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Webkinz Insider and the Struggles we are having!

As you could not help but notice, Webkinz Insider is really struggling right now.
We all have been aware that the hardware and software that Webkinz Insider uses is very outdated. Justin has been kind enough to apply band-aids whenever he could and has managed to keep us limping along thus far. Unfortunately, the site is really failing at this point and there is not much that can be done for it.
We have had a good ride thus far. WI has given members lifelong friendships, a sense of community, a safe place!
I would like to thank Justin for his years long dedication to this site. Rather than let it go, he kept it going for the WI community. I cannot imagine, on the day he and Kevin (Wendy) had a dream and created WI back in March 2007, that he had any idea of what Webkinz Insider would quickly turn into. The official launch date of Webkinz Insider was March 23, 2007.
We have had a fantastic run and countless good times! Our WIKI has always been second to none and our Gift Exchange was once the place to go to get the the most coveted Webkinz World treasures. I remember when you could not even keep up on the games threads and especially on the Chat Threads.
At this point we need to treat each day like it may be the last day for Webkinz Insider. Make sure you contact your good friends. Make sure you are up to date on your click to wins. Thank members who's contributions over the years have benefited you. Read some old posts for nostalgia's sake. Grab some screen shots.
I will keep you updated with any news here, if I am able.

Winterfest 2020 - January 1st until January 12th

Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW!!! Winterfest 2020 will be running in Webkinz World from January 1, 2020 until January 12, 2020. Winterfest 2020 is all about the Adventure Scouts. Be sure to log in each day and search for the falling Snowflakes. Click on the Snowflakes to win Winterfest prizes. There is a limit of 3 prizes per day for free members, 5 for full members and 7 for deluxe members. See the prizes below:
You will also be able to purchase Winterfest Cookies in the estore.
When you drag a box of cookies into your pets room the cookies will be added to your dock. When you feed your pet a Winterfest Cookie you will win a special Winterfest cookie prize and have a chance at the Adventure Scouts Snowmobile grand prize.
For the entire month of January there will also be an Adventure Scouts 3 Part Winterfest Challenge. The prizes can be seen here on the left. Prizes will be awarded after you complete each section of the challenge. The Grand Prize, upon completing all sections, is the Snowy Wallpaper. You will want to feed your pet Adventure Trail Mix so they are up for this challenge. You have a chance to win the Trail Mix by clicking snowflakes and by visiting the Adventure Scouts leader, Sophie Stockwell in the Adventure Scouts Clubhouse room. Just click on Sophie once each day to be awarded a pack of Adventure Trail Mix.
You will find the Adventure Scouts Challenge icon displayed on the left side of your screen (web only).

Wishing All Our Members a Very Special Holiday Season!

May you and your family enjoy all the warmth this season has to offer.
Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you happiness, may it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year.
Have a Wonderful Holiday and a New Year filled with joy.

Warm Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving

This special day is more than the festivities. It is a time to reflect upon the lessons we have learnt and how we can share our fortunes and spread happiness. It is a time to look back at all the great memories and good people who came into our lives.
We at Webkinz Insider wish a bountiful Thanksgiving Day to you and your loved ones.
Now dig in!!

The Haunted Reading Room Returns

Once again the Haunted Reading Room has returned to the Webkinz World Clubhouse.
This scary event will run from October 20th until October 31st. Put on your best costume and join in the hunt for the ghost.
When you click on the ghost you will receive a candy. You can collect candy from the ghost every 6 hours. Do not be a scaredy cat because once you have collected all 12 candies you will win a Halloween themed grand prize.
Happy Haunting!! May the ghost be with you.     
REMINDER: Do not forget to log into Webkinz World on October 31st to spin the Halloween Super Wheel and to receive your 2019 Halloween Treat Bag. The 2019 Halloween Treat Bag will be automatically awarded to your Dock. When you drag it into your room, your 3 Halloween prizes will be added to your Dock.
Have a safe and spooky Halloween!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our canadian members

Wishing you a bountiful harvest of blessings, good health, and happy memories. May you enjoy a grand feast and the loving company of your family. From our family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving!
Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving / Action de grâce the second Monday in October. The date has moved around several times, but in 1957, the government settled on October. This date lined up with the completion of the Canadian Harvest and is just early enough to beat the cold winter weather.

Jack-O-Lantern Floaty Clicky in Webkinz World starts October 14

Are you looking for Halloween Costume pieces that you have missed in the past? From October 14th until October 31st there will be floating Jack-O-Lanterns in Webkinz World. When you click on a Jack-O-Lantern, a Halloween Costume piece will be added to your Webkinz World Account. Free players are limited to 1 costume piece a day, 2 for full players and 3 for Deluxe Members.
There are 32 different Halloween Costumes to collected but remember you will only get a singular costume piece, not the entire outfit. You can find the floating Jack-O-Lanterns on Webkinz and on the Webkinz Mobile App.
Below are all of the costumes that are available to be won:

And Speaking of Halloween Costumes . . .

