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Webkinz Wednesday at the Ganz eStore, April 15th

Ganz has announced that the Violetwing Butterfly will be for sale at the Ganz eStore on April 15th.
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Webkinz World Survey Seeks Your Opinion on Webkinz Rally

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A new Webkinz World survey is out and this time Ganz wants to know what you think of the Webkinz Rally arcade game.  Specifically, "how difficult do you find Webkinz Rally?".  Answering this survey, which can be accessed from the front page of the Webkinz World Newspaper, will earn your Webkinz 50 KC and it will give Ganz valuable feedback about the game.
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In the nearly two weeks since Webkinz Rally was introduced, we have had many members report on reaching the end of the game.  Unfortunately, there still appears to be a glitch in the system that is kicking players out of Webkinz World the moment they cross the finish line.  The instructions for the game reveal a picture of a trophy.  Could it be that the system attempting to award this trophy is what is causing the game to crash?  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz are hard at work on the problem and will have it solved soon.

WI Members Develop Theory on Kinzville Academy Fashion Class Glitch

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For several months now, we have been getting reports from our members of a glitch with the Kinzville Academy Fashion class.  Specifically, at the higher levels (8, 9, 10), sometimes the model never comes out, forcing the player to "x" out of the game and fail the class.  Many members have had to resort to using the "tutor" option to get up to Level 10, and then just trying their luck for Level 10 itself.
Thank you to SnowCrystal, vcs28, and all of the other WI members who posted in likmfurry's thread,  Fashion Class Froze Up On Me Again Today, we may have a theory as to what is causing the problem.  Although we can't say for certain, it looks like the "Pink Hearts Bow" may have something to do with the class locking up.  Although everyone seems to remember having this particular bow as clothing option in their classes, no one ever remembers seeing it appear on a model.  Could it be that this is the fashion accessory that turns the models invisible?
At this point we can't confirm what is causing the glitch, or when Ganz might have fix for it.  We can just hope that the programmers are hard at work on the problem and that they will have it corrected soon.

Easter Special Continues at the Ganz eStore, Monday, April 13th

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Easter is over, but the Seasonal Easter items are still available at the Ganz eStore (  On Monday, April 13th, the following "extra" items are for sale:
The description on the Easter items still says that they're "only around 'till Easter".

Tournament Arena gets Re-Vamped

There have been numerous reports over the last couple of weeks that changes have been made in the Tournament Arena. Since before April 1st, people have been complaining that the tournament arena is inaccessible, haven't gotten their payouts or just aren't able to access their scores.
Well, now the dust seems to have settled and this is what we see. From This old Format, to the New-look Arena.
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New Super Bed Advertisement Discovered at Ganz eStore

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Pigster318 for calling our attention to a new advertisement at the Ganz eStore (  Pigster318 noticed that each time she logged on to the eStore site, for a brief moment, an advertisement flashed on the side of the screen.  She was able to grab a screen capture of what she saw:
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Although Ganz has been selling Super Beds at the eStore for a while now, what is surprising about this advertisment is that the two beds pictured are not eStore beds.  The Big Top Circus Bed and the Railway Dreams Bed are Super Beds that are awarded as additional adoption gifts in Webkinz World.  Although the advertisement says "On Sale Now!" neither of the beds is actually for sale.
It is not clear if Ganz intended for this advertisement to be seen by the public, but as of the posting of this article, it was still appearing on the eStore site.  There is no word from Ganz on when (or even if) these beds will be available for sale at the Ganz eStore.

Super Sunday at the Ganz eStore, April 12th

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 It's Super Sunday at the Ganz eStore ( and the following "extra" items are for sale:
  • Webkinz:  Springtime Celebration Bunny, Tinkerpup
  • Exclusives:  Circus Clown Car Chair, Springtime Speedster, Easter Basket Fridge, High End Counter
  • Charm Codes:  Black Lab, Ms. Birdy, Panda, Yorkie
Remember this is the last day of the season that the Springtime Celebration Bunny, Easter Basket Fridge, and Springtime Speedster will be available for sale.  We'll have to wait until next year to see if they are going to return.

Webkinz Insider Member Purchases ExtravaGANZa-Tagged Webkinz

As many of you have noticed, Ganz is starting to gear up for the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa next month. The Webkinz ExtravaGANZa is a three day long event that takes place at Webkinz retailers and is a celebration of the anniversary of the launch of Webkinz World.  On the actual date of the anniversary, April 29th, customers visiting Webkinz World will receive a special "Year Four" gift.  Then, on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, customers visiting Webkinz retailers will be able to continue celebrating with special deals on Webkinz, special games, and a lot of Webkinz-themed fun.
Although the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa is still a few weeks away, at least one Webkinz Insider member got a sneak peek at the celebration.  Pigster318 was able to purchase two Webkinz (Black Poodle & Pig) from her local retailer with special "ExtravaGANZa" tags.  According to the tags, these Webkinz must be adopted no later than May 31st because that is the day the adoption codes will expire.  Pigster318 purchased the Webkinz at her local mall for $5.00 each.
According to our sources, these specially tagged Webkinz were sent to retailers to be used as part of the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa promotion.  Customers making a $15 Webkinz purchase are to be given the option of purchasing one of these Webkinz for only $1.  All retailers receiving these Webkinz have signed an agreement with Ganz stating that they will explain to the customer that each of these tags has an expiration date, that they will only sell them as part of the ExtravaGANZa promotion, and that they will not sell them for more than $1.00.

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