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Ganz Announces Webkinz "Scary Jack O' Lantern" Contest

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsThe Zombie Zangoz Gumball Machine is one of the most unique items Ganz has added to the Ganz eStore this Halloween season.  If you want one but haven't been able to buy it, now is your chance to win one for free.  Ganz has announced that they will be holding a "Scariest Jack O' Lantern Contest" on the Webkinz Newz site from October 17 to October 23.  To enter, create a scary pumpkin and upload a picture to the contest page, HERE.  Five lucky winners will each win a Machine filled with Zombie Zangoz Gumballs.

Ganz Comments on Missing Webkinz Newz Contests *UPDATE*

Originally Submitted by FIA on Sun, 10/09/2011 - 1:28pm, ET.
webkinz cheats
Many Webkinz players have been frustrated by the glitches affecting the two Webkinz Newz Breast Cancer Awareness contests.  Since the beginning of the events, there has been a problem with the system awarding incorrect prizes.  Then, a few days ago, the items to click disappeared, meaning that no players have been able to earn any prizes.
On Saturday, Ganz acknowledged that there is a problem by releasing the following statement.
"We're sorry that the "Molly" and "Week of Pink" contests are currently
unavailable on Webkinz Newz. We'll update you on Tuesday."
Hopefully this means the programmers at Ganz will have everything back up and working soon.
UPDATE (Tuesday, 8:50pm, ET):  Many of you have been asking what the status is of these two contests.  Unfortunately, Ganz did not release any information today.  As soon as there is something new to report, we will bring it to you here.
UPDATE (Wednesday):  Molly is flying again.  Good luck finding her and getting a Pink Prize!
UPDATE (Thursday):  The Pink advertisements have returned to the Parent Club too!

Ganz Announces Webkinz Newz "Spookiest Halloween" Contest

webkinz cheatsHave you ever been scared on Halloween?  If so, what is your spookiest Halloween experience?  If you can come up with a creative 1000 character answer to that question, you might be able to win an eStore Cranky Fortune Teller.  Ganz has announced that they will be holding a contest for this prize from October 10 to October 16 on the Webkinz Newz.  Starting on Monday, players will be able to submit their entires.
Please note that the contest rules, HERE, state that the prizes for the event will be Winged Tees and Zilma Zums.  It appears that Ganz accidentally copied the rules from a previous contest.

Ganz Customer Service Swaps Out Incorrectly Awarded "Pink" Prizes

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsAs we reported to you earlier this week, there is a glitch affecting the two "Pink" contests happening on the Webkinz Newz site right now.  Players who are told that they won the Persephone Plush Doll are being awarded the eStore's Gourd Chair.  Players who are told that they won the new Sweet Superstar Mic are being awarded an MP3 download of the new "I Dream in Pink" song, which is triggered by the Dream in Pink CD Cover.
Today players are reporting that, by contacting Ganz by telephone, they have been able to get some of the incorrectly awarded prizes swapped out on their accounts.  However, exactly what gets swapped out seems to depend on which Customer Service Rep handles the call.  Some Reps will only swap out one prize.  Some Reps will swap out all of the prizes.  Some Reps add in the correct prizes without removing the incorrectly awarded prizes.
If you have been awarded an incorrect prize and would like to try to have it traded for the correct prize, and you are at least 18 years old, you can contact Ganz Customer Service at 1-866-WEB-KINZ * 1-866-932-5469.  For more options for contacting Ganz, please click HERE.

Ganz Announces Contest WInners

webkinz cheats
Ganz has announced the winners of multiple contests!! Webkinz Insiders, if you have been waiting to hear if you are a winner I have quite a list here for you!! To see all the winners and various entries visit Webkinz Newz.
Top 10 Ice Cream Flavors Contest:
Congratulations go to randomly selected winners Linda, Sarah, Sophia, Rachel and Samantha! The top flavour picked was chocolate!! The winners will all receive an Ice Cream Cannon from the Ganz estore.
Summer in the Sun Contest:
The winners of the Lazy River Ride are Morgan, April, Sarah, Ray and Kali for their stories of where the sun would go on vacation.
Campkinz Room Design Contest:
Congratulations to Debbie, Juli, Mary Cathryn, Bea and Joanna on winning a Camping Prize Pack with their CampKinz inspired rooms.
Mystical Mouse Contest:
Kendall, Emily, Megan, Mollie and Kate have each been sent a Secret Code for an eStore exclusive Mystical Mouse! Be sure to visit Webkinz Newz to hear about the Mystical Mouse’s first disastrous show.
Webkinz Guide Contest:
Congratulations to Erin, Abby, Elizabeth, Harry and Mattie on winning a “New Friend” Prize Pack with their guides for newcomers to Webkinz World.

