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WEBKINZ GOSSIP: Arte Considering Career as Rapper

Our gossip hounds have sniffed out tantalizing evidence that Arte Fact, owner of Arte's Curio Shop, is considering selling his iconic business to pursue a career as a rapper. It seems a person with the screen name "A_Fact" has been frequenting real estate message boards, looking for advice about selling "an unusual business!"

Adding to the intrigue is a demo CD that recently surfaced. The CD matches exotic instrumentation with the vocal stylings of none other than Arte Fact, rapping about his archaeological exploits! On a song called The Arte Effect, he sings:

"When exploring ancient ruins, yo I never get lost,
'Cuz you know I used to roll with Lara Croft.
I'm a tomb raider, an antiquities trader.
You better buy it now, 'cuz I might not have it later."

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BREAKING NEWS: New Recipe Books & New Job in Webkinz World -- WI Uncovers an Error!!

Checking the news this morning, we noticed the announcement of a returning "easy" Webkinz Job at the Employment office. It's called the Newz Delivery job, and, according to the news announcement was brought back into Webkinz World due to its popularity! The job is very similar to the old arcade game "Paperboy", but does take a little getting used to, as some of our staff has had trouble with the job in their first tries!

Next, some members in the forum pointed out two new Webkinz recipe books for sale in the W-Shop: The Way of the Blender and One With the Sandwich. Some members of the staff purchased these books from the W Shop, excited to try the new recipes, hoping that they would be some of the "new" recipes that Webkinz.Com had announced over the summer!

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Webkinz Crafty Critterz Section - Hosted by Kimmy the Koala

Kimmy the Koala has all kinds of things for you to do in the new Crafty Critterz section. To get to this section click on the link from the main page.

Once inside the Crafty Critterz section there are four main areas:

  1. Crafts
  2. Recipes
  3. Party Ideas
  4. Gallery

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NEWSFLASH: Real Pets Around the World Uniting Against Webkinz

Associated Press
Mamaroneck, NY

A golden retriever, whose name has not been released by authorities, is being held for questioning after allegedly attacking a retired Webkinz Pegasus. There are no other suspects at this time, and the golden retriever isn't talking.

The brutal act was photographed by an amateur photographer who happened to be walking downstairs in his apartment when the horrific attack took place.


"I heard the vicious animal growling and barking, took a few steps down the stairs and peeked over the railing and ended up turning around and hiding in the corner. I bravely snuck out of the corner and took a picture... I'm still shaking... It was awful!" says Justin.

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Webkinz Recipes We'll (Hopefully) Never See

Okay, so we know that Webkinz can cook up some pretty outrageous foodstuffs with some pretty outrageous ingredients. I guess I'm okay with it, since it's all just virtual food (although I still feel disclaimers would be helpful; something to the effect of, "No actual cheesecake was harmed in the making of this Blustagush"). Even so, there are certain lines that should not be crossed. Let us hope that the following recipes never see the light of day.

Double Cat Gagger
Appliance: Stove
Ingredients: Asparagus, Tabasco Sauce, Hair
If the spicy, slimy asparagus doesn't make your 'kinz gag, the hair will!

Appliance: Stove
Ingredients: French Fries, Strawberries, Abnormal Brain
Before you serve this to your guests, make sure you've hidden your torches and pitchforks.

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Webkinz Mouse Pads officially announced in Webkinz World

We know that all you "Insiders" have known about the Webkinz mouse pads for quite some time now, but they've been officially announced in Webkinz World!

This means that they should be appearing at both online retailers and your local stores any day now. They come in 4 styles: Webkinz Country Living Mouse Pad, Webkinz Hanging at the Pad Mouse Pad, Webkinz It's a Jungle Out There Mouse Pad, and Webkinz Spin the Wheel of WOW Mouse Pad.


According to the announcement, the code on your mouse pad will get you a picture in your room that matches your mouse pad.

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BREAKING NEWS: Ganz Announces Webkinz Pet of the Month Program!!!

We've just received official word and confirmation that Ganz is introducing a Pet of the Month program in Webkinz World. According to the documentation, adopting the Pet of the Month in that month will give members special gifts, extra Kinz Cash and new special Pet of the Month virtual items!!!

The Pet of the Month items are exclusive and cannot be purchased or won, other than by registering a Pet of the Month during that month!!

The program is going to start in about 6 weeks, on October 1st. Each month, the pet will change.

Ganz plans to announce each month's Pet of the Month in Webkinz World, as well as the current Pet of the Month, most likely through the virtual catalog. You can purchase the Pet of the Month in advance, but you must register the pet by entering the code once the new month begins!

Also, if you purchase and try to register a pet that is going to be the next Pet of the Month, a warning message will appear, asking you if you'd like to wait! Great thinking!

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Breaking News: Webkinz Virtual Charm Locations SOLVED by WI members!

For the past couple of weeks, one of our very own members, Dogsdigholes, has been hard at work collecting data on locations of virtual charms in the Webkinz Charm Forest to see if there was a pattern to their locations, similar to the gem locations in the Gem Hunt. Today it looks like her hard work may have paid off!

Another one of WI's members, Bert_X, was able to take the data collected and, by creating a spreadsheet of the information, discover that there is indeed a pattern to where they are located.

The trick isn't where to look, but more accurately, where NOT to look. There are four paths in the charm forest, and each row of charms can be found in three of the paths, but NOT on the fourth path.

Here's a guide that explains it all.


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