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Prize: Birthstone Flooring

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BREAKING NEWS: Pearlipat Solved!!

Congratulations to WI recipe slueth Achip on yet another recipe solved!  Pearlipat is created on the stove using Fish Sticks, Pear and Salad.

Special thanks to our entire group of recipe solvers on WI who continue to work diligently on solving all Webkinz World Secret Recipes.  There are still some out there to be uncovered.  Join the fun in our Recipez Section here.
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BREAKING NEWS: Fixichini Solved!

Congratulations to WebkinzInsider member hptigerlily, assisted by 149pokemon, for solving a recipe!  This would be the second recipe this mother-son team has solved.  Last year, 149pokemon solved Megachinewich (mom helped too ;)).  Unfortunately, at this point, we're not sure which new recipe this team has solved this time around. 

UPDATE: It appears the graphics have been fixed and the recipe is now loading.  Congrats to these two for solving Fixichini!!

By combining Macaroni and Cheese, Peanuts and Pretzels on the stove*, hptigerlily got the following result:

*Additional note: the empty plate graphic can only be achieved by using the Master Grill.  All other stoves produce an endless spinning graphic.

The recipe now seems to be working on all stoves.

If you recall, last week, WI reported that dfish285 solved a recipe, however the name and graphic were missing.  Ganz programmers resolved the glitch and it was revealed the recipe was for the recently released Twistifish Fondue.

It appears the same glitch is occurred with this recipe as well.

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WI NEWS: Valentine's Contest on Feb 13th and 14th

Valentine's Day is almost here and that means it's time for WI's next contest.

This year we're giving away three Seasonal Valentine items from the Webkinz eStore. Have you had your eye on Cupid's Shimmering Spring? Do you have a spot picked out for the Sweetheart Symphony Piano? Or do you have a Love Dino name all ready to go? Then be sure to stop by our Contest section on February 13th and 14th for complete contest details.

Click the image to open in full size.

Contest #1: Candy Heart Match Up
Friday only, will close at 11:59pm EST on February 13th.
Prizes: 1 Cupid's Shimmering Spring code & 1 Sweetheart Symphony Piano code
Two winners will be announced on Saturday, February 14th.
Full contest details will be announced at the time the contest is posted.

Contest #2: Lucky Love Dino Post
Saturday only, will close at 11:59pm EST on February 14th.
Prize: 1 Love Dino code
One winner will be announced on Sunday, February 15th.
Full contest details will be announced at the time the contest is posted.  read more »

BREAKING NEWS: WI Member Gets Member of The Day Trophy!

Congratulation to elianacat from our Webkinz Forum on acquiring the Member of the Day Trophy in Webkinz World! As you may remember, the Member of the Day Trophy is awarded once a day to random members in Webkinz World who have set up their "MyPages".  

Elianacat didn't actually receive the trophy from Ganz, but instead managed to trade for it in the Webkinz World trade room! Here are the very first in-game pictures of this very rare trophy!

Webkinz World Member of the Day Trophy             Member of the Day Trophy Dock

For those who haven't set up they "MyPage" yet, log in to Webkinz World and set it up, as you may be one of the lucky ones who is awarded the trophy randomly! If you're looking for ideas or help on setting it up, visit the new MyPage section of our forum.  read more »

eSTORE NEWS: Super Sunday, February 8th 2009

Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Sunday, February 8th, 2009.
  • Seasonal: Love Dino, Cupid's Shimmering Spring, Sweetheart Symphony Piano
  • Webkinz:  Blossom Fish
  • Exclusives:  Flower Power Sectional Set, Flower Power Expansion, High End Counter, Kinz Coaster, Minnow Cove, Circus Bleacers, Circus Organ Grinder, Museum Dinosaur
  • Charm Codes:  Black Lab, Monkey, Ms. Birdy
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BREAKING NEWS: New WW Account Creation Updated for International Customers

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member jdvk for calling our attention to the new account creation options in Webkinz World.  It appears that Ganz has updated the process to make it more user friendly for customers living outside of the US and Canada.  For customers living inside the US and Canada, and for those who already have a pet code, there is little change.  These customers are either directed to Ms. Birdy in the Adoption Center or to a searchable list of American and Canadian Webkinz retailers.

Customers living outside of the US and Canada who do not yet have a pet code are now directed to the Webkinz eStore where they can purchase a pet code online, without the plushie.  As many of you know, international customers have different options in the Webkinz eStore than American and Canadian customers.  They can purchase pet codes throughout the week, and on Saturdays and Sundays they can even purchase figurine codes.  The Webkinz eStore allows customers who may not have access to Webkinz plushie retailers to buy codes and get into the game.

         webkinz cheats
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BREAKING NEWS: WI Member Solves Poppaballoo

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member AChip on solving the recipe for Poppaballoo.  This is AChip's seventh solved recipe!

Poppaballoo is made on the Stove using Eggs, Ginger Ale, and Strawberry Yogurt.

Thank you to monkeecj and the other dedicated WI Chefs who worked to solve this recipe.  This truly was a team effort!

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BREAKING NEWS: WI Member Creates MyPage Badge Guide

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Elephantboy42 and his "team" for collecting and organizing pictures of all known MyPage Badges along with explanations of what you have to do to earn each one.  Twenty-nine different badges have been identified so far:  some you start out with automatically, some are for the pets on your account, some are for your accomplishements in Webkinz World, and the rest, well, you'll just have to check out the guide to see.  Elephantboy42's thread can be found here:

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