Ganz Announces Cotton Candy Sheep Pink Fashion Contest!

webkinz cheats
Ganz has announced a new pink fashion design contest in Webkinz Newz. All our budding artists and fashion designers will love this contest, especially if they love the color PINK! All you have to do is to send Ganz your drawings of your best pink fashions. The prize will be the eStore Cotton Candy Sheep!
The contest starts Monday October 3 and runs till 11:59pm EST Sunday October 9. The contest is open to all Webkinz World players in Canada and the USA with some exceptions due to local provincial or state laws.
For full details of the contest rules and how to enter, click HERE.
Good luck to all!

Glitches Affect Current Webkinz Newz Pink Contest *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsBased on member reports, there appear to be some unusual glitches affecting the current "Pink" contest on the Webkinz Newz.  Players who are told that they won the Persephone Plush Doll are logging in and discovering the eStore Ghoulish Gourd Chair instead.  Players who are told that they won the Sweet Superstar Mic are logging in and discovering the Dream in Pink CD Cover instead.  The CD Cover, when dragged into a room, triggers an MP3 download of the song.
In other contest news, since the site maintenance on September 26, most players logging on to Webkinz World are no longer greeted with a pop-up message telling them which prizes they have won from the Webkinz Newz.  To see which items they have been awarded, they must scroll through their docks to see what's new.
Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to sort these problems out soon.
UPDATE (Oct 2):  The same glitch is affecting the Molly Pig version of this contest.

Ganz Announces Webkinz Newz Molly Pig Click to Win Event

webkinz cheatsIf you were disappointed in not being able to participate in the Webkinz Newz Parents Club "Love Pink" contest, this next bit of news is for you.  Ganz has announced that from October 2 to October 12 (excluding the 3rd, 8th, and 10th) they will be running a similar event on the regular Webkinz Newz pages.  Instead of looking for an advertisement, players need to keep an eye out for a floating Molly Pig head.  Click on the head to win one of several pink-themed items, including the new Sweet Superstar Mic!

Ganz Announces "If you Love Pink" Contest on Parent Club

webkinz cheats
Ganz has announced another contest on their new site "Ganz Parent Club" , this one in support of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Visit the Parent Club between October 1st and October 8th and enter the Week of Pink contest for a chance to win a random pink prize. Potential prizes available to be won are the Ski In Style Himalayan Cat Figure, Royal Whimsy Dragon Figure, Pink Plaid Kilt, Prettier in Pink Gown, Card Collector Cropped Jacket, Ms. Birdy's Pink Blazer, Trading Card Condo Wallpaper, Persephone Lightbox Poster, Pink Trucker Hat, Persephone Plush Doll, Whimsy Dragon Poster, and the Sweet Superstar Mic, the new item inspired by Nikki Yanofsky's version of I Dream in Pink.
webkinz cheats 
Watch for the above ad throughout the Parent Club, click on it, fill in the fields and a Pink Prize will be added to your WW account. Each day runs from 12:00 AM EST until 11:59 PM EST. Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day. Some prizes are more rare than others.
If you are under the age of 18 please have your parent/legal
guardian enter this contest on your behalf.
The Ads appear to be a little tempermental and it may take multiple tries to get an ad to respond. Hopefully Ganz is working on this issue. Thanks to the many Webkinz Insider members who alerted us to this contest.

Pumpkin Recipe Contest on Ganz Parent Club

Visit the Ganz Parent Club between 12:00 AM EST October 1, 2011 and 11:59 PM EST October 7, 2011 and enter the Pumpkin Recipe Contest for your chance to win a Virtual Midnight Monster. Ganz is looking for tasty Pumpkin recipes. In 1000 characters or less, let Ganz know your favourite Pumpkin Recipe. Get creative Webkinz Insider members! Will it be Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Muffins, Roasted Pumpkin . . . you decide!!
This contest is open to members residing in USA and Canada (some exceptions apply).
If you are under the age of 18 please have your parent/legal
guardian enter this contest on your behalf.

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