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Webkinz Jr. Plushies Arrive in Stores

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider member jessicabarnhart for sharing this picture with us of the Webkinz Jr. Pink Puppy she purchased today.  Here you can see it sitting next to a Webkinz Alley Cat.  Although Webkinz Jr. adoption codes have been available at the Ganz eStore ( for about a week now, this is the first report we have had of a member being able to purchase a plushie. 
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Webkinz and Webkinz Jr. are NOT the same thing.  Webkinz adoption codes can only be used on and Webkinz Jr. adoption codes can only be used on  Although these two products have similar names, they are each a part of two totally different programs.  To learn more about Webkinz Jr. you can visit the new Webkinz Jr. website, or, you can visit the Webkinz Jr. section of our forum to discuss this product with our members:
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Celebrating Spring in Webkinz World

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It's time to Celebrate Spring in Webkinz World.  As many of you have noticed, today's Daily Activities started bright and early at 9am KT this morning instead of at the usual 4pm for weekdays.  It looks like we will have a week of all-day activities leading up to Easter on Sunday, April 12th.
Last year, Ganz ran a "Spring Fest" on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Easter weekend.  During last year's event, colored Easter eggs floated randomly by in Webkinz World and players who clicked on a egg won some Chocolate Eggs to feed to their Webkinz.  Could Ganz be planning on running a similar event this year?
And, of course, on Sunday, don't forget to visit Webkinz World to receive your special Spring-themed gift.  Last year's gift contained Chocolate Eggs, Spring Celebration Shoes, and a wShop Tulip Planter.

New Contest Coming to Webkinz Newz Site

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Ganz has revealed that a new contest will be coming to the Webkinz Newz site ( soon.  We don't yet know the contest details, but according to Ganz, it "is going to appeal to fans of Chef Gazpacho".  

Ganz Reveals Pictures of New KinzKlips

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When Ganz first announced that they was releasing a line of "KinzKlips" they showed us pictures of six Klips:  Monkey, Panda, Whimsy Dragon, Kangaroo, Penguin, and Chihuahua.  Thanks to some new advertisements running in Webkinz World, we now have pictures of two new Klips:  Dalmatian and Cocker Spaniel.  There is no word yet from Ganz on when these two new Klips might be available for sale.

Super Sunday at the Ganz eStore, April 5th

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Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Ganz eStore ( on Sunday, April 5th:
  • Webkinz:  Springtime Celebration Bunny, Grey Wolf
  • Exclusives:  Easter Basket Fridge, Springtime Speedster, Playland Ball Pool, KinzCoaster (decorative item only), Circus Bleachers
  • Charm Codes:  Magic W, White Terrier, Monkey, Wishing Well
NOTE:  The KinzCoaster is a decorative item only.  It is animated, but your Webkinz cannot ride in it.  It is NOT the same thing as the Rollercoaster, which is a prize for Deluxe Annual Single memberships.  

Caring Valley Prizes Identified

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Thank you to our members, we have been able to identify five new prizes that have been added to Webkinz World as part of the Caring Valley feature:  Caring Sights Window, Caring Valley Cake, Caring Valley Candle, Caring Valley Poster, and Lovely Caring Bouquet.  In addition to the new items, several of the items from the wCares feature have been renamed and are now part of the Caring Valley too.  The wCares Plush Bear is now the Webkinz Foundation Plush Bear.  The wCares Television is now the Caring and Sharing Television.  And, the wCares Armoire is now the Fun to Care Armoire.  
In addition to the prizes that come with the Caring Valley feature code, each customer gets a special tree that can be displayed in their Webkinz' home.  Each month a different tree will be available.  For April, the tree is the Fairy Forest Tree.  For May it will be the Flowering Fringe Tree, and for June it will be the Magic Maple.  The top, trunk, and base of each tree can be customized before it is placed in a room.  Once the tree design has been set, it cannot be changed.  WI member EXOTERIC has created a thread showing every possible design combination for the April tree:
If you want to find out more about the Caring Valley please join the members in our forum here:

Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore, April 4th

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Ganz has announced that the following items will be for sale at the Ganz eStore ( on Saturday, April 4th:
  • Webkinz:  Springtime Celebration Bunny
  • Exclusives:  Easter Basket Fridge, Springtime Speedster, Circus Bleachers, Playland Ball Pool
  • Charm Codes:  Magic W, White Terrier
This is the very first time the Bunny, the Fridge, and the Speedster have been available for sale.
UPDATE:  Thank you to mom2tc for this picture from her account.   The Pet Specific Item for the Springtime Celebration Bunny is the Exquisite Egg Chair.  The Pet Special food is Pastel Pancakes.
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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Webkinz Jr. Orange Kitty

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Love'EmWebkinz on her adoption of "Noodles" a Webkinz Jr. Orange Kitty.  Love'EmWebkinz purchased the Orange Kitty code from the Ganz eStore.  She was able to adopt the Kitty and explore the site for a little bit, but now she is getting an error message when she attempts to log on.  Many other members are reporting having the same problem with their new Webkinz Jr. accounts.  Thank you to mootooyou for this copy of the error message.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will have this glitch corrected soon and Webkinz Jr. owners will be able to get in to see what the new Webkinz Jr. world has to offer.
If you would like to learn more about Webkinz Jr., please visit the new website:

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