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BREAKING NEWS: Rabbit Eared TV Glitch Fixed

The programmers at Ganz have fixed the Rabbit Eared TV (Rabbit Pet Specific Item) glitch.  All of the television sets are working again. 


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BREAKING NEWS: Ganz Reformats Arcade Main Page

 The main page of the Webkinz Arcade has a new look.  The "High Score" box, which hadn't been updated with any new scores for several months, has been removed.  A new title graphic has been added in that space.


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BREAKING NEWS: Bullfrogs Missing from Webkinz World

As many of you Bullfrog owners have noticed this morning, there is a problem with the Bullfrogs in Webkinz World.  It seems like they have all disappeared.  The Bullfrog graphics are missing from the dock and from the "My Pets" page.  Also, rooms containing Bullfrogs are totally inaccessable.  Trying to enter a room containing a Bullfrog causes the Webkinz World system to lock up.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to correct this glitch soon.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member labcatb for these pictures from her account.


UPDATE:  Thank you to all of the Bullfrog owners who let us know this glitch is now fixed. 


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BREAKING NEWS: Second Half of Movie Theatre Theme Added to wShop

Several new items have been added to the wShop's "Movie Magic" theme:  Concession Stand Back Counter, Concession Stand Front Counter, Condiment Stand, Ticket Booth, Usher Statue, and Movie Theatre Lamp.



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BREAKING NEWS: New Superbed & New Features

Following the unexpected server maintenance on Wedesday night Ganz announced that a brand new Super Bed has been added Webkinz World. This bed is called the Theater Stage Bed.  


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Also, according to the Webkinz World newspaper, the Bingoz game has been modified to only allow five coupons to be used per game.  This means you can't stock up on 80+ coupons to guarantee a win anymore.  


And a new feature has been added that should make dressing your Webkinz even easier.  According to the article the clothes "stay with your pet" and you won't have to go looking for their clothes in storage.



BREAKING NEWS: WebkinzInsider.Com Changes Front Page!

With the countless problems that we've been experiencing over the past few days in regards to our Content Management Software, I have decided to migrate to a different system. I had always considered moving and the security holes in the old software package forced me to switch much sooner than I had wanted.


The new software is integrated into the forums, so comments on the articles will be threads in our forums. This means that you must register for our forums in order to be able to comment. This protects everyone, as we will have much more control over the comments will be able to moderate them quickly!


Unfortunately, not being ready for the migration means that it's not as pretty as I want it to be. I just want to assure all of you that it will look much better when it is finished and I sure have a lot of work to do!


Thanks to everyone for their patience, helpfulness, and understanding through the past few days when I tried to diagnose and fix the problem!! Here's to a newer, better WI!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Booger Gets an "A" Glitch

As many of you have noticed, there seems to be a glitch in the Booger Gets an "A" Webkinz Arcade game.  Our resident gaming expert commodore took a look at the game and this is what she found:

I haven't played BGAA for months, so I decided to play a few games this evening and I have discovered there is a glitch.

The report cards are filling faster than we are earning them. This happened twice out of a few games. I finished one game and exited out at Level 8 or 9 (got my 6 tick marks + 2 or 3 extra tick marks). Then started a new game by clicking REPLAY and as you can see from the pictures at Level 4 the 6 tick marks have been achieved! And then on another game, I got all 6 tick marks at Level 5!

There is some debate as to whether or not this is affecting the odds of winning a trophy in the game.  Trophies are awarded randomly to players who get checks in all six boxes during the game.  The more times you fill in your report card, the more chances you have at getting a trophy.  There are some indications that the check marks that have not been "earned" may not count toward the total of six. 

Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will get this glitch sorted out soon.
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Webkinz Newz Sneak Peeks Mystical Panda and Phoenix

For weeks now, we've been hearing about the Mystical Panda. Today, Webkinz Newz provided a glance of this upcoming rare pet which will be available in packs of Series 4 Trading Cards.  The cards are expected to be available in stores in March 2009.

Here is a look at the Mystical Panda along with its PSI, the Sun's Embrace Bed and its PSF, Star Shimmers.

A new contest was announced on Webkinz Newz as well.  Enter the Best Dressed Pet contest for your chance to win a brand new eStore pet, the Phoenix!  Here is a look at this new pet along with its PSI and PSF, the Pyre Nest Bed and Papyrus Papayas respectively.  Please visit the Webkinz Newz site for complete contest details (

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