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Santakinz Photo Gallery Project Returns For December 2014

Santakinz has returned to the club house once again, and with his return marks the launch of the Santakinz Photo Gallery Project.  Each year, members on WI work together to update the Photo Gallery with Santakinz photos with individual Webkinz Pets.  The Gallery is one of many projects taken on throughout the year to help create a database of Webkinz information and guides for our members via the WIki.
There are many pets still missing from the gallery, and you can help by simply visiting Santakinz and sharing the picture for everyone to see.  For those looking to participate more information can be found on the Santakinz Photo Project thread, or by visiting our WIki HERE. 
Thanks to all of our members for their continued work on this unique project!

Santakinz Choice Items from 2012 and 2013 Will Become Kinzpostable!

Holidayhamstersnowglobe.png  Gooberholidayplush.png  Whitechristmascenterpiece.png
When you visit Santakinz in the Webkinz World Clubhouse and sit on his lap, you can choose one of the presents that Santa will bring you on Christmas morning. You choose from among 3 items, and your choice is found in the Holiday Gift Box.
Last year in 2012, you could choose one from the three items shown above: the Holiday Hamster Snow Globe, the Goober Holiday Plush or the White Christmas Centerpiece. However, contrarily to previous years, these 3 items are NOT KINZPOSTABLE. This year's 3 choice items, the Pink Rocking Horse, Doug Holiday Plush and Wacky Christmas Gnome Lantern, are also non-kinzpostable.
But in a move full of Christmas spirit, Webkinz Newz has announced that these 6 items will be made kinzpostable early in the new year 2014. All other items from the Christmas and Holiday Gift Bags prior to 2012 have always been kinzpostable.  Click HERE to see all previous Gifts.
Thank you Ganz for granting us this wish!

Christmas Gift Boxes Arrive in Asian Accounts!

Our Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts - where it is already December 25 - are seeing this announcement on login. If you have an Asian account but live in North America, you must log into WW when it is Dec 25 in Kinz time in order to receive your gift. If you are in the North American Eastern time zone (EST), this is between 10am today Dec 24 until 10am on the morning of Dec 25 only. The same principle applies to European accounts.
Don't forget to log in to receive your Christmas Gift Box! There is also a Super Wheel on Dec 25, and it is the last day to visit Ms Birdy in the Clubhouse to get your Green Festive Sweater.
Please do not reveal the content of your Gift Box (not even in a spoiler) since many members enjoy the surprise of unwrapping their gift. You can see the Gift Boxes of past Christmases by clicking HERE.

Webkinz Newz Toy Train Glitch Fixed!

Did a Mistletoe Mouse adoption Gift Box mysteriously appear in your dock (shown above on the left)?
Are you missing the Wood Toy Train from the Webkinz Newz Countdown to Christmas event (shown above on the right)?
On December 22 there was a floaty clicky of a Wood Toy Train in Webkinz Newz. When you clicked on this toy train, the item that went into your Webkinz World dock was not the toy train but the Mistletoe Mouse Gift Box. When you tried to drag this Gift Box into your WW room to open it, you got logged out of your Webkinz World account. You cannot open the Gift Box and it remains in your dock. This problem was described in our Glitch Report HERE.
Good news! all these problems will be fixed. The Mistletoe Mouse Gift Box will be changed to a Wood Toy Train in early 2014; just leave it in your dock in the meantimes. In addition, there will be an extra day added to the Christmas Countdown event in Webkinz Newz, on Thursday December 26. The Wood Toy Train will be floating again for those of you who missed it.

Candy Cane Collection Event in Webkinz World!

It's now December and Christmas preparations are in full swing, starting with the Candy Cane Collection. If you liked the previous collection events where you have to ask your friends for various items, you will like this one. As shown above, click on the Candy Cane icon in the lower right-hand corner of your Webkinz room to get started. Every day you can ask 10 friends for candy canes, although only the first 5 will count. You get an extra one each day, just for logging in and clicking on the icon. There are also extra candy canes to be had on Webkinz Newz or if you have a Deluxe account.
The prizes are as follows:
  • 10 candy canes: Green Mint Cocoa
  • 20 candy canes: Green Festive Holiday Wreath
  • 30 candy canes: Snow Belle Dress
  • 40 candy canes: Candy Cane Couch
  • 50 candy canes: Santakinz Sleigh Ride
The Candy Cane Collection event in Webkinz Word starts today and you have until December 31 to complete it.

Virtual Images for the Gingerbread Puppy!

