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New Arctic Fox Advertisement in Webkinz World


Shortly after Midnight on Monday morning, an advertisement for the Webkinz Arctic Fox started appearing in Webkinz World.  This ad confirms what was already known about the Fox regarding its exclusive release to Hallmark stores, its Pet Specific Item, and its Pet Special Food.  However, there is some question regarding the release date for non-Hallmark retailers.  Employees at the store level are indicating that the Fox will be released to other stores starting this Summer, but the Webkinz World ad says they will be released to other stores starting this Winter.  


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New Product Summary: Kinz Klips, Signature Series, Caring Valley

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Earlier this month Ganz announced that they are releasing three brand new product lines for Webkinz World in April 2009.  They are Kinz Klips, Signature Series, and Caring Valley.  Because there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what the feature codes for these items will unlock in Webkinz World, here is a quick summary:


Kinz Klips.  These little key-chain like Webkinz come with a code that will unlock a new area of the Magical Forest called "Zumwhere".  In this feature, members search for and collect "Zums" to win virtual prizes.  So far there are six different Klips:  Penguin, Monkey, Panda, Whimsy Dragon, Kangaroo, and Chihuahua.  Click HERE for more info.


Signature Series.  First there were Webkinz pets, then there were Lil Kinz pets, now there are Webkinz Signature pets.  Just like the other types of Webkinz, these plushies come with a code that can be used to adopt them in Webkinz World.  With the adoption, members will get a Wish Token, an "eStore-quality pet specific item", and an exclusive item from the new Signature Theme.  April's pet is the Signature Panda.  May's Pet is the Signature Chimpanzee.  Click HERE for more info.


Caring Valley.  Just like with the wCares Lil Kinz, these Webkinz will come with a special tag and code.  This code will unlock a new area called "The Caring Valley".  For each code entered, members will receive four trees that they can plant, and care for, in the valley.  Also like the wCares pets, part of the proceeds from the sale of these plushies will go to support the Webkinz Foundation, a Ganz charity.  So far the Webkinz Panda is the only pet involved in this program.  UPDATE:  Ganz has announced that Caring Valley Poodles will also be released.  Click HERE for more info.

Super Sunday at the Webkinz eStore, March 22nd


Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Sunday, March 22nd:


  • Webkinz:  Purple Floral Fox, Bubblegumasaurus
  • Exclusives:  Giant Chair, Fountain of WOW, Alchemist's Stove, Atomic Lamp, Circus Organ Grinder
  • Charm Codes:  Golden Retriever, Tree Frog, Googles, Unicorn


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After we updated yesterday's front page story with the information that more than one Webkinz can sit on the new Giant Chair, just like the Santakinz' Christmas Chair, we started getting a lot of questions on how to make that work.  Here's how you do it:  Put one pet in the chair.  Then, select a second pet and bring it over to the chair.  With your chair turned facing the same way as the chair in the picture below, move your pointer so that the red cursor box is surrounding the gifts.  Then, without moving the cursor box, click.  Your pet should hop on to the arm of the chair.  Here you can see "Fluffy" and "Go Go" playing in their Christmas room.  (NOTE:  If your chair is turned facing the other way, click on the square behind the presents.)


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Coming Soon! WebkinzInsider's 2nd Birthday Bash on March 23rd!

As the old saying goes, time sure flies when you're having fun! It's hard for Justin and me to believe that in just a couple of days WI will be celebrating its second birthday.  We certainly couldn't let the day pass by without giving away some fantastic prizes to the members that have contributed to our success. 


On Monday, March 23, 2009 at 8:00 pm EST, we will be giving away TWO Webkinz Dragons courtesy of our friends at our partner store  They have donated one Whimsy Dragon and one Emperor Dragon.  Winners will be selected randomly from all members who are online at that time, so make sure to be here!




In addition, on Monday we will also be giving away some of Webkinz World's most coveted items, a Red Lava Lamp and a Blue Dragster!  Visit us on Monday for details on how to enter the drawing to win.


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And finally, as our Grand Prizes, we will be giving away TWO Annual Premium Memberships to WebkinzInsider.  Two lucky winners will obtain the many additional benefits offered by this program, including viewing the site ad free and increased private message, avatar and signature capability.  Don't worry, if you have already purchased an Annual Premium Membership you are still eligible to win!  More details on our Premium Membership program can be found HERE.


Be sure to check back on Monday for details on how to win the memberships and virtual items!  And be here at 8:00 pm EST on Monday night for a chance to win a Webkinz Dragon!

Possible New Webkinz Item Discovered on Trading Card

 Thank you to Webkinz Insider member biophilia for sharing this picture with us of one of her Series 4 Trading Cards.  It appears to be a statue of Alyssa, the fairy, surrounded by small pink flowers.  Is this sticker an indication that Ganz is planning on adding a new fairy item to Webkinz World?  If/when Ganz releases any information, we'll let you know.


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Surprise Saturday at the Webkinz eStore, March 21st

Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be available at the Webkinz eStore ( on Saturday, March 21st:

  • Webkinz:  Purple Floral Fox
  • Exclusives:  Giant Chair (new item), Fountain of WOW, Alchemist's Stove, Atomic Lamp
  • Charm Codes:  Golden Retriever, Tree Frog


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They have also announced that the new Webkinz Violetwing Butterfly will debut at the Webkinz eStore on Wednesday, March 25th.  Click HERE to see video of the Butterfly in action.  Members visiting the Clubhouse this weekend just might spot one flying by.


UPDATE: Many of you have been wondering how "giant" the Giant Chair is.  Thanks to mootooyou from our forum, we have a great picture of the chair and it is definitely giant!  And thank you to papergirl63 for showing us that more than one pet can sit on the chair.  Just like with the Santakinz' Christmas Chair (seasonal Christmas item), there's room on the arms too!


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Ganz Confirms May 2009 Webkinz: Blue Googles, Budgie, Jack Russell, Zebra, Signature Chimpanzee

Ganz has officially announced that the Webkinz Blue Googles, Lil Kinz Budgie, Webkinz Jack Russell, and Webkinz Zebra we told you about last week are going to be released in May 2009.  They have also confirmed what many of us have been suspecting, that the next Signature Pet will be the Signature Chimpanzee.  Here are the plushie and virtual pictures of all the May 2009 releases.


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Signature Series Exclusive Items Revealed

Thank you to our friends at Ameriwade ( we can bring you confirmed images of the Signature Series Exclusive items.  One of these prizes will be randomly awarded for each Signature Series adoption.  You can read more about the Signature Series of Plushies by clicking here:  Ganz Introduces "Signature Series".


The names of these items are Lavish Limo, Regal Rug, Signature Sofa, Dignified Drape Window, Stately Bookshelf, Fashionable Fireplace, Masterful Wardrobe, Dignified Dreams Bed, Stately Dining Table, and Stately Dining Chair.


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Thank you to our partner store Ameriwade ( for keeping us informed of all the latest breaking Webkinz news.  Ameriwade features some of the lowest Webkinz prices on the internet and has $5 flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada.

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