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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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UPDATE Halloween Theme Chosen

UPDATE!! The results from the voting are in and the winning theme is the Trick or Treat Street Theme! UPDATE!!
Voting is now over, results are in.
We have one day left to vote on a New W-Shop Theme for Halloween. The concept drawings of one piece of each theme are displayed below with a link to the Voting page. It will close Midnight July 25th. The themes are Glampire, which is supposed to represent a Teenaged Vampire's room. Then we have Trick or Treat Street which will have Home Fronts and outdoor furniture. Lastly, the Cauldron Café theme which will cater to witches and Wizards wich will have a lot of weathered and spider webs . I know I like all three and I can't wait to see the concept drawings as the October 1st date for introduction to the W-shop gets closer. Autumn sure looks like it will be fun in Webkinz World.

Webkinz Insider Halloween Room Decorating Contest

It's time to brew up some Halloween Fun with a WebkinzInsider Contest!
Starting today and running until October 31st at 11:59PM US KT, enter your Webkinz Halloween Decorated Room to win one of 3 great prize packs!
Qualified entries must be posted on the thread at this link - WI Halloween Room Decorating Contest
We are looking forward to seeing all your spooktacular entries!  

Happy Halloween! Don't Forget to Log In!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts, where it is already Oct 31, are getting their Halloween special activities. A nice greeting card from your furry friends at Webkinz, is awaiting in your kinzpost inbox.
Here is the Halloween Gift Bag for 2013.There is an announcement screen on login, and your gift bag will be in  your dock if you log in on Halloween Day. This is in kinz time, meaning that you must log in when your account is reading October 31, and not your real life calendar! If you live in North or South America but have an Asian account, log in today for your Gift bag; tomorrow will be too late.
Please do not post the content of the Gift Bag as many of our members like to be surprised. Suffice it to say that there are 2 foods and one item of clothing, all very interesting.
There is a Super Wheel all day to celebrate Halloween.
If  you have not yet completed your collection of candies from Spooky in the Clubhouse, hurry! You can still collect candy every 3 hours and complete your 2013 Jack O'Lantern.

New Halloween Costume Click-to-Win Event on Ganz Parents Club!

For our Webkinz Insider members who still don't have enough Halloween costumes, here is another option. There is a new click-to-win ad in the Ganz Parents Club. The ad is as pictured here, and you will find it at the bottom of random pages in the Ganz Parents Club. Click on it, answer the required fields and a Halloween item of clothing will be deposited in your dock.
If you have had problems with this ad last evening, no worries, it is now fixed and working well.
The possible prizes are very exciting as they include the very rare Purple Vampiress Veil and Shoes. Here is the list of possible prizes according to the Ganz Parents Club:
  • Blue Vogue Vampire Pants
  • Blue Vogue Vampire Top
  • Purple Vampiress Costume Shoes
  • Purple Vampiress Costume Veil
  • Gold Vogue Vampire Belt
  • Purple Wizard Hat
  • Purple Wizard Robe
  • Purple Wizard Shoes
This event will run until Thursday October 31 at 11:59 pm EST and as usual, one prize per account per day.
Please remember that you must be over 18 or have parental permission to visit the Ganz Parents Club.

The Mystery of the 2006 Haunted house Wallpaper!

723-1.png    2686-1.png
Our Webkinz Insider members who are decorating for Halloween have been puzzled - and delighted - to find retired Halloween Wallpaper and Flooring in the W Shop. The Wallpaper currently available for all to purchase in the New section of the W Shop, is the (until now) retired Haunted House Wallpaper, from 2006. Similarly, the Halloween Flooring available in the W Shop is the Haunted Creatures Flooring last seen in 2010. 
Thanks to Steve Webkinz (a senior writer for Webkinz World) on Facebook, we have the solution to this mystery. These retired wallpaper and flooring were put in the W Shop by error, but they will remain there until the maintenance of Oct 30. On Oct 30, they will be replaced by last year's wallpaper and flooring, which were the intended ones all along: the Horrifying Halloween Wallpaper and Flooring.
This is your chance to stock up on these vintage items!

Six Halloween Costumes in the KinzStyle Outlet!

Halloween is only 3 weeks away, and it's time for our Webkinz Insider members to think about getting costumes for their little webbies. PJ Collie has just received 6 costumes in her store, the KinzStyle Outlet Shop.
Three costumes are new this year: they are the Robot Costume and Viking Princess Costume. Both are 3-piece outfits and you can see them above, with prices. These are available for everyone to buy, and extremely cute! A third outfit, new this year, is the Deluxe-only Frog Prince Costume. It consists of the main piece, a green jumpsuit with purple cape called the Frog Prince Costume, 250 KC; Frog Prince Feet, 110 KC and Frog Prince Hat 180 KC.  
Three costumes are repeats from last year, the Ladybug Costume, Shoes and Antenna; the Ghost Hunter Costume and Hat; and the Goblin Costume Top, Pants, Belt and Boots. You can see these items in our WIKI.
Happy shopping! Remember to stock up, as these costumes will disappear shortly after Halloween is over.

Haunted House Theme Arrives in the W Shop!

Webkinz Insider members who enjoy Halloween will be happy to know that the Haunted House Theme is back in the W Shop, with 3 new items.
On the left is the Creepy Ghostfather Clock, which is for Deluxe members only in the W Shop. However, do not despair as everyone can win one FREE by doing your Halloween Is Coming! Challenge (see the icon in your WW room). In the middle is the Mysterious Ooze Chest, which everyone can buy for 700 kc, and which contains 15 items. On the right, the Haunted Toilet is also a Deluxe item, for 620 kc.
All the other Halloween items in the W Shop are repeats from last year and available to everyone. Happy decorating!

Halloween Challenge in Webkinz World!

At the stroke of midnight, the Halloween Challenge appears, as promised by Ganz, in your Webkinz Word accounts. This challenge is named Halloween Is Coming! and will be found on the left-hand side of your screen. If you are not in the habit of doing Challenges, no worries; no prior challenges are necessary before doing this one.
There are 3 levels to this Challenge. The first level has 3 tasks. You will have to wait for Halloween items and costumes to be added to the W Shop and the PJ Outlet during the morning maintenance, before you can pass level one. The prizes will include the Cold Flames Cauldron, the Creepy Grandfather Clock and the Super Spooky Ghost Costume.
Learn all about Webkinz Challenges in our forum and in the WIKI.
The Halloween Is Coming! Challenge runs from Oct 9 to Oct 19.

Rickety Rotten Staircase finally arrives in Webkinz World

Many Webkinz Insider members have been speculating about the arrival of the advertised Rickety Rotten Staircase.
You all will be thrilled to know it is now in the Webkinz World W-Shop. Is it a staircase or is it a slide? Either way your pets are going to have a blast sliding down the railing of this creepy new staircase!

Halloween Items Return to the W Shop!

With last night's update, Halloween items have returned to the W Shop in Webkinz World. Along with several items from the Halloween theme released in 2011, there are two new and spook-tacular items for your pet’s room! The Slimy Sink is sure to find a place in your creepiest room, as will the yucky Green Ooze Puddle!
As it is not even October yet, maybe Webkinz Insider members can look forward to even more bewitching and boo-tifully creepy items to be available in the W Shop during the scary and fun month of October! Happy Haunting, Everyone!  .. muhahahahaha

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