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WI Member Adopts Webkinz Lemur, Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member sandilight on being the first member to adopt both the Webkinz Ring Tailed Lemur and the Lil' Kinz Polka Back Fish!


The Webkinz Lemur comes with the Leaping Lemur Trampoline PSI and the Toasted Grub Sub PSF, shown below.  Matching its looks, the trampoline fits right in to the Treetop room!


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Virtual Webkinz Ring Tailed Lemur Webkinz Ring Tailed Lemur Gift Box Webkinz Ring Tailed Lemur PSI - Leaping Lemur TrampolineWebkinz Ring Tailed Lemur PSI - Toasted Grub Sub


The Lil' Kinz Polka Back Fish comes with the Friendly Anemone Stove PSI and the Polka Dot Donut Bits PSF.  Both of these pets are from the new Webkinz being added to Webkinz World in April 2009.


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Virtual Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish Gift Box Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish PSI - Friendly Anemone Stove Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish PSI - Polka Dot Donut Bits

Webkinz World Maintenance Scheduled for Tonight/Tomorrow!

According to Kinzville Newz, the maintenance originally scheduled for last night in Webkinz World has been rescheduled for tonight, or perhaps the original message seen yesterday was referring to tonight! It appears the the eStore will be affected, as well, but they are extending the Surprise Saturday availability to make up for it. Usually when they schedule downtimes like this, significant changes are implemented.  Could this be the addition of "Zumwhere"?


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We are performing some important maintenance this weekend — both the Webkinz eStore and Webkinz World may be affected. The expected downtime is between 11pm EST on Friday, March 27 until 6am EST on Saturday, March 28. Actual downtime may vary - please be patient if the site is not back up immediately.

How does this affect the eStore? The Surprise Saturday line-up will be delayed, but the items will be available longer to make up for the time.
In other eStore news, have you been wondering what eStore points are? That question will be answered once we finish updating the eStore on April 1st. The update will interrupt our usual Webkinz Wednesday, but it will be extended until Thursday, and will include some additional products. We’ve got some exciting changes coming, so stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for more information. 

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Boston Terrier Webkinz

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member fumble99 on her adoption of a Webkinz Boston Terrier.  Here you can see "Rock Star" posing with his Pet Specific Item the Puppy Collar Clock.  The Pet Special food for the Boston Terrier is Boston Baked Bones.  The Boston Terrier is one of the new Webkinz scheduled for April 2009 release.

Webkinz World Maintenance Announced for Thursday/Friday *UPDATE*

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The Webkinz World Log-In screen has been updated with a message indicating that Webkinz World will be closed for maintenance from 11:00pm EST on Thursday night to 6:00am EST on Friday morning.  So, you Night Owls, Early Birds, and those in other time zones may need to adjust your playing schedule tonight.  And, of course, everyone is welcome to come to Webkinz Insider to hang out, pass the time, and find out about the latest updates when Webkinz World comes back up.


UPDATE:  The maintenance message has been removed from the Log-In screen.  At this point, we are not certain if Ganz posted the message by mistake, if they have decided to cancel the maintenance, or if maintenance will still happen.  We will just have to wait and see what, if anything, they do next.

Webkinz Stickers to Be Released for May 2009

Thank you to our friends at Ameriwade ( we can now confirm that Ganz will be releasing Wekinz stickers for May 2009.  There will be four different packages to choose from (Dogs, Farm, Jungle, Zingoz) and each package will contain two sheets of stickers.  Also, each pack will come with a feature code that can be used to unlock new virtual KinzPost stickers in Webkinz World.


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Thank you to our partner store Ameriwade ( for keeping us informed of all the latest breaking Webkinz news.  Ameriwade features some of the lowest Webkinz prices on the internet and has $5 flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada.  The stickers are currently available for pre-order here:

WI Confirms May Caring Valley Pet, June Pet of the Month, Webkinz Stickers Rumor

Thanks to Robert from Ameriwade.Com for bringing us breaking news about Ganz's selection for the May Caring Valley Webkinz and the June Pet of the Month!


According to his source, the May Caring Valley Webkinz will be the Poodle and the June Pet of the Month will be the Webkinz Pink Pony.  Remember, a Caring Valley Webkinz comes with a special "Caring Valley" tag, while regular Webkinz qualify for the Pet of the Month program. 


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In addition to this information, Robert's told us that there may be Webkinz stickers coming soon, as well.  We don't have any details at this point, but I think we can all safely assume that they will come with codes to be entered into Webkinz World! 

Webkinz Newz Announces New Springtime Celebration Bunny Contest

A new decorating contest has been announced on Webkinz Newz!  Decorate a small room using yellow furniture and decorations from the W Shop for your chance to win a Springtime Celebration Bunny, an eStore pet!



The contest opens March 28th and ends on the 29th and is open to most residents of the US and Canada (yup, looks like you're out again if you live in Quebec, New York or Florida).  For complete details see the Contest page on Webkinz Newz.  Good luck to all of our WI members!!

Eight eStore Exclusives to be Leaving eStore's "Regular Collection"

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Ganz has posted an announcement on the Webkinz eStore website that eight eStore exclusive items will be leaving the "regular collection" at the eStore soon.  Regular Collection exclusives are those that are sold at the eStore every day of the week.  Does this mean that these items will continue to show up for Surprise Saturdays, Super Sundays, and other Holiday events?  The announcement doesn't specifiy.  Either way, if you want to pick up one of these items for your account, now is the time.  We don't know if/when these items will be available for sale again.  Thank you to WI member aibowers for pointing out the announcement.


The eight items are the Mini Yeti Forest, Pond with Fountain, Aquamarine Butterfly Tree, Moving Statue, Modular Sofa set, Modular Sofa expansion, Blast Off Rocket Bed, and Picnic Basket Bed

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