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Special Events

Wacky Zingoz Celebration Coming to Webkinz World!

Get ready! Webkinz Newz has just announced the next big celebration event that is about to hit Webkinz World and it's going to be Wacky!
Beginning on August 18th and continuing until September 2nd, Webkinz Insider members will be able to enjoy this year's Wacky Zingoz Celebration! There are several events planned including a Floaty Clicky event and new Wacky Challenges! Webkinz Insider members will also be able to win clothing items from the WackyER Zingoz Arcade game! To view Prizes and events from previous years of the Wacky Zingoz Celebrations, click HERE!
As soon as we get more info on the planned Wacky events, you can be sure we will bring the news to you here on Webkinz Insider! Stay tuned!

Exciting Changes Coming to Jumbleberry Fields Game with the Berry Fest!

Are you ready?! ...  because there is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Berry Festival on Webkinz World which begins on July 18th and continues until the 29th!

In addition to the Floaty Clicky berries to collect in Webkinz World and on Webkinz Newz, there will be a new way to reward yourself and your pet for filling up your preserve jars when you play Jumbleberry Fields! Webkinz Insider members will be thrilled to know that they will now be able to choose thier own prize when they completely fill a jar of preserves when playing Jumbleberry fields. There will also be new Prizes available, so let's get started playing Jumbleberry Fields and filling those jars! Everyone loves new prizes!

According to Webkinz Newz, you will be able to view the new prizes by clicking the VIEW PRIZES button above your jars of preserves.  Come on, everyone! ... let's go berry picking!

Summer Sensation Gifts Arrive in Asian Accounts!

Our Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts, where it is now Thursday June 28, have a pleasant surprise on logging in. The Summer Sensation event has begun! On login you will get the Turtle Wading Pool, your Summer Sensation gift for 2012. You will also receive a Greeting card in your Kinzpost!
The much anticipated Super Wheel will be available all day from your Daily Activities screen, starting at 6am KinzTime.
Don't forget to log in on Thursday, June 28 for this exciting start of summer fun!
Learn all about the Summer Sensation in our forum HERE and in our WIKI.

Plumpy's Wedding Cake Click to Win Event Coming to WKN!

A June Wedding is taking place in Kinzville! Plumpy's and Sir Charles Rhineholt's nuptials are taking place this weekend and to celebrate the happy day, Webkinz Newz is holding a Plumpy's Wedding Cake Click to Win event!

On June 16th and 17th, visit WKN, find the ad and complete the entry form to have a piece of Amanda Panda's Spicy Chocolate Cake added to your Webkinz World account! The usual limit of one prize per WW account each day applies. Webkinz Insider members will not want to miss this chance to celebrate and be a part of the blushing bride's big day!

Webkinz Announces Summer Sensation 2012

Webkinz Newz has announced that Summer Sensation 2012 will be on June 28th.  Each member of Webkinz World that logs in on June 28th will receive a special Summer Sensation Gift.
A couple of the previous Summer Sensation gifts have included the Summer Fun Picnic Basket and the Sensational Water Sprinkler.  If you would like to see a full list of the previous gifts you can see them on our WIki
If you would like to see a Sneak Peak of the Summer Sensation 2012 item please click read more.
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Webkinz Insider Members Wonder About Missing Earth Day Gifts! *UPDATE*

Webkinz Insider members have been wondering what has happened to the much advertised Earth Day Gift which was supposed to be awarded on login to Webkinz World today. Sunday April 22 is Earth Day, and this day is already over in our Asian accounts, but we do not have a single report of this gift being received by any of our members.
The Earth Day gift for 2012 is a Wind Turbine. If we go by past experience, there is no gift box associated with this gift, but there is a login screen. The 2011 Earth Day gift was the Sun Seeking Solar Panel and the 2010 gift was the Mini Wind Turbine. These items are found in your dock among the Furniture. You can see the Earth Day gifts being awarded last year in this announcement HERE.
Make sure to log in today into your Webkinz World accounts to be eligible for this award. You can phone Ganz on Monday during office hours (eastern time) at 1-866-WEBKINZ if you have not received your Earth Day gift by then.
UPDATE: Our members are now being awarded their Earth Day Wind Turbine on login. However, this is working only for those accounts being logged into for the first time after the fix. If you've logged into your Webkinz World account before the Earth Day gift switch was turned on, you will not receive your gift when you log in again. You will still have to phone Ganz on Monday or later in the week.
UPDATE: Good news for all who did not receive their Wind Turbine on Earth Day! Webkinz Newz has just announced that all members who did not get the login prize, will be receiving it on login all week, starting tomorrow Tuesday April 24 until Sunday April 29. Sunday is also Webkinz Day, when Ganz will celebrate the 7th anniversary of Webkinz World.
Happy belated Earth Day to all!

