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eStore Glitch Reveals Future eStore Items *UPDATE*

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It was only up for a moment, but thanks to a glitch at the eStore, we can bring you a sneak peek of some future eStore items.  Several of our members who were were waiting for the Surprise Saturday sale to start at Midnight got a look at, and grabbed pictures of, a Flying Carpet, an Emerald Lab, and a Griffin House Tapestry.
  • Flying Carpet:  Have a fantastic time with this Flying Carpet!  6,000 eStore points
  • Emerald Lab:  Born in May?  The Emerald Lab is a perfect match for you!  12,500 eStore points
  • Griffin House Tapestry:  Griffin House Tapestry  5,000 eStore points
It seems clear that the Emerald Lab is the "Something Green" that Ganz has announced will be for sale at the eStore on Friday, May 1st.  At this point, we can't predict when the Flying Carpet or the Griffin House Tapestry will be available for sale.
webkinz cheats
UPDATE:  Thank you to WI member duskinog for calling our attention to another item at the eStore that can be seen but not yet ordered:  the "Prince Costume".  According to the description, you can "Give your cuddly critter a fresh boost of confidence with a magically majestic makeover!"  This costume is priced at 6000 eStore points. (Pet not included.)

Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore, April 25th

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 It's Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore and the following "extra" items are for sale:
  • Webkinz:  Blossom Fish
  • Exclusives:  Stone Elephant Statue Replica, Magic Bean Seeds, Circus Spectacular Spotlight, Epic Shipwreck, Hologram Projector
  • Charm Codes:  Elephant, Polar Bear
  • Figure Codes:  Golden Goal Deer, Royal Whimsy Dragon
webkinz cheats
This is the first time the Stone Elephant Statue Replica has been offered for sale.  According to the item description, "Replica Items are only available for one day each year."  Unlike the original, this replica has the word "replica" in the name, and it cannot be traded or sent via KinzPost.
This is also the first time the Magic Bean Seeds have been available for sale.  Plant these beans in your yard to grow "giant beans".  And, this is the first time customers have been able to buy the Royal Whimsy Dragon Figure.  The Figure Specific Item for the Dragon is the Whimsical Dragon Dress.
UPDATE:  We have been getting scattered reports from our members who are having problems planting the Magic Bean Seeds.  Some members are getting a plain patch of dirt instead of a growing plant.  The solution seems to be to dig up and re-plant the seeds.  It may take several tries, but eventually the Magic Bean Plant should appear.  

Humans, Not Machines, Now Answering Phones at Webkinz Consumer Support

 "Thank you for calling Webkinz Interactive Consumer Support...
For service in English, please press one..."
This week Ganz made a major change to their Consumer Support phone number.  Now, instead of having to leave a message and hope for a return call, customers calling during regular business hours are getting connected directly with Representatives.  The days of pressing "0" over and over to get a human to speak to appear to be over.
Also, those of you who would prefer to use either French, Spanish, Italian, or Portugese in your conversation with a Representative are now in luck.  The automated operator that first answers the phone will tell you what number to push to be connected with a Representative speaking the language of your choice.
To conact Webkinz Customer Support, call 1-866-932-5469 (Remember, this is an 866 number, not an 800 or 888 number.)  Ganz' business hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

New Webkinz Stickers Arrive in Stores

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Last month we brought you news that Ganz would be releasing a line of Webkinz Stickers (see "Webkinz Stickers to be Released for May 2009" for product info and pictures).  Today we can report to you that the Stickers have started arriving in stores.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member WebkinzFreak097 for these pictures from her account.  WebkinzFreak097 purchased a pack of the "Dog" stickers.  When she entered the feature code online, a set of new virtual stickers was opened up for her to use on KinzPost letters.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts May Webkinz

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Earlier today we brought you the first in-game pictures of the Lil Kinz Budge.  Now we can bring you the first in-game pictures of the Blue Googles, Zebra, Jack Russell Terrier, and Signature Chimpanzee.  Thank you to WI member berryblast for sharing these pictures with us from her account.  berryblast reports that the Blue Googles wardrobe is animated, with confetti popping out every three to five seconds.  Also, the Chimpanzee radio plays "jungle like music".
Please click "read more" below to see more pictures and information on the May Webkinz' Pet Specific Items, Pet Special Foods, and Adoption Gift Boxes.
 read more »

Balloons Appear on Webkinz Day Countdown Exclusives

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When the new Webkinz Day Countdown Exclusive was added to Webkinz World last month, many members were disappointed that the item's graphic didn't inlcude the balloons it was shown with in the wShop preview.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider members lamb and legogrl, we know know why.  With six days left until Webkinz Day on April 29th, one balloon has appeared on the sign.  It appears that more balloons will show up on the sign as we get even closer to Webkinz Day.  As far as what, if anything, will happen to the sign on Webkinz Day itself, that is still a mystery.  Stay tuned for details.

WI Member Adopts Lil' Kinz Budgie!

Lil Kinz Budgie
Congratulations to Webberlily from our Webkinz Forum on being the first member to adopt the Lil' Kinz Budgie! She was lucky enough to find a Carlton Cards that got an early shipment of this May release and the adoption went through without a hitch, even though it's still April!
Everyone welcome Brigitte to Webkinz World!
Remember, you can see detailed information about all of the upcoming May Webkinz in our Webkinz - PSI & PSF section or glance at them in the right-hand column! Here are the details of the Lil' Kinz Budgie, with the Budgie Striped Sofa and Tropical Tapioca.
Lil Kinz Budgie PSI PSF

Webkinz Insider Earth Day Contest -- Free Signature Panda or Premium Forum Membership!

Happy Earth Day Everyone! We couldn't think of a better day to launch our contest for a Free Webkinz Signature Panda! Thanks to Robert at Ameriwade ( for the prize donation.
Free Webkinz Signature Panda
As you all know, the Giant Panda is on the endangered species list due to habitat loss cause by deforestation, and has been a symbol for conservation for years.
With all of this in mind, we decided to host a room-design contest here on WI that is in two parts.
  1. Design an environmentally-friendly room in Webkinz World. There are no limitations on room size, type or items.
  2. Write a detailed description or story about your room and what about it makes it "green" (environmentally friendly).
Remember, this contest isn't about who has the coolest items, or prettiest design, it's about being creative with your rooms, items and Webkinz. The description or story about your room is just as important as the screenshot image!
The contest will run for one week, closing at midnight PST on April 29th (3am Kinz Time, April 30th). The staff will then collectively choose a winner for the Webkinz Signature Panda, to be announced on May 1st.
In addition to the Signature Panda, we're also giving away a 6-month Insider Insider Premium Subscription to a randomly-chosen member from all those who enter!
The official contest entry thread can be found in our WI Contests & Tournaments forum or by clicking the following link: Official Earth Day Contest

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