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New Contest on Free Realms Insider, Free Starter Cards, Free Station Cash!

Since we're already running the Blue Jays Contest and Kinz Klips contest here on WI, we thought we'd continue the contest news by letting everyone know about the contest we have started on Free Realms Insider! We encourage you to check out FreeRealms, a new Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game from Sony Online Entertainment that's completely free to play at and our new Insider site -- FreeRealmsInsider.Com
Free Realms Station Cash Cards
We're going to start by giving away an starter card (with FREE one month Premium membership to FreeRealms) every day through May 31st, starting today, selected randomly from the list of members that join the forum each day! If you're unfamiliar with Starter Cards, please read our FRI article containing details of Free Realms Starter Cards.
For all of the FreeRealmsInsider members that already have accounts, we're also giving away 2 $5 Wal-Mart Station Cash cards and 1 $10 Target Station Cash card! The Wal-Mart cards give you 500 Station Cash points and includes an exclusive blue ninja hood for your in-game dog! The Target card gives you 1000 Station Cash points and includes an exclusive red pirate hat for your in-game dog!
We're giving away a total of 14 Free Starter Cards and 3 Free Station Cash cards! In order to be eligible to win these great prizes, you simply need to be a member of our Free Realms Forums on Free Realms Insider.  We've added (and learned) lots of great information about Free Realms, and are up to over 1800 members, so Join now!
For those still not on the FreeRealms bandwagon, check out this review from the New York Times --

Webkinz Insider Kicks Off the Summer with a Kinz Klips Contest!

As you all know, this coming Memorial Day weekend marks the un-official start of the Summer season! We couldn't let the Holiday go by without marking it with a celebration, so we decided to give away 2 Monkey Kinz Klips generously donated to us by! We know how rare these Kinz Klips have become, so we're offering everyone on WI a chance to win one.  Everyone had so much fun with the Griffin Emblem Rug Givewaway, we thought we'd keep a similar format going!
Monkey Kinz Klip
Simply respond to this thread, which will be counted as an entry into the contest for the first Monkey Kinz Klip. In order to be entered into the second contest, just make sure that you log in to the forum on Friday, May 22nd, between 7 - 8 PM Eastern Time (6 - 7 Central Time, 4 - 5 Pacific Time).
We'll select 1 random member from all the posts in this thread and 1 random member who logged in between 7-8 Eastern Time as winners! We will reveal the winners of both Kinz Klips on Friday, May 22nd, at 8:15 PM Eastern Time!

Webkinz Newz Contest: Green Shimmer Snake

webkinz cheats
Ganz has announced a new Webkinz Newz contest.  For this contest they want players to submit silly stories explaining why the Green Shimmer Snake doesn't have legs anymore.  Five Lucky winners will receive adoption codes for Green Shimmer Snakes.  Contest entries will be accepted on the Webkinz Newz site ( on May 23rd and 24th.  Don't forget that the official eStore release date for the Green Shimmer Snake is May 27th.

Webkinz Insider Griffin Emblem Rug Giveaway -- Round Two -- Today Only -- 3pm ET!

Some generous members of our Webkinz Forum donated 15 more Griffin Emblem Rugs to WI, so we wanted to make them available to all of you again! We gave away 22 Rugs in our first Griffin Emblem Rug Givewaway so with these 15, it will bring our total to 37!
Webkinz Griffin Emblem Rug
We don't have a special system in place, so we'll make it simple, the same as last time.  All you have to do is be a member of our WebkinzInsider.Com forum and be logged in.  Starting at 3pm American Kinz Time today (May 15th), and (throughout the day) until we all 15 are given away, we will be choosing random online members at random times as winners! Join now if you aren't a member!
We'll update this article with the names of the winners as soon as we choose them! Thank you once again to everyone who donated for giving those who missed out another chance! We started out with 3 this morning and are up to 15 of them, thanks to our members!
Also, don't forget about our contest sponsored by the Toronto Blue Jays, we're giving away two Webkinz Cocker Spaniels with limited edition Blue Jays collars and there's only one week left to enter!
We're all out everyone.  Thanks for making it SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!
Read more to see the winners list
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WI Member Discovers "May Flower" Contest on Webkinz Newz

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member splish-spash for alerting us to a new contest running on the Webkinz Newz site (  He was viewing the site this afternoon when a message popped up that he had spotted a May Flower.  He filled out a form nearly identical to the Griffin Emblem Rug contest entry (click "read more" below) and received a code for a wShop Flowered Room Divider via e-mail.  splish-splash doesn't know what he did to trigger the message.  He doesn't recall seeing anything fly by.
There is nothing on the Webkinz Newz site to indicate that they are running a May Flower contest.  Also, all references to the Griffin Emblem Rug contest (that was scheduled to run today) have been removed from the site.
webkinz cheats
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Webkinz Insider Griffin Emblem Rug Giveaway -- Today Only Starts at 3pm American KT!

