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Webkinz Customers Wonder: Is it safe to adopt?

We here at Webkinz Insider have been flooded with questions this morning from members who want to know if it is safe to adopt a new Webkinz to their accounts or not. Ganz has not yet made an official statement regarding this problem, so the only thing we have to go on is the reports that come in from our members.  As of this morning, we are still getting reports of members being totally locked out of their accounts following new adoptions.  We are also getting a number of reports from members who were able to adopt new Webkinz to their accounts without any problems at all.  We have not been able to figure out why some accounts are affected by the glitch and others are not.  


Whatever you decide regarding new adoptions on your account, it is worth noting that Ganz Customer Service is closed for the weekend.  The office should re-open on Monday morning.  Telephone: 1-866-WEBKINZ * 1-866-932-5469


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Super Sunday at the Webkinz eStore, March 8th

Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Sunday, March 8th:

  • Webkinz:  Purple Floral Fox, Tinkerpup
  • Exclusives:  Bounding Big Top Cannon, Circus Dresser, Circus Spotlight, Big Ple of KinzCash Bed
  • Charm Codes:  Black Lab, Plumpy, Black & White Cat, Polar Bear


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What Happened to the "Release Notes"? *UPDATE*

With Webkinz World being shut down for so much time over the past few days, many of our members have come up with suggestions and ideas for what Ganz could be doing to make this time easier on their customers.  The number one request that has been popping up is that Ganz would do a better job of informing their customers about what is going on.  Webkinz Insider member gma2r put it this way:


I wish there was some official word from Ganz as to what we can expect. I am not sitting around waiting for the site to come would be respectful of them to let us know more then we do now.  --gma2r


The fact is that Ganz does have a way of passing this information on to us.  Back on November 1st, 2008, Ganz created a special area on the Webkinz Newz site called "Release Notes" that was made specifically to keep the customers informed:


Release Notes will have a list of recent changes to Webkinz World, such as bug fixes and updates. Look for these articles to find out what we’ve been working on.  --Ganz


Unfortunately, over the past four months, Ganz has only updated that section twice, once on December 1st and once on December 18th.  With so many glitches to the system currently pending, hopefully Ganz will take the time to update the Release Note section and let us know what is going on.


UPDATE, March 18th 2009:  We are pleased to report that Ganz has updated the Release Notes section of the Webkinz Newz site.  Click HERE to check out the latest fixed glitches in Webkinz World.  Hopefully this is a sign that Ganz plans to keep it's customers more informed in the future regarding problems with the site and their fixes.

Webkinz World Down for Maintenance

Webkinz World is down for maintenance again.  Anyone attempting to log on right now is getting the "server upgrade" message.  Hopefully this means the programmers at Ganz have a solution to the glitches caused by Wednesday's system update and that everything will be back to normal soon.  In addition to the "server upgrade" message, a number of members reported getting messages that said their passwords were incorrect, even though they weren't.  If you receive a password error message today, and you know you are typing your password correctly, please do not attempt to reset your password.  That message is probably just a glitch related to the server maintenance.


UPDATE:  As of 2:50pm EST, Webkinz World is back up!


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Daylight Savings and Webkinz World, Time to Spring Forward

For most of our members, it's time for Daylight Savings to begin.  This means we have to set our clocks forward by one hour on Saturday night, and get a little bit less sleep on Sunday morning.  There have been many questions in the forum today about how this change will affect KinzTime.  KinzTime is affected by Daylight Savings and will also be adjusted by one hour.  This will most likely take place during the evening maintenance and you shouldn't notice any change.  Keep in mind that DST starts at 2am, not Midnight.  



Now, for our members who live in areas that do not change their clocks for Daylight Savings, like Saskatchewan, you will notice a difference on Sunday morning.  Just like how the areas around you change their clocks, KinzTime will change too.  This just means you will need to adjust your math a little bit when you figure out what time the Daily Activities you want to do will be available.  Of course, this is probably something all of you are used to by now.


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(Image created by Paul Eggbert, Wikimedia Commons)

Surprise Saturday at the Webkinz eStore, March 7th

Ganz has announced that the following items will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Surprise Saturday, March 7th:


  • Webkinz:  Purple Floral Fox
  • Exclusives:  Skater Kat Replica, Bounding Big Top Cannon, Circus Spotlight, Big Pile of KinzCash Bed
  • Charm Codes:  Black Lab, Plumpy


The Bounding Big Top Cannon is being sold for the very first time today.  It is part of the Circus Theme, which is exclusive to the Webkinz eStore.  


The Skater Kat Replica is a copy of the famous Skater Kat Skateboard Trophy, from the retired Skater Kat arcade game.  Unlike the original, this item cannot be traded or sent via KinzPost.  Ganz has officially stated that "this replica will be availalbe for one day only, this year."  


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UPDATE:  Only one Skater Kat Skateboard can be purchased per eStore account, and the Skateboard will not be available again at the eStore in 2009.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider EXOTERIC for these pictures from her account.  And, thank you to jagular for this picture of her new Cannon in action.


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Adoption Problems Continue in Webkinz World

We wish we had better news to bring you on this topic, but unfortunately, it looks like the adoption glitch has not been corrected in Webkinz World.  Although we have been getting a handful of reports from members who have been able to process a successful adoptions today, the majority of the reports we have been getting are from members who are totally locked out of their accounts.  Although Ganz has not yet made a public statement to let customers know what is going on, most of the customer service representatives are advising callers to not adopt any new animals right now.  Webkinz Insider member CHRISBILL had the following conversation with a Ganz customer service representative moments ago:


"I was adopting my second pet for the day...and I got locked out again. I called the Tech and she said they were still having problems with adoptions and DO NOT adopt any pets AT ALL [because] there will be no one in the office all weekend but try on Monday when there will be someone in the office. So if you adopt a pet after reading this you take the risk of NOT getting into your account at all over the weekend. She had to reset mine and I can't log into my account until tomorrow morning. If it gets stuck you better call today or you won't be getting in until Monday...The phone number to call is 1-866-932-5469. DO NOT push the #2 option. Push the 0 (ZERO) and keep pushing the 0 (ZERO) until you get a human."  --CHRISBILL


Telephone: 1-866-WEBKINZ * 1-866-932-5469

WI Discovers Webkinz Jack Russell Terrier, Zebra, Blue Googles!

To follow up our earlier story, here's more exclusive, verified images of what we believe to be the May releases into Webkinz World.  The rumors are true -- there's a Blue Googles coming to Webkinz World! Along with the Webkinz Blue Googles are the Webkinz Jack Russell Terrier and Webkinz Zebra! Unfortunately, we've only been able to verify the virtual image for the Jack Russell and have just the plush images for the others.  Enjoy!


Webkinz Zebrawebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats


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