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New Game Added to Webkinz World -- Webkinz Rally! *UPDATED*

Thanks to JBONE92 from our forum for alerting us to yet another new addition to Webkinz World from last night's update! A new game called Webkinz Rally has been added to the arcade and the tournament arena! Unfortunately, it didn't quite seem to work for her when he tried to play.  He was able to see another view of the game and reports that it appears that you can choose from a selection of cars based on your skill level in the Kinzville Academy.

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UPDATE: Thanks to Texasgirl8, we have some pictures and details about the new game!

You start the game by choosing a car.  Your choices are dependent upon the Kinzville Academy Style Level of the pet you are using.  You may also choose one of the other two "stock" players (Toby & Sonny) on the right or the left of your Webkinz pet.

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When playing the game, you steer the car using the arrow keys.  There are different obstacles, some of which slow you down, some speed you up, and others which give you points.

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The Caring Valley Added to Webkinz World

In addition to the Deluxe Membership, Ganz also added the Caring Valley to Webkinz World last night! Thanks to yaniella from our forum for providing us with a picture of the Caring Valley map! 

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Remember, in order to plant saplings and get an Enchanted Tree, you must buy a Webkinz that has a "Caring Valley" tag on it.  The first Caring Valley Webkinz is the Panda, which will be available this month.  Next month's Caring Valley Webkinz is the Poodle.

Webkinz Deluxe Membership Added to Webkinz World!

Thanks to RobKinz for letting us know that, after a brief maintenance last night, Ganz has added a "Deluxe Membership" to Webkinz World.  The Deluxe Membership comes in many flavors and each pricing level earns you different benefits.  The pricing ranges from $5/month all the way to $45 for an annual membership and you will receive different types of exclusives (both tradeable and non-tradeable), monthly "Ganz points(?)", extra activities, monthly gift boxes, and a special Kinz Chat zone for subscribing.  

At this point, we're assuming the "Ganz points" are related to the new ads we've been seeing in the eStore and that these Ganz points are not Kinz Cash in Webkinz World.

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Webkinz Wednesday at the Webkinz/Ganz eStore, April 1st

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Webkinz Wednesday is almost here, and the mystery behind the "eStore Points" will finally be revealed.  Ganz has announced that the eStore Points will be added to the site on Wednesday.  Over the past several days our members have been speculating how exactly these new points will work.  Tomorrow we should know for certain.


Ganz has also announced that the eStore will be closed for at least part of Wednesday while the updates are made.  To make up for this, the virtual-only Webkinz scheduled for sale on Wednesday will also be available for sale on Thursday.  So, don't worry if you can't log on to the eStore on Wednesday.  You'll have an extra day to shop.


There is speculation from many members that Ganz will also be using this maintenance time to change the name of the Webkinz eStore to the Ganz eStore.  All of the "teaser" advertisements for the new eStore Points contain a "Ganz eStore" logo, and, as of at least last Friday, the URL "" is being redirected to the Webkinz eStore site.

wCares Webkinz to Go on Sale, Advertisement Not Clear on Sale Price

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Ganz has announced that the wCares Webkinz at Walgreens will be going on sale again.  Just like for last week's sale, however, the advertisment has conflicting information.  In one spot the ad indicates that the Webkinz will be selling "2 for $10" and in another spot that they will be selling "buy one get one free" (regular price, $6.99).  For last week's event, most of our members reported that their local Walgreens chose the "2 for $10" price for their sale.

Ganz Announces Spring Equinox Contest Winners

Congratulations to Amanda, Liam, Kaleigh, Dakota, and Kayleigh on being selected as winners in the Webkinz Newz Spring Equinox Contest.  Ganz has e-mailed each one of them an adoption code for a Violet Wing Butterfly.


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Ganz Responds to eStore Weekend Glitch


Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Love'EmWebkinz for sharing this copy of an eMail she recieved from Ganz:



Dear Webkinz eStore Customer,

You are receiving this email because you tried to place an order on the Webkinz eStore on March 28, 2009 and unfortunately, due to a system error, your purchase was not completed successfully. As a result, you did not receive the Feature/Secret Codes that you purchased, nor was your credit card charged.

Please note, however, that you may notice a transaction logged on your online statement in the amount of your attempted purchase. Please rest assured that this is simply the pre-authorization of your order total but because the purchase did not complete successfully, no charge to actually capture the funds will occur. 

If you have not placed a replacement order for the items that you originally attempted to purchase and did not receive, and would like for us to complete the order for you, please reply to this email letting us know.

As the system error has now been resolved, we would like to encourage you to visit again to re-submit your purchase, as the items are now available and will remain on the site until Tuesday March 31, 2009, for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact Webkinz eStore Customer Support at

We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

Webkinz eStore Support


Webkinz Insider Member Adopts White Swan

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member rockinsince96 on her adoption of "Blake" the Webkinz White Swan.  The Pet Specific Item for the White Swan is the Beautiful Swan Mirror, and the Pet Special Food is Cocktail Cattails.

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