Thanks to generous donations from members and the staff, Webkinz Insider would like to make the Griffin Emblem Rugs available to members of our Webkinz Forum! The Webkinz Newz contest was pulled this morning due to technical difficulties and we are unsure as to when the contest will be available again. 
Since most kids were in school when the contest was available (approximately 9am - 11am American Kinz Time), we wanted to give those of you who were at school (or work!) a chance to win one! Of course, we don't have 5,000 of them to give away.  If you have any extras you'd like to donate, please add WIGiftz and send them via KinzPost.
We don't have a special system in place, so we'll make it simple.  All you have to do is be a member of our WebkinzInsider.Com forum and be logged in.  Starting at 3pm American Kinz Time today (May 13th), and until we run out, we will be choosing random online members at random times as winners! Join now if you aren't a member!
We'll update this article with the names of the winners as soon as we choose them, just click "Read More" to see the list! Let's see how many we can give away!! Thank you to all of our generous members and staff, where would we be without you?
Thanks everyone, we're all out!
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Webkinz Newz Griffin Emblem Rug Giveaway Contest Canceled After Only 2 Hours!

Well, it only lasted about 2 hours and our members were able to grab quite a few of the Griffin Emblem Rugs, helping one another figure out the pattern of appearance. Unfortunately, the biggest Webkinz Newz contest to date has been closed and postponed to a later date. Congratulations to everyone who got a code!
Griffin Emblem Rug Contest Closed Due to Technical Difficulties
May 13th, 2009

The Griffin Emblem Rug contest has been closed due to technical difficulties and will be run again at a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Webkinz Newz Contest -- 5000 Griffin Emblem Rugs Giveaway!

Ganz has launched a new contest on and they're giving away 5,000 Griffin Emblem Rugs.  This is by far the biggest prize pool they've ever offered!
 webkinz cheats 
The Contest begins on May 13, 2009 at 9am Eastern Time and ends on May 13, 2009 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.
Visit during the Contest Submission Period and click on the Floating image of a Griffin Emblem Rug to enter the Contest. Please visit their site for complete contest rules. Good Luck Everyone!
UPDATE: It appears that the rugs on WebkinzNewz are already flying and suzeo99 caught one, filled out the form and was awarded the Griffin Emblem Rug!
Free Griffin Rug
More details are emerging.  The rug floats down the left side of the page and if it isn't there when the page first loads, it won't appear like it does in Webkinz World, you have to reload the page! Although it says winners will be chosen within 24 hours, if you don't receive your code within 5 minutes, try again!
Users are also reporting that you can re-use the same e-mail address for additional codes if you happen to see a rug again!
If you get to the form, the answer to the math question is always the same: 4.5

Ganz Announces Winners in Webkinz Newz Mother's Day Contest

webkinz cheats
Ganz has selected the winners of the Webkinz Newz Mother's Day Contest.  Congratulations to Ric, Francie, Stephanie, Jennifer, and Rosalie on designing the winning small kitchens.  Ganz has sent each of them a feature code for a Chef Gazpacho Stove and two Chef Gazpacho Place Settings.  
To view the winning entries, please view the Contest Winners page of the Webkinz Newz (click HERE).
UPDATE:  Congratulations to Webkinz Insider members Newsboys (aka "Jennifer") and Angel Daisy (aka "Francie") on being selected as winners in the contest.
webkinz cheats
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Toronto Blue Jays Partner With WI for Webkinz Day Event + FREE Webkinz Contest!

Toronto Blue Jays LogoWebkinz Insider Logo
We've been working with the Toronto Blue Jays for the past few weeks to help promote their upcoming Webkinz Day event on July 26th, 2009 vs the Tampa Bay Rays! The first 5,000 kids (14 and under) to enter the stadium will get a free Webkinz Cocker Spaniel wearing a limited edition Toronto Blue Jays collar!

The event at Rogers Centre will also be "Dog Day", where fans are permitted to bring their dogs to the game, with a pregame "pet parade" around the field.

Please visit for details on this promotion and other giveaways this season.

Last year's Blue Jay giveaway was a huge success for the Jays, with the largest walkup ticket purchases of the season and fans lined up in the rain to get the giveaway Webkinz! The Ganz family attended the game and threw out the first pitch.

The Toronto Blue Jays are proud to continue the Webkinz giveaways this year as their goal is to provide value, with quality giveaway items. Both players and Blue Jays personnel's children have and play with Webkinz every day and all want their own custom Blue Jays collar for their own Webkinz pets!

We're thrilled that the Blue Jays have chosen WebkinzInsider.Com to help promote the event. We are excited to announce that we're hosting a contest to give away 2 Webkinz Cocker Spaniels, with the limited edition Blue Jays collars!
All you have to do is be a member of the Webkinz Insider forums and answer the multiple choice trivia question in our Official Contest thread:
 Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of MLB Advanced Media, L.P. All rights reserved.

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