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Super Sunday at the Ganz eStore, April 12th

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 It's Super Sunday at the Ganz eStore ( and the following "extra" items are for sale:
  • Webkinz:  Springtime Celebration Bunny, Tinkerpup
  • Exclusives:  Circus Clown Car Chair, Springtime Speedster, Easter Basket Fridge, High End Counter
  • Charm Codes:  Black Lab, Ms. Birdy, Panda, Yorkie
Remember this is the last day of the season that the Springtime Celebration Bunny, Easter Basket Fridge, and Springtime Speedster will be available for sale.  We'll have to wait until next year to see if they are going to return.

Webkinz Insider Member Purchases ExtravaGANZa-Tagged Webkinz

As many of you have noticed, Ganz is starting to gear up for the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa next month. The Webkinz ExtravaGANZa is a three day long event that takes place at Webkinz retailers and is a celebration of the anniversary of the launch of Webkinz World.  On the actual date of the anniversary, April 29th, customers visiting Webkinz World will receive a special "Year Four" gift.  Then, on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, customers visiting Webkinz retailers will be able to continue celebrating with special deals on Webkinz, special games, and a lot of Webkinz-themed fun.
Although the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa is still a few weeks away, at least one Webkinz Insider member got a sneak peek at the celebration.  Pigster318 was able to purchase two Webkinz (Black Poodle & Pig) from her local retailer with special "ExtravaGANZa" tags.  According to the tags, these Webkinz must be adopted no later than May 31st because that is the day the adoption codes will expire.  Pigster318 purchased the Webkinz at her local mall for $5.00 each.
According to our sources, these specially tagged Webkinz were sent to retailers to be used as part of the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa promotion.  Customers making a $15 Webkinz purchase are to be given the option of purchasing one of these Webkinz for only $1.  All retailers receiving these Webkinz have signed an agreement with Ganz stating that they will explain to the customer that each of these tags has an expiration date, that they will only sell them as part of the ExtravaGANZa promotion, and that they will not sell them for more than $1.00.

Spring Celebration Arrives in Webkinz World!

The Spring Celebration has arrived in Webkinz World! Last year, the Spring Celebration ran from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, but it appears that this year's Spring Celebration will only be for Sunday!
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Our members with Asian accounts have confirmed that the Spring Gifts and Floating Eggs appeared right as the clock rolled over to Sunday morning.
This year's Spring Gift contains an Easter Egg Area Rug, Chocolate Easter Eggs and Springtime Jellybeans.
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Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore, April 11th

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It's Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore ( and the following "extra" items are for sale:
  • Webkinz:  Springtime Celebration Bunny, Purple Floral Fox
  • Exclusives:  Molten Lava Volcano, Circus Clown Car Chair, Easter Basket Fridge, Springtime Speedster
  • Charm Codes:  Chihuahua, Ms. Birdy, Pug, Yorkie
  • Figures:  Golden Goal Deer Figure
UPDATE (12:30am EST):  The Volcano and the Deer have been removed from the eStore. 
The Molten Lava Volcano is a brand new item that is being sold at the eStore for the first time today.
The Golden Goal Deer Figure is also being sold for the first time today.  There have been rumors that Ganz was going to be releasing another series of figurines soon.  It now appears that they are releasing a new series and that series will be "virtual only".  According to the eStore description, new figures will be available for sale each Saturday and Sunday.  
Unfortunately, everyone attempting to purchase the new Volcano and the Deer Figure is getting an error message that says "This item is not allowed for the user."  Hopefully the eStore programmers will have this glitch fixed soon.  UPDATE:  The items have been removed.

Easter Specials at the Ganz eStore, April 10th

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The following "extra" items are for sale at the Ganz eStore ( for Good Friday, the start of the Easter Holiday Weekend:
  • Webkinz:  Spring Celebration Bunny, Fire Fawn
  • Exclusives:  Modern Windmill, Giant Chair, Springtime Speedster, Easter Basket Fridge
Remember, the Spring Celebration Bunny, Springtime Speedster, and Easter Basket Fridge are Seasonal items.

Wheel of WOW and Gem Hunt Glitches Affect Members

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For the past couple of days we have been getting reports from across the forum of members having problems with the Wheel of WOW and Gem Hunt on their accounts.  For some reason, the Webkinz World system is telling them that the have already used their turns in these activities when they haven't.  If you are having this problem on your account, know that you are not alone.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz are working on this problem and everyone will be able to get back to spinning and hunting soon.

Ganz Announces Winners in Yellow Room Contest *UPDATE*

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Ganz has announced the winners in the Webkinz Newz Springtime Celebration Bunny Contest (Small Yellow Room Decoration Contest).  Congratulations to Jennifer, kim, Sherry, Emily, and Christy. Ganz has e-mailed each one of the winners an adoption code for a Springtime Celebration Bunny.  
UPDATE:  Congratulations to Webkinz Insider members Unicornz (aka. Emily) and cocoabean (aka. Jennifer) on being selected as winners of the contest.  You can see their winning entries above. 

Webkinz World Deluxe Account News *UPDATE*

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A couple of interesting bits of news surfaced regarding the new Deluxe memberships today:
  • Although it was not advertised as a feature, members who signed up for Deluxe accounts are discovering that they have one free Tropical Island vacation ticket waiting for them at the Travel Agency.  At this point we are not certain if this was done on purpose or if it is a system glitch.
  • For some reason, a handful of WI members who signed up for individual Deluxe accounts have recieved more than one Deluxe Giftbox with a second set of gifts.  Thank you to WI member splish-splash for this picture from her account of her two Rollercoasters.
UPDATE, April 10th:  We are receiving widespread reports this morning of members with Deluxe Memberships getting extra Deluxe Giftboxes on their accounts.  

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