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Caring Valley Planter's Handbook Available in wShop! *UPDATE*

Thanks to mashley and Dash for making us aware that there's a new Caring Valley Planter's Handbook for sale in the wShop.  The new book is an introduction to the Caring Valley in Webkinz World.  As many of you know, the Caring Valley will be activated by the codes from the new Caring Valley Webkinz that will be available at retailers soon.


UPDATE:  The Caring Valley Planter's Handbook has been removed from the wShop.


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According to the new book, each Caring Valley code that you enter earns you a seedling that you can choose to plant anywhere in the Caring Valley.   Each area is designated to different charities and Ganz will make Webkinz Foundation donations based on your selections.  Once you have planted 4 saplings, you will be awarded an Enchanted Tree, which can be customized to your own liking.  These trees can be placed in your yard or treetop room, and the it appears that the type of tree that you receive will change on a monthly basis.


If you'd like to see all the pages in the book, now that it's not available at the wShop, visit mashley's thread for pictures of all the pages in the

4 New Exclusives Added, 4 Older Exclusives Retired

With the unexpected maintenance this morning, it looks like Ganz added a few more items to Webkinz World. Thanks to webfamily and Kinz Queen for letting us know that one of the areas that seems to have gotten attention is the exclusives! We've got 4 new ones now in Webkinz World and they look great! Each one costs 15 tokens in the Wish Factory, and you have a chance to get them with your adoptions.


Giant Gift BoxWebkinz Day CountdownBumper CarRunning Shoe Racer


The Giant Gift Box is a storage container.  The Webkinz Day Countdown board goes on your wall and counts down the number of days until Webkinz Day.  We assume that once Webkinz Day comes this year, it will start the count over.  Unfortunately, the balloons in the graphic disappear when it is hung on a wall. Both the Bumper Car and the Running Shoe Racer vehicles can be driven.  It's great to see 4 exclusives added all at once!


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UPDATE: We've just been been notified that the introduction of these 4 new exclusives has brought 4 older exclusives into retirement.  The Gold Safe, Neon Plant, Windmill and Stoplight Lamp are retired and no longer available in the Wish Factory or as exclusive adoption bonuses.


Also, those of you who have been hanging on to your Wish Tokens for a rainy day will be pleased to hear that Ganz has lowered the Token value of several Exclusive items from 15 Wish Tokens to 12 Wish Tokens.  They are the Ambulance, Antique Fashion Mirror, Antique Lamp Post, Back Country Outhouse, Dancing Zingoz, Dex Dangerous Space Fighter, Elephant Fountain, Farm Tractor, Giant Feather Chair, Giant Sandwich Table, Haunted Painting, Wading Pool, and Webkinz Theme Music Box.

New Pets! Webkinz Violetwing Butterfly and Spring Celebration Bunny!

Thanks to Dixiecup for pointing out that Ganz updated Kinzville Newz this morning! They've added a preview of the new eStore exclusive pet the Webkinz Violetwing Butterfly! They are hosting a contest where you can win a free Violetwing Butterfly with a creative writing submission about the Vernyl Equinox running from March 21st to March 22nd.


Here are pictures of the virtual pet, gift box, PSI (Winged Window) and PSF (Flutter Nutter Pie).


Webkinz Violetwing ButterflyWebkinz Violetwing Butterfly Gift BoxWinged WindowFlutter Nutter Pie


What they didn't show you was this! We've also discovered that Ganz has another virtual only pet coming to the eStore and it appears to be a seasonal pet for Easter -- the Spring Celebration Bunny! Here are pictures of the virtual pet, gift box, PSI (Exquisite Egg Chair) and PSF (Pastel Pancakes).


Webkinz Spring Celebration BunnyWebkinz Spring Celebration Bunny Gift BoxExquisite Egg ChairPastel Pancakes


Both of these can be found in our Webkinz - PSI & PSF section at the top of any page on WI, along with the gift boxes, PSIs and PSFs for nearly all of the upcoming Webkinz!

Virtual Images of Webkinz Guinea Pig + First Adoption!!

Everyone on the site has been clamoring for more details on the new Webkinz Guinea Pig! It's rumored to be a "store exclusive Webkinz", which we've learned means that Ganz is shipping these only to selected retail chains for the first 60 days, after which all retailers will be able to sell them.  In this case, we're to understand that the Guinea Pig is exclusive to Justice.  We wanted to show everyone the confirmed and verified virtual images of the Webkinz Guinea Pig, complete with Gift Box, PSI (Hidey House Lounger) and PSF (Petite Pellet Palette)!



Virtual Webkinz Guinea PigWebkinz Guinea Pig Gift BoxHidey House LoungerPetite Pellet Palette
UPDATE: You may all remember what started the Guinea Pig frenzy -- one of our members, AnthonysMommy, bought a pair of Webkinz Guinea Pigs at a local Justice store! She decided to give it a try and to adopt one of the Guinea Pigs, which she named "Bean".  She was able to adopt it, however a glitch in the adoption caused her to not receive the PSI.  Congratulations to AnthonysMommy on being the first WI member to adopt the Webkinz Guinea Pig!
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New Advertisements Added to Webkinz World

Shortly after Midnight EST new ads started popping up in Webkinz World announcing a new contest to be held at the Webkinz Newz ( site.  The "Click for Details" portion is not yet working, and the Webkinz Newz site has not yet been updated.  Hopefully we will be able to bring you complete information on this contest in the morning.  They are hosting a contest where you can win a free Violetwing Butterfly with a creative writing submission about the Vernyl Equinox running from March 21st to March 22nd.  See the Webkinz Newz site for complete details.


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Also after Midnight EST, new ads for the Webkinz Cares Lil Kinz started appearing.  It looks like Walgreens is preparing for a sale.  Again, the "Click for Details" link is not working.  Hopefully this will be corrected in the morning.   The "details" link is now working. Walgreens is having a 2 for $10 sale from March 22nd to March 28th.


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Webkinz Wednesday @ eStore, March 18th + Phoenix News!

It's Webkinz Wednesday at the Webkinz eStore ( and the Phoenix is for sale.


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UPDATE: Thanks to Dixiecup for letting us know that the Webkinz Phoenix PSI can now be placed in Treetop rooms.  It can also be placed indoors, but cannot be placed in your outdoor yards.


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Ganz Announces Pot of Gold Contest Winners


Congratulations to Webkinz players Emilee, Carrie, Paul, Allison, and Rachael on being selected as winners in Ganz' Pot of Gold story contest.  Each one of them has been awarded a feature code for an exclusive Rainbow Coffee Table.  Their winning entires can be read on the Webkinz Newz site:


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WI Feature Reminder: Webkinz PSI & PSF Listing

Have you checked out Webkinz Insider's Webkinz PSI & PSF listing?  If you haven't taken a look at it lately, you might be surprised.  Recently reformatted, and fully up-to-date, this section of the site contains the latest PSI and PSF information on Future Pets as well as information on all previous Webkinz releases.  You can view this list by clicking on the option in the forum's menu bar (as pictured below) or by following this link:


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