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Ganz Adds More Tour Dates to Webkinz 2011 Road Trip

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Bit by bit, Ganz has been adding new tour dates to their Webkinz 2011 Road Trip.  Do you know if the van is coming to a town near you?  To find out, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki's Road Trip Page.  We have assembled a sortable chart to provide you with a quick reference to the tour dates.
We know that many of you are planning on making long drives in order to attend the events.  Before you pack up the car and head out, it is recommended that you call the store where the event is scheduled.  Last year we had reports from several people who ended up at stores where the events had been moved or cancelled.  We don't want that to happen to any of our members this year!
If you are going to one of this weekend's Florida events, play close attention to the locations.  Both events have been moved to new cities, and the map on the Webkinz website is NOT showing the correct information.

Webkinz Road Trip 2011 is Just Around the Corner!

webkinz cheatsThe Webkinz Road Trip for 2011 is scheduled to kick off this weekend, and Webkinz players are getting very excited, each hoping that the tour will come to a town near them.  Details about the tour have been difficult to come by, but here is what we know so far.
  • The tour officially begins on Saturday, April 9, at the Atlanta Braves Home opener.  
  • The van will be located in the "Red Brick area".  Visitors will not need tickets to the game in order to see the van, but they will have to pay for parking.  The van will be set up no later than 10:30am.
  • Feature codes for virtual Touring Vans will be available to visitors, for both adults and children.
  • Future events will be at Hospitals, Retailers, at at least three State Fairs (San Diego County Fair, California State Fair, and Minnesota State Fair).
As soon as more information about the Webkinz Road Trip is revealed, we will bring it to you here.  To see pictures of what happened at last year's event, please visit the Webkinz insider WIki.
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April is Autism Awareness Month! Last day to enter!

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Autism Awareness month is fast approaching. Hopefully this year we can make what we started last year bigger and better. Through word of mouth we can make a difference!!
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To kick things off for Autism Awareness Month please visit our Autism Awareness Contest for a chance to win a spectacular “Blue” prize package!! We are giving away a Blue Dragster, retired Blue Hockey Skates, Blue WZ Jeans, a Magical Retriver bed and for the colour of love - a Red Lava!! Enter between Sunday, March 20 and Sunday, March 27th 10PM for your chance to win one of five amazing prizes!!
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Mazin Hamster Flora Peek-A-Newz Contest Feb 13th and 14th

File:7914.gifThe Webkinz Newz site has just announced a Peek-A-Newz contest for February 13th, Sunday 12:00am EST until Monday February 14th 11:59pm EST.
To play this challenge you will need to allow Pop-Ups from the Webkinz Newz site.
Find The New Mazin' Hamster of the Month, Flora, 5 times and you will win Flora's Flowerpot. Only one prize will be awarded for each Webkinz Account.
For more information on Peek-A-Newz Challenges and how to play Visit our WIki.
UPDATE: Thanks to WI member RainbowCloud321 for this image of her pet Sarah with her new Flora's Flowerpot. Thanks to WI member Alleine for the image of Flora on Webkinz Newz.
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Ganz Tweets, New Exclusive and Sparkling Pegasus Info

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider Member Jenn who Tweeted @webkinz about the New Exclusives and got this message:
  • Jenn @webkinz great job introducing New Exclusives. Now how about some New POTM Items??? And Sparkling Pegasus opportunities
  • Webkinz By Ganz @Jenn We've got a NEW POTM Item planned for March. There will be more opportunities to win a Sparking Pegasus on Newz very soon.
Also, in Twitter news, Ganz sent out the following statement:
  • Webkinz By Ganz Just got out of our weekly art review. The prizes for our next big daily game are looking great! Watch for it next month!

*UPDATE* Lack of snowflakes worry Webkinz World account holders

It seems that this morning the Winter Fest snowflakes have stopped flying on all Webkinz World accounts in all time zones. Many users are wondering where they have gone.
All tips have been employed to coax them to show up, but in many cases (upward of 5 hours for some) the snowflakes have just not shown up.
Also it would seem that the site is showing significant slowdown during play with interruptions during harvesting in the garden.
Webkinz Winter Fest 2011 is scheduled to run for a full 9 days, from January 15th til the 23rd. This is the second official day. There have been complaints that the flakes are sparse at the Webkinz Newz site as well. We will keep you updated as this situation develops.
UPDATE: It appears as though the flakes have begun to fly for account holders using the Firefox Browser. Some using the Internet Explorer are having sightings of sporadic, albeit within the 6 minute increment time frame. They can show up at the 6 minute mark, 12, 18 or 24 minute marks (from the time you first log in). 
Usually, your pets 3xH drop cycle will coincide with the distribution of click event prizes. Your pets health, hunger and Happiness will often dip when the system kicks out a flake. Keep an eye on those levels and another eye open for the flakes.

Webkinz Winterfest 2011 Scheduled to Last NINE Days!

webkinz cheatsWinterfest fans will have something extra to be happy about this year.  The Creative Director of Webkinz has announced that this year's event will last NINE DAYS!  That means, unlike all previous click-to-win events, players will have two weekends during which they can click snowflakes and win fantastic prizes.  Got your clicking fingers ready?  Get ready, because we've only got one more week before things start flying in Webkinz World.
In other event news, Ganz has announced that they are working on a new activity for Valentine's Day, something that they've never done before.  What could it be?  As soon as more details are released, we'll bring that news to you here.
UPDATE The dates have been announced. Winterferst will run from January 15-23.
And other interesting news:  Want More? Winterfest will be coming to Webkinz Newz, too! More details will be revealed soon.  Sounds Exciting!! We will have to keep our eyes open for more details!

The Webkinz Misty Puppy is retiring!

webkinz cheatsThere is a new story in the Webkinz Newz letting us know that the Webkinz Misty Puppy is retiring. Webkinz World will be holding an online party Saturday, December 4 so be sure to log in and get your free collectible retirement cupcake. Webkinz Misty Puppy owners will be able to participate in some special retirement events. The Webkinz Misty Puppy will be available at the Ganz eStore from 12:01am Friday December 3, 2010 to 11:59pm Saturday December 4, 2010 EST!
Remember, if you are thinking of picking up a Misty Puppy before they are gone, Webkinz Insider's partner store, Ameriwade, features $5 flat-rate shipping, no matter how large your order is, and a portion of every sale made online at goes toward supporting Webkinz Insider.

New Contest For Fresco Hamster announced

webkinz cheatsWebkinz Newz has announced a new contest for this weekend. They are looking for a painting  or drawing that you think Fresco the Mazin' Hamster created. Enter November 6th 12:00 am EST until November 7th 11:59pm EST for a chance to win one of 5 Fresco the Mazin' Hamster's.  Here are the rules.
For more information on Mazin Hamsters check out our WIki.

Spotted Seal Retirement Saturday reminder

webkinz cheatsThis is just a reminder for people about the Webkinz Spotted Seal retiring on Saturday, November 6th.  The Spotted Seal is scheduled to retire on Saturday with retirement events for owners and The Count The Sailboats game for everyone as well as a collectible retirement cupcake for everyone.
When the game debuted it was located in the Daily Activities tab where you find all of your regular activities like the Wheel of Wow and Wishing Well 2 games. Once the game is activated you should be able to click on the arrow to play.
Count all of the sailboats (careful some hide behind the Palm trees) and you will have up to 5 tries (if the guess is right) to find the Spotted Seal before he leaves for retirement. If you do locate the Spotted Seal, you will win an article of clothing that can only be found through this game. For more information about Retirement events, check out the WIki.

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