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Special Events

Halloween Gifts appearing in Euro and North America, not Asia

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We have been receiving reports that we are now getting the Halloween Gift Bags in the American accounts as well as the European accounts. Unfortunately as it is November 1st in Asia. account holders might have to call Ganz head office to get their bags.  Trick or Treat badges show up in accounts that did not get one last year. It is the same badge.  Enjoy your packages, everyone, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
GANZ phone number is 1-866-WEB-KINZ Please note that they will only accept calls from adults (18 years old or older).
UPDATE (Monday):  Based on reports in our forum this morning, it appears that the Customer Service Reps at Ganz are being very helpful in getting players their missing items.  Our members are reporting having the missing items dropped directly into their docks while they are on the telephone with Ganz.
If you are trying to get through to Ganz on the phone regarding your missing Halloween gift, please be patient.  We understand that the number has been ringing busy most of the morning.  When you get through, please remember to be polite.  The Customer Service Reps have no control over what happened this weekend.  Their only concern is making sure you get the items that belong to you today.
If you would like to contact Ganz with feedback, please take a look at our WIki's "Contact Ganz" page.

Spotted Seal Webkinz retiring November 6th

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Thank you to our Romanian Webkinz Insider member kkryss, we have a sneak peek at a retiring Webkinz pet, the Spotted Seal, on November 6th.  Along with the usual retirement cupcake that everyone will receive on the 6th we will also be able to play the new Sailboat Game that we first played last weekend when the Blueberry Cheeky retired.  
We have this on good authority via a tweet that another of our members received from Webkinz by Ganz.  Lorib64 ' Yep! Count the Sailboats will be available everytime we retire a plush pet!'  
For more information about Webkinz pets, their items and retirement parties check out our WIki.

Ganz Officially Addresses 2010 Trick or Treat Glitch

A short time ago Ganz released the following statement regarding the 2010 Trick or Treat event:
"We are aware that the Trick or Treat customizable Jack-O-Lantern is not working properly for some users. This issue seems to only be affecting users who won the customizable Jack-O-Lantern in 2009. We have found a solution which will be put to use today.

NOTE: Winner's of the 2009 Jack-O-Lantern who have yet to customize it, will not be able to do so after today's solution is put in place. We are working on a greater solution to the issue, so that this too will be fixed."
UPDATE - Tuesday, October 26th - Pumpkins can now be carved!!!

Glitch Provides Sneak Peek at 2010 Trick or Treat Event

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider member lilkinzmom7 for sharing this picture with us of the candy collection screen for the 2010 Trick or Treat event.  This screen surprised her when she entered her Webkinz' house earlier this evening.  We have also had reports of members being surprised with last year's "Pot of Gold" from last St. Patrick's Day when entering their houses.  We don't know why these screens are popping up for some players, but lilkinzmom7's glitch gives us some new information about his year's Trick or Treat event.
As you can see, many of the candy items from last year have returned, but some of the items have been replaced with new ones.  Shown above are slots for Licorice Pretzel, Tart Terrors, Sweet Spectre, Pastel W Poppers (new), Wacky Gum Drops, Magic W Lolly, Fizzy Fuzzies (new), Chocolate Tombstone (new), Gummy Paws, Marshmallow Eyeballs, Fruity Fangs, and Slimesicle (new).  The items not returning are the Bat Bar, PB&J Chocowich, Tooth Glue Toffee, and Vampire Pop.  Players collecting all twelve of this year's candy items will be rewarded with the 2010 Jack O' Lantern to "carve".
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"Spooky" the Mazin' Hamster should start passing out candy on October 22.  
When he does, we will be following him in the Official Spooky Trick or Treat Tracking Thread in the Special Events section of our forum. 

Two New Items Added to Webkinz World wShop

During this morning's site maintenance, two new items were added to the Webkinz World wShop:  Sample Styles Cabinet and Cold Flames Cauldron.
The Sample Styles Cabinet is a Wallpaper/Flooring storage unit.  It's an item that MANY Webkinz World players have been asking for.  Now we can finally clear those items out of our docks!  Each cabinet holds up to nine Wallpaper/Floors.
The Cold Flames Cauldron is a fridge that holds up to six food items.  This is a seasonal Halloween item, so if you want one for your account, don't delay.  After Halloween there won't be any way to predict when this item may be available again.
To see all of the Storage solutions, check out our WIki.

Ganz Shakes the Trees and Extends Fall Fest Through Sunday

For all of you leaf hunters out there we have some good news!  Ganz has just tweeted that they have shaken the trees.  If you haven't been seeing any leaves they suggest logging out and clearing your cache.  Ganz has also extended Webkinz Fall Festival until Sunday so we'll have an extra day to try to get those great new prizes. 
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Unfortunately, at the present time it seems that the North American time zone accounts are only seeing red leaves and only being awarded a few types of prizes.  With these red leaves members are mainly receiving Cornucopias, Decorative Wheat Sheafs and Hot Apple Cider.  Two other prizes awarded from the red leaves, the Autumn Tree Globe and the Lumberjack Coat are also being awarded from these leaves, though it is very rare.  Hopefully the programmers at Webkinz can fix this problem so Webkinz World players have a chance to receive the other prizes as well. 
For more information on Fall Fest check out our Webkinz WIki.