Webkinz Newz is giving us a sneak peek at the Gingerbread Puppy! This will be a virtual-only pet, the seasonal offering for the Christmas season 2013. It is not yet known how or when this pet will be available, but the Ganz eStore is a strong possibility.
Here you can see the Gingerbread's online avatar, the Gift Box, the PSI and PSF. The Pet Specific Item is the Gingerbread Bed, and the Pet Special Food is the Gingersnap Pie.
Our Webkinz Insider members will remember that there used to be a Sweets N Treats room Theme, which was a pretty good match for this new pet. Hopefully you have already acquired these items, which you can see in our WIKI; you can still buy them from Arte in the Curio Shop. The Sweets N Treats theme was introduced to the W Shop in February 2007 and was suddenly retired to the Curio Shop in May 2013.
UPDATE: We now know that this adorable Gingerbread Puppy will be arriving in the eStore on December 7th. Not only that but starting on December 11th you can expect to see the Gingerbread Puppy on your Kinzville Map in Webkinz World. Click on him and you will be awarded Kinzcash!

Christmas Carol Theme Returns to W Shop!

With Wednesday's maintenance, the Halloween items have left the Webkinz W Shop, and the Christmas Carol Theme has returned!
In addition to quite a few repeats from previous years, we have four new items seen here from left to right: Town Square Music Stand, Festive Winter Sapling, Elegant Menorah, and one Deluxe-only item, the Christmas Caroler Gazebo.
It's interesting to note that the Town Square Music Stand and the Festive Winter Sapling will go in all four types of rooms: Indoors, Outdoors, Treetop and Underwater. The Elegant Menorah will go only in Indoor rooms; it is an animated item and the candles should begin to light up, one per day, starting on November 27. 
The holiday items are usually added in two installments, so watch for more additions on the next maintenance Wednesday. Happy shopping!

2012 Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas Announced on WKN! *UPDATE*

With snow in our yards, Santakinz in the Clubhouse, Holiday Challenges and festive Click-to-Wins, it really is beginning to feel like the most wonderful time of the year! To add to the holiday fun, another Webkinz World Christmas tradition begins on December 14th! Webkinz Newz has announced the coming of the long awaited 2012 Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas event! 
Webkinz Insider members will want to take their kinz to  the clubhouse each day until December 25th to receive a special gift! Ms. Birdy will be in residence to award a daily gift to all the kinz who pop into the Clubhouse during the 12 days of Christmas to wish her Happy Holidays! Once your webbie has collected all twelve gifts, they will receive a special badge for their My Page collection!
To view the lovely gifts awarded during the 2011 Countdown to Christmas event, visit our WIki! ... Happy Holidays, Ms Birdy! .. and to all the excited kinz as well! 
UPDATE: Ms Birdy is in the Clubhouse in the Asian accounts Santakinz Room for the beginning of Christmas Countdown! It has begun! Merry Christmas!
NA account holders should expect to see Ms Birdy in the Santakinz Room after midnight KT!

2012 Happy Holidays Challenge Coming to Webkinz World!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go in Webkinz World! Just in time for the festive season, a new Happy Holidays Challenge will be coming to Webkinz World on December 1st! Get ready to decorate and sing Christmas carols! 
Webkinz Insider members will be able to win several prizes including this amazing Kinzville Christmas Tree for your map by completing the tasks set in the challenge!
So, be sure to be on the lookout for the Happy Holidays Challenge icon on your Webkinz World map on December 1st! You will have until the first of January to complete your holiday tasks and win the grand prize!
To view the prizes that were awarded during the 2011 Happy Holidays Challenge and the tasks that were required to win them, be sure to have a look at our WIki!

Gallery of Santakinz Pictures Returns for Christmas 2011

Originally Submitted by FIA on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 1:18pm, ET.
Santakinz has returned to Webkinz World!  Now is the time to take your Webkinz to the Clubhouse to sit on Santakinz' lab and to tell him what they want for Christmas.  As many of you know, after your Webkinz returns home, he/she will receive a message via KinzPost that contains a picture of your pet sitting on Santakinz' lap.  
In 2009 and 2010, Webkinz Insider members collected these pictures to create the Gallery of Santakinz Pictures.  This gallery contains a picture of every pet that exists in Webkinz World sitting on Santakinz' lap.  Well, at least it did at the end of last year.  Many, many Webkinz were added to Webkinz World in 2011, and we need YOUR HELP to fill in the gallery.   
Before you go to visit Santakinz, please take a moment to review the pictures in the gallery, HERE.  If you own a pet that is not pictured, please take that pet to the Clubhouse.  Then, when you receive the picture by KinzPost, take a screen shot for the gallery.  Remember, only one pet per account is allowed to go see Santakinz, so choose your pet carefully.
For assistance in uploading your picture to Webkinz Insider, please visit the Santakinz Gallery Project thread, located HERE, in the WIki Discussion area of the forum.  Thank you to everyone for your help!
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