Halloween is just around the corner. There will be Pumpkin carving, ghost hunting, and best of all there will be Trick or Treating. Are your pets ready for the big night? If you haven't yet, then drop by the Kinz Style Outlet to check out the new costumes for 2019!
Your pets will not be able to resist the NEW Deluxe Sea Monster Costume.
They will love the NEW Adventure Scout Costume which is available for everyone!
And back from last year are the Baby Costume and the Hazard Suit Costume. Please stop by our WIKI to see Halloween items from years past.
It is time to stock up because these costumes will only be available until midnight (EST), November 19th , 2019. You will find them in the NEW section of the outlet. Here at Webkinz Insider we witch you a Happy Halloween.

Today, October 13th is Player Appreciation Day

As the spookiest day of the year approaches we are all busy thinking about the costumes our pet are going to wear.
Lucky for us, today, Sunday, October 13th is Player Appreciation Day and when you log into Webkinz World a Green Witch Halloween Hat will be added to your dock.
You do not want to miss out on this fashionable find so make sure you hurry on over to Webkinz World to get yours! The Green Witch Halloween Hat is Sendable, Sellable and Tradeable.

Sneak Peek of the October 2019 Peek-A-Newz Challenge

This October, during the October Peek-A-Newz Challenge, the Patchwork Cat will be popping up on Webkinz Newz and you will not want to miss out on these spooky prizes. There are two new items available to be found - the Forst Green Window and the Rose Zircon Glasses.
From October 1st until October 31st head on over to the events page on Webkinz Newz and find the Patchwork Cat October Peek-A-Newz Challenge. After entering the campaign you will need to search Webkinz Newz until you find the Patchwork Cat five times. After entering your information a 2019 WKN October Gift Box will be added to your Webkinz World account. When you open the gift you will be awarded a random gift from the October 2019 gift pool.There is one prize per Webkinz World account per day.

Fall Fest 2019 coming to Webkinz World

Fall has arrived and that means it is time for Fall Fest in Webkinz World. Fall Fest runs from September 23 until September 30. Each day look for Floating Leaves in Webkinz World, click on these leaves to win fall themed prizes. Regular mambers can catch up to 6 leaves per day and Deluxe Members can catch up to 9 leaves.
Pictured here are the prizes that you can win this year when clicking on the floating leaves. If you would like to see what Fall Fest Prizes have been available in past years be sure to visit our WIKI.
Harvest Pizza (Decoration)
Fall Fest Watercolor Painting
Garter Snake Toy
Fall Fest Floor Tile
Fall Fest Window
Freshly Picked Pumpkin
Veggie Garden Fence
Growing Gardens Snow Pea Seeds
Growing Gardens Hot Pepper Seeds
Growing Gardens Cucumber Seeds

Acorn Event Running all through September

It's that time again!! It's September and it's time to gather those Acorns for the long winter ahead! Every day in September we will be collecting acorns from our friends. Go to your Kinzville map and grab that Free Acorn FIRST (Two if you are Deluxe) then request from your friends. You will be able to get 5 more from your friends and also there is one floating around Webkinz Newz. There is no limit on the turns you take getting the items, just make sure you give yourself enough time to finish the collection. There are some really nice items this year. Be sure to check out our WIki for past years' events.
 read more »

Webkinz Game Grand Grotto released

Previously we released some news about a game that our pets were asking for but didn't seem to exist; Grand Grotto. We are pleased to announce that Webkinz has released this game for play in the arcade. However, it is a Deluxe only game. It can be accessed through the web and Desktop app versions, only at this time. The idea behind the game is to get the water flowing through 50 levels by breaking gems and when you get to the end you win a Trophy. After you have finished the game, you can go back through and play any level you wish, again. There is only one trophy per account and it is not a Kinzpostable item. So you can take your time earning it.

Super School Giveaway starts August 26 - September 20

Summer is coming to an end and that means School will soon be in session. This also means it's time for the Webkinz Super School Giveaway!! This year they have several new pieces of clothing to add to the list, including a flute, cymbals, trombone and new Kinzville Academy uniforms! Be sure to log in every day to get your new items and some old favorites. Catch the floating School bus for an extra bonus piece. This can be done on Mobile, Desktop App or one the Website. Check out the schedule below for details and check our WIki for past years prizes.

Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy Challenge

The Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy Challenge will begin Monday, August 19th and run until Sunday, August 25th. There will be a challenge icon in your room with 3 tasks that you’ll need to complete before midnight KT, August 25th (EST) to earn the Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy. Don't leave it till the last day. You will need at least 3 days for the Wishing Well wishes.
  1. Earn 200 KinzCash playing Zingoz Pie Throw in the Arcade
  2.  Make 15 Wishes Playing Wishing Well 2 in the Arcade
  3.  Feed your pet 10 pieces of Cherry Pie from the WShop
This is a Deluxe member challenge. For more information on Deluxe Memberships, starting as low as .99 for the first month for first timers, check out the Ganz estore for the details.

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