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New Loot Bag Prizes Revealed

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that new Loot Bag prizes would be coming soon. The day is here! These lovely Loot Bag Prizes are the new prizes that are available:
Cotton Candy, Cardboard Crown and the Paper Tiara
Why not either hold a party at your Webkinz Home or attend a Party at your friend's house so that you may own these new prizes? Sounds like it is time to PAR-TAY!

Webkinz Winterfest Extended, Winterfest Challenge and Party Pack Added!

Due to the downtime earlier this week, when both Webkinz World and Webkinz Newz were offline, Gans has decided to extend the duration of Winterfest. Originally it was supposed to end this Friday January 13; but now Winterfest will continue on both Saturday and Sunday, ending on the evening of Sunday January 15. On both days, you will be allowed to click on a total of 10 snowflakes flying across your Webkinz World screen, to win a variety of awesome prizes.
Make sure to log into your Webkinz World accounts on either Saturday or Sunday, since a Winterfest Party Pack will be awarded on login. This will replace the Christmas Party Pack which had been previously promised but was malfunctioning.
This coming weekend will also see a new Challenge added to the series, the Winterfest Challenge. The prize for this event will be the Arctic Tundra Flooring and Arctic Tundra Wallpaper. Learn more about this new Challenge in our WIKI.

Ms. Birdy Returns for Webkinz Christmas Countdown on December 14!

Originally Submitted by Webberlily on Thu, 12/01/2011 - 8:53pm, ET.
Webkinz Newz has just announced that Ms Birdy will be returning to the Webkinz Clubhouse for the Christmas Countdown on Wednesday December 14.
In this much anticipated event, Ms. Birdy can be found in the Clubhouse every day for the 12 days leading to Christmas. Each day she will give you a different prize. This will be the third year for this event.  Mark your calendars! You don't want to miss the first day of this exciting event.
In what appears to be a departure from the way that it worked in previous years, it looks like Ms. Birdy will be easier to find this year, since Webkinz Newz states that she will appear only in the Santakinz Room. In previous years, Ms. Birdy was a bit elusive and hard to find. Our Webkinz Insider members had to form Tracking Threads to help each other to find her.  
To learn more about the Countdown to Christmas,

Webkinz Insider Members Figure Out Party Time Problem

webkinz cheatsSince the Webkinz Party feature was introduced last Wednesday, many of the members here on Webkinz Insider have been working together to figure out exactly how it works.  This weekend they sorted out one very important detail regarding the timing of parties.
There have been widespread reports of problems getting accounts set to the Asian and/or European Zone to get to parties on the American Zone, and vice versa.  Most players had assumed that the party times were going to default to Eastern Time.  However, it appears that all parties are actually happening in "true KinzTime".  This means that while it is possible for accounts set to different zones to attend the party, they aren't able to attend the party with their friends all together.
Click "Read More" below for a more detailed explanation.
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Webkinz Insider Members Attend New Parties, Take Pictures

webkinz cheats
Thank you to Webkinz Insider members fvb and CheekyDB we can finally bring you pictures of what the inside of the new Webkinz Parties look like! 
  • To view fvb's pictures and story, please click HERE.
  • To view CheekyDB's pictures and story, please click HERE.
They've got pictures of the party rooms, pictures of the party games, and tips to help other players get their own parties to work.  
To view the Webkinz Insider WIki Guide on the new party feature, please click HERE.
NOTE:  It appears that all but one of the party prizes can be sent by KinzPost.  For some reason, the Party Snow Cone has been programmed differently than the rest.  It can't be mailed or traded.
UPDATE (May 26th, 2010):  The programming for the Party Snow Cone has been fixed.  It can now be traded and sent by KinzPost.

WI Member's Pets Attend Party Without Her, Get Loot Bags

webkinz cheatsWebkinz Insider member CheekyDB's pets Frolick & Merlin managed to attend a Webkinz Party earlier today, and they came home with Loot Bags!  Here you can see Merlin posing with his brand new animated Sparkler.  To see all of the prizes that can be received at a party, click HERE.
Unfortunately, CheekyDB wasn't able to attend the party with her pets.  When the party started, a "Go to Party" button appeared on CheekyDB's account, but clicking on it didn't do anything.  So, CheekyDB contacted Ganz Customer Service.  The Rep she spoke with logged on to CheekyDB's accounts and was able to view both Frolick and Merlin at the party.  Despite trying a number of things with her system, CheekyDB was never able to view the party on her computer.
  • To read more about CheekyDB's experience, you can visit her thread, HERE.
  • To learn more about the Party Feature, please visit the WI WIki, HERE.

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