Webkinz Road Trip Returns For 2012

 Webkinz Newz has announced that the popular Webkinz Road Trip will be returning for 2012!  It appears the tour will be in full swing starting May 1st, and will be visiting a variety of country fairs and other events this summer. You can see a list of events for the beginning of May HERE.
For the past two years, the Road Trip Tour Van has brought "Webkinz Arcade" inspired games out to the public. By participating in these events you have the chance to win some cool webkinz items. 
It is unknown at this point if there will be a 2012 version of the "Tour Bus" for webkinz world.  Both the 2010 and the 2011 tours saw special codes handed out to particpates, which allowed them to receive a special souvenir in Webkinz World by entering the code at the Code Shop.
For more information on the 2010 or 2011 tour, the games played each year, and prizes available. You can check out our WIki HERE.

Sneak Peek at the 2012 Spring Celebration Gift Basket!

It's that wonderful time of the year again ... a time to celebrate earth's renewal and the pleasant days of Spring.  On April 8th, Webkinz everywhere will receive a Spring Celebration Gift when members log into their accounts.
WKN is giving us a sneak peek at this year's Spring Celebration Basket. Wekinz Insider members will be happy to log in on April 8th to receive this special gift!

Last year's Spring Celebration gift included the lovely Egg Holder Love Seat, a furniture item for your pet's room and two very special food items, a Caramel Bunny and Chocolate Eggs  For a look at the 2011 Spring Celebration Gift and those of past years, check out the WIKI on Webkinz Insider.

We already brought you the news that the Spring Celebration Eggs are returning to Webkinz World between March 31st and April 8th. Now we know that on those days when you log in, you will receive a Milk Chocolate Egg to feed to your pet! Also on these days, you will be able to get a Milk Chocolate Egg by visiting the Daily Activities page on Webkinz World and a White Chocolate Egg will be available on WKN. Your pet will receive a special prize when fed these special eggs!
So get ready to celebrate Spring on Webkinz World!

Spring Celebration Eggs Returning to Webkinz World!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian WW accounts were greeted with a surprise pop-up when they logged into their accounts this morning.  Spring Celebration Eggs are returning to Webkinz World between March 31st and April 8th!

Webkinz Insider members will remember that in 2011, two types of Spring Celebration Eggs were introduced, a Milk Chocolate Egg and a White Chocolate Egg! When these very special Eggs were fed to your pet, there was an 80% chance of receiving a special Spring Celebration themed piece of clothing or an object for your pet’s room.

So be sure to log into your WW accounts between March 31st and April 8th for a chance to receive your Spring Celebration Eggs! To see pictures of the prizes awarded last year, check our Wiki here!

The Leprechaun Returns To The Club House March 7th *UPDATE*

 Ganz has announced starting March 7th, members will be able to find the Leprechaun in the Clubhouse once again.  Players who choose to participate will try and find the Leprechaun daily, and earn one of six Jelly Coins for each time they click on lively character.
This year, for completing the collection, players will be awarded a special refriderator.  This fridge will be able to hold the Jelly Coins you receive throughout the rest of the event, this is great news for food collectors in Webkinz World!  For more information on last year's event, visit our WIki HERE.
Click HERE for our Leprechaun Tracking Thread. Good luck to all!
UPDATE: Congrats to Webkinz Insider member PoliceProperty for completing the collection of six jelly coins and being awarded the Golden Pot of Coins Fridge, which you can see in the above picture!
UPDATE: Be sure to visit our WIKI to learn all about this years Leprechaun Chase.

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