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wCares Webkinz to Go on Sale, Advertisement Not Clear on Sale Price

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Ganz has announced that the wCares Webkinz at Walgreens will be going on sale again.  Just like for last week's sale, however, the advertisment has conflicting information.  In one spot the ad indicates that the Webkinz will be selling "2 for $10" and in another spot that they will be selling "buy one get one free" (regular price, $6.99).  For last week's event, most of our members reported that their local Walgreens chose the "2 for $10" price for their sale.

Ganz Announces Spring Equinox Contest Winners

Congratulations to Amanda, Liam, Kaleigh, Dakota, and Kayleigh on being selected as winners in the Webkinz Newz Spring Equinox Contest.  Ganz has e-mailed each one of them an adoption code for a Violet Wing Butterfly.


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Ganz Responds to eStore Weekend Glitch


Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Love'EmWebkinz for sharing this copy of an eMail she recieved from Ganz:



Dear Webkinz eStore Customer,

You are receiving this email because you tried to place an order on the Webkinz eStore on March 28, 2009 and unfortunately, due to a system error, your purchase was not completed successfully. As a result, you did not receive the Feature/Secret Codes that you purchased, nor was your credit card charged.

Please note, however, that you may notice a transaction logged on your online statement in the amount of your attempted purchase. Please rest assured that this is simply the pre-authorization of your order total but because the purchase did not complete successfully, no charge to actually capture the funds will occur. 

If you have not placed a replacement order for the items that you originally attempted to purchase and did not receive, and would like for us to complete the order for you, please reply to this email letting us know.

As the system error has now been resolved, we would like to encourage you to visit again to re-submit your purchase, as the items are now available and will remain on the site until Tuesday March 31, 2009, for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact Webkinz eStore Customer Support at

We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

Webkinz eStore Support


Webkinz Insider Member Adopts White Swan

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member rockinsince96 on her adoption of "Blake" the Webkinz White Swan.  The Pet Specific Item for the White Swan is the Beautiful Swan Mirror, and the Pet Special Food is Cocktail Cattails.

Purple Monster for Sale at the Webkinz eStore, March 29th


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The eStore Exclusive "Purple Monster" was supposed to be a Seasonal Webkinz, available for Halloween 2008.  For some reason, a listing for the Monster was included in the eStore's "Leaving Soon" category.  A number of our members were able to purchase and adopt new Monsters today.  This certainly appears to be a glitch, and there is no telling how long the Monster will be available for sale, but if you are interesting in picking one up, you can try clicking on this link for the sale page:  The Purple Monster is no longer listed for sale.

Kinz Klips for Sale in Stores, "Zumwhere" Feature Not Yet Added to Webkinz World *UPDATE*

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Although the new Kinz Klips are already available for purchase in stores, it appears that the feature codes for these items have not yet been fully activated in Webkinz World.  A number of our members who have purchased the Kinz Klips are reporting that when they enter the code they get a message indicating that $500 KinzCash has been added to their accounts and that the "Zumwhere" feature has been unlocked.  We know from the graphics released by Ganz that "Zumwhere" is part of the Magical Forest, but no one has been able to find the feature to attempt to use it.  So far there is no word from Ganz on when this feature may be available in Webkinz World.


UPDATE (March 31st): Ganz has announced that Zumwhere, and the Caring Valley, will be added to Webkinz World this week.  Hopefully all of you who already have the codes in your possession will be able to activate them soon.

Some Customers Still Unable to Log On to Webkinz World *UPDATE*

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Although it has been over 24 hours since the extended Webkinz World maintenance ended, we are still getting reports from a number of our members who are unable to log on to their accounts.  The affected accounts are all getting an error message stating that something is wrong with the servers. Nearly all of members who are reporting problems have family members in the same household who are not having any problems with their accounts.  Because of this we know this is a Ganz-related issue and not an issue with any individual's computer.  


If your account has been affected by this gitch, please contact Ganz Customer Service:  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will get this sorted out soon and everyone can get back to playing games and having fun in Webkinz World.


UPDATE:  Ganz has made an official statement regarding these site issues:



This weekend we had a hardware failure with one of our many servers. We are currently in the process of fixing this issue. The impact of this failure is that the Curio Shop information for today was not created, and currently you will be unable to visit Arte. Daily information – like whether you’ve spun the Wheel of Wow – has also not been reset. While the majority of or members can continue to play in Webkinz World, some members may find that they cannot access the site. We expect all of these issues to be fixed by tomorrow.


For members who wished to enter this weekend’s Spring Celebration Bunny contest but were unable to, we will be adding one more day to the contest, later this week. Please watch Webkinz Newz for more information.


Pricing Increase on Experiment Station 4 in the Curio Shop!

This morning, the members in our rare tracking thread noticed that the price on the Experiment Station 4 has increased to K$ 1250 from its original price of K$ 1150.  Thanks to Webberlily for the following image from her account showing that the Experiment station 4 sells back to the W Shop for K$ 625, while the other 3 all sell back for K$ 575.  


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Apparently Arte's having a hard time with his vendors on the Experiment Station 4, but it appears that the other 3 have remained at the K$ 1150 price based on the sell-back price.  We're not sure if this is a glitch or intended difference at this point, but something worth noting and keeping an eye on!

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