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Christmas Presents Start Arriving in Webkinz World

 Asian accounts are greeted with their Christmas Presents when logging into Webkinz World. To view the contents of the gift, please click HERE. December 25th is a busy day in Webkinz World. In addition to the Christmas Present awarded to the account for just logging in, the Super Wheel returns with great prizes. Also don't forget to go see Ms Birdy in the Clubhouse for the last gift from her on the 12 Days of Christmas. If you have seen her all twelve days, then a new badge will appear.
On behalf of Webkinz Insider, we wish everyone a great holiday season.

Santakinz is in the Clubhouse - Updated

This wonderful announcement about Santakinz is in the Clubhouse is what Asian Accounts are greeted with this morning. When members click the the GO NOW! they are left with not seeing any Santakinz Rooms unfortunately. In the past there has been a room designated for visiting Santakinz and your webkinz can get their picture taken with him. To see the gallery of Santakinz pictures, click HERE
Let's hope when the US accounts roll around to December 1st, that the Santakinz room appears. Until then we can make sure that our webkinz look good for their Santakinz photo by being Healthy, Happy and not Hungry. Who wants to sit on Santakinz' lap with a growling stomach?
UPDATE: As of Midnight December 1st, the Santakinz room is now available in the Clubhouse. You get to sit on Santakinz lap and tell him what you would like. You have until Christmas Eve to make your wish.

How do I find and use my new Kinectimals Pet Buddy?

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If you played the new Video Challenge on Webkinz Newz featuring Kinectimals, an Xbox live game that was released in October of 2011, you might have won a Pet Buddy as your prize.  Unlike the plushies and wall decor items that are also prizes you might win, Pet Buddies will not be in your dock nor are they an item that you can place in your room.
So how exactly do you find and use your Pet Buddy? Click "Read more" to find out!
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Arthur Christmas Takes Over the Wheel of Wow

Arthur Christmas has taken over the Wheel Of Wow
Arthur Christmas is a new movie by Sony Pictures which is set to be released on November 23rd, 2011.   When you spin the Wheel of Wow, you now have the chance to win one of 5 new prizes! 

Specially-Tagged Pink Poodles Come with Free MP3 Download

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsEarlier this week we brought you the news that Ganz was once again participating in a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research by selling specially-tagged Webkinz Pink Poodles.  For each Pink Poodle sold, a minimum of $2 will be donated by Ganz to "Komen for the Cure."
Now we know that players adopting Pink Poodles that have "Komen for the Cure" tags will receive a special gift.  After the pet has been adopted, a "CD Cover" will appear in the player's dock.  When that item is dragged out of the dock, the MP3 download will be triggered.  What a great way to support Breast Cancer Research!

World Wide Play Day Has Begun, Log On Later for a Gift

webkinz cheatsThe World Wide Day of Play has begun!  Just a few minutes ago, in a short video presentation, Goober flipped the switch to shut down Webkinz World.  Webkinz World will remained "closed" for the next three hours.  When Webkinz World comes back up at 3pm, Eastern Time, players logging on will be rewarded with a gift bag containing three food items.  To learn more about the Day of Play, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.
UPDATE (3:01pm, ET):  Following a short video in which Goober flipped the switch back, Webkinz World reopened.  Players logging on between now and Midnight, Eastern Time, will receive a snack for their pets.

Webkinz Players Wonder About Wacky Zingoz Celebration *UPDATE*

Originally Submitted by FIA on Fri, 07/22/2011 - 3:04pm, ET.
webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsWith the announcement that this year's Goo Goo Berry Festival has been moved from August to July, many Webkinz players are wondering what has become of this year's Wacky Zingoz Celebration.  For the past three years, for one week in July, Zingoz have gone flying through the air in Webkinz World, bringing special prizes with them, as well as offering players the chance to win the coveted Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy.
Last month Ganz released a statement about the Wacky Zingoz Celebration saying that it's a time when players can win "Wacky inspired clothing".  Since clothing has not been awarded as a prize in any of the previous events, it was assumed they were talking about this year's event.  
Has this year's Celebration been cancelled?  Has it been moved to later in the year?  At this point, we don't know, but as soon as any new information is revealed, we will bring it to you here.
UPDATE (Aug 1, 1pm ET):  In response to repeated inquiries from Webkinz players about the status of the Wacky Zingoz Celebration, Ganz released the following statement moments ago:
"Watch out for the Wacky Zingoz NEWZ on"
There is nothing Wacky-related on the Webkinz newz right now, but as soon as anything is posted, we will let you know.

Spree Ads are Appearing!

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It's Saturday and that means Spree Ads are appearing! Watch for the ads to appear in Webkinz World in addition to Webkinz Newz. Just click on the ad, fill out the information and then one will be awarded the extra Spree Roll.  Who doesn't love an extra free Spree Roll?

Webkinz Accounts Receive Third Smurf Gift on July 22nd

webkinz cheats 
Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts are reporting in that a third Smurf gift is being received when you log in on July 22nd.  A special thank you to kirtoglou for bringing us a picture from their account.  Members with European and North American accounts will be should expect their gifts to arrive when their day changes to the 22nd.
The third gift from the Smurfs is the Wacky Zingoz Plush (in a Smurf-tastic shade of blue). The previous Smurf gifts were the Enchanted Mushroom Lamp and the Blue Moon. All of these Smurfy goodies are part of the promotion by Ganz of the new Smurf Movie which will arrive in theaters on July 29th.
Looking for more information?  Smurf yourself over to the WIKI to read more.  

Webkinz Accounts Receive Second Smurf Gift On Sunday July 17

Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts are receiving a second Smurf gift on logging in today. It is now Sunday July 17 in Asia, and members with European and North American accounts will also be receiving this lovely gift when their day changes over to the 17th.
This second Smurf gift is the Enchanted Mushroom Lamp; this lamp is animated and lights up when you click on it. The previous Smurf gift was awarded on July 9 and was the Blue Moon. These gifts are part of a promotion by Ganz of the new Smurf Movie starting in theatres on July 29.
You can learn more about the Smurfs in our WIKI HERE.

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