Webkinz Fall Festival Begins September 19th 2010

Originally Submitted by COWS4YOU on Wed, 09/15/2010 - 8:15am ET.
The Webkinz Pets are getting ready to catch some leaves. Yes, it is that time of year again when the Fall Festival comes to Webkinz World. Watch for the leaves starting on September 19th. It is always lots of fun.
The Fall Fest has run every year since 2007, and has been on a 6-minute schedule every year so far. You can see pictures of the Fall Fest prizes in our Webkinz Wiki.
Don't forget to check out the classic "WI Staff Quick Meal Recipes" page for some dinner tips!
UPDATE, 10:15am ET Saturday:  Thank you to our members with accounts set to the Asian time zone for letting us know that the leaves are flying!  It appears that, just like with previous click-to-win events, the leaves are going to start flying just after Midnight in each of the three zones.  European accounts will start seeing them this afternoon, and American accounts will start seeing them just after Midnight Eastern Time.  Good Luck Everyone!
We can confirm that all of the prizes from 2009 have returned.  
That means that there are 15 prizes for this year:  six "new" and nine "old". 

Peek-A-Newz Challenge POSTPONED Indefinitely *UPDATE*

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AS OF 8:45am, Webkinz Newz has announced an indefinite postponement of the Peek-A-Newz challenge for the Sweet Zums. I am sorry, folks.
Webkinz Newz has just announced that there will be another Peek-A-Newz challenge today (Friday September 17th) from 6pm EST until tomorrow 5:59 pm EST (Saturday, September 18th).  The object of Peek-A-Newz is to find 'Zofia' (the NEW Zumbuddy from the eStore) five times in the pages of Webkinz Newz to get an awesome prize. Remember to disable your Pop up blockers for this session.
UPDATE as of 3:15pm KT: The contest will be from 6pm today until 5:59pm Sunday, September 19th)
A few lucky players will win a "Zofia" feature code.  Other players will win a "Winged Tee" for their pets to wear.  This is the first time Ganz has offered a prize for the Peek a Newz event that hasn't been available elsewhere in Webkinz world.  
Click here for WIki information on Peek-A-Newz challenges.
UPDATE as of 6:15pm KT: Members are reporting that they are getting a message saying that they have already successfully completed the challenge with accounts that they have used in previous Webkinz Peek-A-Newz events.  It appears Ganz may have not reset the account list from the last event.  If you have multiple Webkinz World accounts that weren't used in past challenges you can use those.  Hopefully Ganz will correct this soon so everyone gets a chance to play.
UPDATE as of 6:40 PM KT: Just tweeted by Ganz:
UPDATE:  6:45pm Eastern, Thank you to WI member funkyc63 for sharing this picture with is of her pet wearing the new shirt.
UPDATE (8:55pm EST): Thank you to WI Member FrogKissingLady for sharing a picture of the their new Zofia Zum.  Congrats!

Important Webkinz Tour Notice: Some Event Dates Changed

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider member dragonbird for calling our attention to a very important issue with the Webkinz Tour.  It appears that Ganz has made some changes to the tour schedule, without warning.  dragonbird drove out to an event that was scheduled to happen today only to find out that the event is actually going to happen on Tuesday, August 10th.  As you can see from the picture above, the map on the Webkinz World site still indicates that the event is on Saturday.
So, this is a word of caution to everyone who is planning a trip out to a Webkinz Tour event, especially if you will need to drive a great distance to get there.  Please call the store before you pack up the car.  We don't want to have any of our members disappointed.
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UPDATE:  Webkinz Insider member artemishunter discovered another error in the map.  According to the map, the event in Dedham, MA, is scheduled to happen on Saturday, August 14th, but according to the manager at that store, the event is actually going to happen on Wednesday, August 11th.
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UPDATE:  Ganz has added a few more days to their event at the Illinois State Fair.  According to the Webkinz site (as shown above), the event is scheduled to start on Monday, August 16th.  The event is actually scheduled to start on Friday, August 13th.
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UPDATE:  According to the map, the event in The Woodlands, TX, is scheduled for Tuesday, September 7th.  The event is actually scheduled to happen on Monday, September 6th.
NOTE:  If you live in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, or Florida, an event may be happening near you.  Ganz has added a number of September tour dates to those states.  Click HERE to learn more.

More Dates Added to Webkinz Road Trip 2010

webkinz cheatsIf you live in California, Texas, Illinois, New York, or Massachusetts, the Webkinz Road Trip may be coming to a store near you.  Ganz has added several new tour dates to the schedule, including a number of stops at Toys 'R Us stores.  For a complete list of tour dates/locations, and for more information on the Tour, please click HERE.

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