thread HERE.
UPDATE (Monday Morning):  Goober's pattern has changed from what we reported to you over the weekend.  Also, players now only have to wait 20 minutes between rockets instead of 30 minutes.  Please check out the tracking thread for the latest details.

WI Member Completes Rocket Collection, Gets Grand Prize

Originally Submitted by FIA on Fri, 04/23/2010 - 6:39pm.
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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member sz11401 on collecting all ten rockets from Goober.  sz11401 was rewarded with a Webkinz Day Year 5 Fireworks Machine.  To learn more about this feature, including help for finding Goober on your account, please take a look at WI's WIki page for this event, HERE.
UPDATE:  For Saturday, April 24th, Goober has been appearing on the following schedule:
:05, Lt. Green, Lt. Blue, Yellow
:09, Gold, Pink, Dk. Blue

:35, Lt. Green, Lt. Blue, Yellow
:39, Gold, Pink, Dk. Blue
We expect that Goober will start showing up at more points during the hour as we get closer to Webkinz Day on April 29th.  Goober is staying in each room for 2 minutes now, so it is possible to "jump" into a room after he has been spotted.

Goober Glitch: Club house closed to visitors

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Many of our members are enjoying searching for Goober at the clubhouse.  Some members have reported that while they are visiting the clubhouse on one account and able to click on Goober, on another account in the same room or the same color zone they are getting kicked out of the clubhouse.  WI member Oddmeister has started a thread about this in the glitch report section HERE.  This will be added to our glitch report in the wiki. Thank you for this picture from Oddmeiser's account. We are sure the hard working compter wizzards at Ganz are looking into this problem.  Please enjoy hunting for Goober and other fun things on WW. This glitch does not seem to occur all of the time.

Goober's Clubhouse Pattern Discovered by WI Members *UPDATE*

Thank you to all of our members who worked through the night tracking Goober in the Clubhouse.  We now know that he does appear in certain color zones at certain times after the hour.
Pink, Dark Blue, Gold (Deluxe): :09, :29, :49
Yellow, Light Blue, and Green: :05, :25, :45
So, if you hang out in one room of the Clubhouse, you should expect Goober to appear in some colors on the "9"s and in other colors on the "5"s.  Just like with some of the past Clubhouse events, however, Goober will sometimes skip a few rooms along the way, so if he doesn't show up where you expect him to, just be patient.  Eventually he'll come to your room.
Players can collect one rocket every 30 minutes from Goober.  There are ten different rockets to collect.  For more information on this event, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE.
UPDATE:  For those of you who haven't been able to find Goober on your account, there is some good news from Ganz.  The following Tweet was sent out on Twitter:
We are looking into reports of Goober not showing up. Hint for the week: he will show up more often as we get closer to the 29th.

Goobatomic Rockets Event Begins in the Clubhouse

webkinz cheatsShortly after Midnight, Eastern Time, reports started flooding in from members who were finding little rockets graphics on their Webkinz World accounts.  It appears that this year's Goobatomic Rocket event has begun!  
In celebration of Webkinz Day, Goober is going to be passing out Rockets from April 23rd to April 29th. Collect all ten rockets, and you'll get a special Fireworks Surprise!  Visit the WIki for more information.  
Need some help finding Goober?  What to know more about this event?  Just check out the Official Goober Tracking Thread in the Clubhouse section of our forum.  Click HERE to go to the thread.
UPDATE:  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Nana for this picture of Goober on her account.  Reports indicate that there is a sound when Goober enters a room, and that he says one of his catch-phrases as he arrives.  Players must click on Goober to get a rocket.  After getting one rocket, players must wait 30 minutes before clicking to get their next rocket.

Minor League Baseball Teams to Offer Free Webkinz this Summer!

milb logowebkinz logo
Thank you to Webkinz Insider member, Melethana, we have some exciting news to report about Minor League Baseball teams having Webkinz Giveaways during their baseball season. Here are a few of the dates that we have collected, but you may have to look up on your own home teams to see if they are also hosting these giveaways.
These games are all giveaways for kids. Some are for 9 and under and others are for 14 years and under. Most of the Myrtle Beach games are for the first 500 kids who come to the games. We've also included information about which Webkinz being given away in a number of promotions. Please click "Read More" to see the list of dates!
 read more »

New Clubhouse Event for Webkinz Day: Goobatomic Rockets!

webkinz cheatsWe've hunted for the Trick or Treat Ghost, collected Christmas gifts from Ms. Birdy, and even tracked down a laughing Leprechaun.  Later this month, Webkinz Players will be heading back into the Clubhouse for another special event.  
In celebration of Webkinz Day, Goober is going to be passing out Rockets from April 23rd to April 29th.  Collect all ten rockets, and you'll get a special Fireworks Surprise!  Visit the WIki for more information.
Also in celebration of Webkinz Day, on April 29th, all players logging on to Webkinz World will receive a special Webkinz Day Gift Box and will be able to spin the Superwheel!

Earth Day Event Coming to Webkinz World

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For the first time in Webkinz World's history, Ganz is going to celebrate Earth Day.  In the real world, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd.  In Webkinz World, the event is going to take place April 20th to April 22nd.  
Don't forget to check out the Webkinz Insider WIki for the latest Holiday details.

Winterfest Ends Tonight at Midnight!

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It's almost time for Winterfest 2010 to come to an end.  Tonight at 11:59pm KT, the Snowflakes will stop flying.  Reports from our members indicate that there are more Snowflakes out there today than there have been in previous days, so now is the perfect time to get out there and click, click, click!
Didn't get your fill of Winterfest prizes?  Check back here on Webkinz Insider on Monday for some news.

Winterfest has begun in Asian Accounts!

Good Morning to all of our Asian Account Holders, Winterfest Has Begun! Winterfest will begin at midnight EST for our North American and at Midnight for our Euro account holders, just 9 hours away.
I hope that your mouse has been getting a good work out these past couple of days and that your dock is ready to accept the prizes from the Snowflakes. Click on a snowflake as it passes by your screen  in Webkinz World to win one of three new prizes!  Make sure that you are in a place where your Storage dock is exposed or you won't catch any flakes.
Here are some helpful hints from The Webkinz Insider staff about recipes for this week to help you save time (and help your family survive) along with links to WIki articles to help you with Winterfest 2010!
That being said, LET THE SNOWFLAKES FLY!
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