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Some Customers Still Unable to Log On to Webkinz World *UPDATE*

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Although it has been over 24 hours since the extended Webkinz World maintenance ended, we are still getting reports from a number of our members who are unable to log on to their accounts.  The affected accounts are all getting an error message stating that something is wrong with the servers. Nearly all of members who are reporting problems have family members in the same household who are not having any problems with their accounts.  Because of this we know this is a Ganz-related issue and not an issue with any individual's computer.  


If your account has been affected by this gitch, please contact Ganz Customer Service:  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will get this sorted out soon and everyone can get back to playing games and having fun in Webkinz World.


UPDATE:  Ganz has made an official statement regarding these site issues:



This weekend we had a hardware failure with one of our many servers. We are currently in the process of fixing this issue. The impact of this failure is that the Curio Shop information for today was not created, and currently you will be unable to visit Arte. Daily information – like whether you’ve spun the Wheel of Wow – has also not been reset. While the majority of or members can continue to play in Webkinz World, some members may find that they cannot access the site. We expect all of these issues to be fixed by tomorrow.


For members who wished to enter this weekend’s Spring Celebration Bunny contest but were unable to, we will be adding one more day to the contest, later this week. Please watch Webkinz Newz for more information.


Pricing Increase on Experiment Station 4 in the Curio Shop!

This morning, the members in our rare tracking thread noticed that the price on the Experiment Station 4 has increased to K$ 1250 from its original price of K$ 1150.  Thanks to Webberlily for the following image from her account showing that the Experiment station 4 sells back to the W Shop for K$ 625, while the other 3 all sell back for K$ 575.  


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Apparently Arte's having a hard time with his vendors on the Experiment Station 4, but it appears that the other 3 have remained at the K$ 1150 price based on the sell-back price.  We're not sure if this is a glitch or intended difference at this point, but something worth noting and keeping an eye on!

Super Sunday at the Webkinz eStore, March 29th

The following "extra" items are for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( for Sunday, March 29th:

  • Webkinz:  Phoenix, Fire Fawn
  • Exclusives:  Sparkling Tiara, Zingoz Tree, Circus Popcorn Bed, Museum Dinosaur, High End Sandwich Maker
  • Charm Codes:  Gorilla, Hippo, Wacky Zingoz, Wheel of WOW


Also, if you had trouble with an order you placed at the eStore on March 28th, or if you attempted to contact the eStore Customer Support on March 28th, please read this new announcement that was posted on the eStore site.


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Surprise Saturday at the Webkinz eStore, March 28th *UPDATE*

The following "extra" items are for sale at the Webkinz eStore for Surprise Saturday, March 28th: 


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  • Webkinz:  Phoenix
  • Exclusives:  Sparkling Tiara, Zingoz Tree, Circus Popcorn Bed, Museum Dinosaur
  • Charm Codes:  Gorilla, Wacky Zingoz

 The Sparkling Tiara is a new item.


UPDATE:  We are receiving reports from members who are having problems placing orders at the eStore.  The order process seems to be getting locked up right at the point where the eStore presents the Feature Code to the customer.  Instead of getting a code, customers are getting the word "processing".  If you are having a problem with your eStore order, you can contact eStore Customer Service on this page:


As of 8:30am EST we have not had a single report of a successful order.  Hopefully the programmers will correct this glitch soon.


UPDATE 2: Many members have also noted that when you attempt to use the contact form on the eStore Customer Service page, you get a "connection failed" message.  We are advising members to hold off on their eStore purchases at this time until we receive confirmation that purchases are again working at the eStore.


UPDATE 3:  Shortly after 1:30pm EST we started getting reports from members who were able to place orders at the eStore AND get their feature codes.  It appears that the eStore programming has been corrected.

Webkinz World Maintenance Starts Early, New eStore Advertisment Discovered

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It appears that the programmers at Ganz were eager to get to work on this evening's maintenance.  Instead of going down at 11:00pm EST, as Ganz had announced, the site went down at 10:20pm.  In Ganz' announcement they said the site should be back up at 6:00am on Saturday morning but that "actual down time may vary."  The Webkinz eStore is also currently closed for "important updates".


Before Webkinz World went down, Webkinz Insider member ClaraZ25 discovered a new advertisement for the eStore Points we told you about last week.  In this ad the eStore is called the "Ganz eStore" instead of the "Webkinz eStore".  Could this be an indication that Ganz is going to be changing the site's name?  The web address "" is currently redirecting to "".  


Check back here on Webkinz Insider tomorrow for information on all of the updates Ganz process tonight.

New Signature Pet Revealed: Signature Golden Retriever


Ganz has announced that they are releasing a "Signature Panda" for April 2009 and a "Signature Chimpanzee" for May 2009.  Thank you to our friends at Ameriwade ( we can tell you that the third Signature Webkinz to be released is going to be a "Signature Golden Retriever".  We don't have any confirmed pictures of this new Webkinz to show you yet, but as soon as they become available we will bring them to you here.


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Thank you to our partner store Ameriwade ( for keeping us informed of all the latest breaking Webkinz news.  Ameriwade features some of the lowest Webkinz prices on the internet and has $5 flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada.

New Ad for Caring Valley - Picture of Enchanted Tree!

Thanks to cnetski for taking a screenshot of a new ad in Webkinz World for the Caring Valley. It appears to give a preview of what the Enchanted Trees will look like!   Until now, we hadn't been able to confirm any images or information about the Enchanted trees.


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As we learned last week with the preview of the Caring Valley Planter's Handbook, after you activate 4 Caring Valley Webkinz and plant their saplings, you are awarded a customizable Enchanted Tree!

WI Member Adopts Webkinz Signature Panda!

Congratulations to ConchyJane on being the first WI member to ever adopt a Webkinz Signature pet! Here's the newest member of her Webkinz family, Pooky the Signature Panda! She reports that the slide can only go in outdoor or treetop rooms and it is interactive, just as we saw in the Kinzville Newz video.  


Virtual Webkinz Signature Panda Webkinz Signature Panda Gift Box Webkinz Signature Panda PSI - Bamboo Chute SlideWebkinz Signature Panda PSI - Signature Sushi Roll


In addition to the Bamboo Chute Slide PSI and Signature Sushi Roll PSF, she was awarded the Lavish Limo from the Signature Exclusive collection for the adoption! She included a picture of her Webkinz Signature Panda next to a regular Webkinz Panda so other members could see the difference between the looks and size!


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ConchyJane also noticed an interesting "typo" in the wShop.  The desription for the Signature Panda's PSF says that it was "specially made for the Mystical Panda".  The PSF for the Mystical Panda is actually called Star Shimmer Sippers.  Despite what the description says, we understand that "Pooky" says it tastes delicious.


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