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Holiday Special at the Webkinz eStore, March 16th & 17th

Ganz is celebrating St. Patrick's Day a little early at the Webkinz eStore (  Today, Monday, March 16th, several "green" items are for sale:  the Floral Fox, Modern Windmill, Rewind Retro Sectional Set, and Rewind Retro Sectioinal Expansion.


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Ganz has announced that the Floral Fox will also be for sale tomorrow, on St. Patrick's Day itself.  There is no word yet on what other items might be available on Tuesday.


UPDATE:  For Tuesday, March 17th, the exact same items that were for sale on Monday are for sale again.

WI Introduces "Insider Insider" Premium Subscriptions and Donations!

First, I want to let everyone know that the subscriptions and donations are completely optional. If you do not choose to subscribe or donate, none of your current access or privileges will change and you will still be able to enjoy WI for free, as you always have!


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I finally had the courage to put the system up and let things start running! Cross your fingers, everyone!


As the state of our economy continues to deteriorate, ad revenues are declining as well. As such, we are forced to find other revenue streams to fund WebkinzInsider.Com and keep it free!


Shortly after the completion of our donation program for Philip, I decided that a complete overhaul of the donations system was necessary to automate the badge awards. Wendy & I also discussed premium subscriptions to WI, which would give "Insider Insiders" a number of upgrades, including the ability that many have asked for -- disabling all ads on the forum!


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If you would like to simply donate to WI, you can find the link to donate in the navbar on any forum page. In order to become an "Insider Insider" subcriber, you click "Paid Subscriptions" near the bottom of your UserCP menu or click here: Insider Insider Paid Subscriptions


Details for the "Insider Insider" subscription program can be found here: Insider Insider Subscription FAQs

Details for our "W Supporter" donations can be found here: Donation FAQs


It's taken almost a year for me to put the finishing touches on the premium forum subscriptions and donations system and... here goes nothing!

Super Sunday at the Webkinz eStore, March 15th *UPDATE*


Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Sunday, March 15th:


  • Webkinz:  Floral Fox, Blossom Fish
  • Exclusives:  Minnow Cove, Jelly Bean Plant Seeds, Circus Dining Room, Table, Flower Power Sofa Set, Flower Power Expansion
  • Charm Codes:  Chihuahua, Poncho, Elephant, Pug


Sadly, it looks like we are going to have to wait a bit longer for the Playland Ball Pool that Ganz had said was going to be for sale on Saturday.  Many of our members have expressed interest in purchasing this item, but it wasn't posted for sale.  We will just have to wait and see when Ganz decides to offer it for sale.


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UPDATE:  Just like yesterday, the items for sale in the eStore are not the items Ganz announced would be for sale on their official website, Webkinz Newz.  The Bounding Big Top Cannon, which was not announced, is for sale.  Also, the Chihuahua and Poncho charm codes that were supposed to be for sale aren't, but the Black Lab and Plumpy charm codes, which were not announced, are.  There is still no sign of the Playland Ball Pool.

Surprise Saturday at the Webkinz eStore, March 14th *UPDATE*

Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Saturday, March 14th:


  • Webkinz:  Floral Fox
  • Exclusives:  Playland Ball Pool, Jelly Bean Plant Seeds, Flower Power Sofa Set, Flower Power Expansion, Circus Dining Room Table
  • Charm Codes:  Chihuahua, Poncho


The Playland Ball Pool is a brand new item.


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UPDATE:  It looks like Ganz changed their mind on what items they were going to offer for sale at the Webkinz eStore today.  Despite what was posted on Ganz' official news site, Webkinz Newz, the Playland Ball Pool is not for sale.  Instead, the Bounding Big Top Cannon, which was sold for the first time last weekend, is for sale again.  In addition to the charms mentioned on Ganz' News site, the Black Lab and Plumpy charms are also for sale.


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And, when the eStore was updated at Midnight, something unexpected happened.  Instead of just adding Surprise Saturday to the side menu, a few other items were added.  None of the links work, but Super Sunday, Holiday Specials - St Patrick's Day, and Webkinz Jr options became visible.  Does this mean the eStore will have a special sale on Tuesday?  Based on the new advertisement running on the eStore, it certainly appears so.  Does this mean that Webkinz Jr codes will be coming to the eStore?  For that, we'll just have to wait and see.


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WI Confirms Yummy Tummy Tumbler is a Valid Blender Recipe!

In my conversation with the Creative Director, I decided to ask him a question completely unrelated to the adoption and HHH issues in Webkinz World -- is Yummytummy Tumbler in the system?


For those who aren't aware, Yummytummy Tumbler was introduced into Webkinz World on August 5th, 2007.  It has proven to be the most elusive recipe to date and our recipe wizards are stumped -- so much so that many assumed that it hadn't been programmed into Webkinz World.


I tried my best to squeeze the recipe out of him, but was unsuccessful.  What I did get, though, was confirmation that the recipe is in the system and is definitely a blender recipe.


Yummytummy Tumbler Webkinz Recipe Blender


For those that want to help our dedicated recipe solvers, here is the Yummytummy Tumbler thread, which has over 3,000 posts and 100,000 views -- Yummytummy Tumbler - August 5th, 2007


I'd also like to remind everyone about our great recipe guide and cookbook tool here on Webkinz Insider.  All 160 recipes in Webkinz World are listed, 157 solved and 3 unsolved.  Go ahead and take a look or print yourself a copy -- Webkinz Recipes in our Webkinz Insider Cookbook!

Webkinz Insider Member Confirms Guinea Pig Rumor

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member AnthonysMommy we can now confirm that the rumor about the release of a Webkinz Guinea Pig is true.  She was able to purchase "Charlie" and "Bean" at her local Justice store this morning.  The employees at Justice told her that the Guinea Pig is going to be exclusive to Justice/Limited Too stores for a couple of months.  The plushies should be available at other types of stores starting in June.


Unfortunately, we can't show you any in-game images of the Guinea Pigs or tell you what the Pet Specific Item or Pet Special Food are.  When AnthonysMommy attempted to adopt one of the Guinea Pigs she was totally locked out of her account.  It seems likely that, just like with the Arctic Fox, these plushies weren't scheduled to be released yet, and therefore they have not been programmed in the Webkinz World system.  


UPDATE:  AnthonysMommy spoke with a Ganz customer service representative who was able to fix her account so she can log on again.  The rep. confirmed that the programming for the Guinea Pigs has not yet been added to Webkinz World. 



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Webkinz World Adoption Issues Resolved!

Thanks to ergoiam for bringing our attention to the latest bulletin on Kinzville Newz.  We are happy to report that it is now safe to adopt new Webkinz in Webkinz World again, and that Ms. Birdy wasn't laid off during the past week of lower adoption numbers! Ganz has officially stated that the problem has been fixed and that most accounts that were locked out have also been fixed.  


Ms Birdy Webkinz Adoption Center


For those who are still locked out, Ganz requests that you notify them through one of two forms so they can fix your affected account:

Webkinz Insider Member Confirms Arctic Fox Rumor

For several weeks rumors have been swirling around the internet regarding the possible release of a Webkinz Arctic Fox.  Thanks to Webkinz Insider member FrogKissingLady we can now confirm that this rumor is true.  Her local Hallmark contacted her today to let her know that they had received their shipment of the plushies.  FrogKissingLady was able to stop by the store to "visit" with with her Fox and take pictures, but she was not able to purchase him.  The Arctic Foxes are not scheduled for official release until March 19th and the store can't sell them before that date.  FrogKissingLady is looking forward to being able to bring "Alopex" home soon.


UPDATE:  Thank you to our friends at Ameriwade ( we can bring you a little bit more information on this new Webkinz.  Hallmark stores are going to have an exclusive selling this new plushie for the first 60 days.  After that, other retailers will have the option to order and sell the Fox.  There are going to be more exclusive Webkinz in the future, but there is no confirmed word yet on what the plushies will be or on what stores will get them.


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