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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts May Webkinz

 webkinz cheats
Earlier today we brought you the first in-game pictures of the Lil Kinz Budge.  Now we can bring you the first in-game pictures of the Blue Googles, Zebra, Jack Russell Terrier, and Signature Chimpanzee.  Thank you to WI member berryblast for sharing these pictures with us from her account.  berryblast reports that the Blue Googles wardrobe is animated, with confetti popping out every three to five seconds.  Also, the Chimpanzee radio plays "jungle like music".
Please click "read more" below to see more pictures and information on the May Webkinz' Pet Specific Items, Pet Special Foods, and Adoption Gift Boxes.
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Balloons Appear on Webkinz Day Countdown Exclusives

webkinz cheats
When the new Webkinz Day Countdown Exclusive was added to Webkinz World last month, many members were disappointed that the item's graphic didn't inlcude the balloons it was shown with in the wShop preview.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider members lamb and legogrl, we know know why.  With six days left until Webkinz Day on April 29th, one balloon has appeared on the sign.  It appears that more balloons will show up on the sign as we get even closer to Webkinz Day.  As far as what, if anything, will happen to the sign on Webkinz Day itself, that is still a mystery.  Stay tuned for details.

WI Member Adopts Lil' Kinz Budgie!

Lil Kinz Budgie
Congratulations to Webberlily from our Webkinz Forum on being the first member to adopt the Lil' Kinz Budgie! She was lucky enough to find a Carlton Cards that got an early shipment of this May release and the adoption went through without a hitch, even though it's still April!
Everyone welcome Brigitte to Webkinz World!
Remember, you can see detailed information about all of the upcoming May Webkinz in our Webkinz - PSI & PSF section or glance at them in the right-hand column! Here are the details of the Lil' Kinz Budgie, with the Budgie Striped Sofa and Tropical Tapioca.
Lil Kinz Budgie PSI PSF

Webkinz Insider Earth Day Contest -- Free Signature Panda or Premium Forum Membership!

Happy Earth Day Everyone! We couldn't think of a better day to launch our contest for a Free Webkinz Signature Panda! Thanks to Robert at Ameriwade ( for the prize donation.
Free Webkinz Signature Panda
As you all know, the Giant Panda is on the endangered species list due to habitat loss cause by deforestation, and has been a symbol for conservation for years.
With all of this in mind, we decided to host a room-design contest here on WI that is in two parts.
  1. Design an environmentally-friendly room in Webkinz World. There are no limitations on room size, type or items.
  2. Write a detailed description or story about your room and what about it makes it "green" (environmentally friendly).
Remember, this contest isn't about who has the coolest items, or prettiest design, it's about being creative with your rooms, items and Webkinz. The description or story about your room is just as important as the screenshot image!
The contest will run for one week, closing at midnight PST on April 29th (3am Kinz Time, April 30th). The staff will then collectively choose a winner for the Webkinz Signature Panda, to be announced on May 1st.
In addition to the Signature Panda, we're also giving away a 6-month Insider Insider Premium Subscription to a randomly-chosen member from all those who enter!
The official contest entry thread can be found in our WI Contests & Tournaments forum or by clicking the following link: Official Earth Day Contest

Ganz Announces "Griffin Silly Story" Contest

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that a new Webkinz Newz ( contest will be starting on April 25th.  This time it's a writing contest.  Ganz is looking for silly stories that explain how the Griffin became a symbol of royalty.  Five winners will receive adoption codes for a Webkinz Griffin AND they will receive a Griffin Emblem Rug virtual item.  
Please visit the Webkinz Newz site for complete details:

Stone Elephant Statue Replica Coming to eStore, April 25th

webkinz cheats
There have been rumors that a Stone Elephant Statue would be coming to the Ganz eStore sometime this year, and now we know those rumors are accurate.  Ganz has announced that a Stone Elephant Statue Replica will be sold at the Ganz eStore ( on Saturday, April 25th.  As many of you remember, the original Stone Elephant Statue was an adoption exclusive that was retired from Webkinz World back in May 2006.  
It is anticipated that the Stone Elephant Statue Replica will be similar in programming to the Skater Kat Skateboard Replica that was offered at the eStore in March.  The graphic of the item will most likely be identical to the original, with the only difference between the two being that the replica has the word "replica" in the name and the replica cannot be traded or sent via KinzPost.  
Two more retired exclusives are also rumored to be coming to the eStore as replicas sometime this year:  the Blue Dragster and the Ice Cream Tree.  Although we cannot confirm this rumor, it is worth noting that if/when these items are offered for sale at the eStore, the originals will lose some of their trade value.  So, those of you in posession of, or looking to trade for, either of those items should be prepared.

Webkinz Wednesday at the Ganz eStore, April 22nd

 Ganz has announced that the Violetwing Butterfly will be available for sale at the Ganz eStore ( on Wednesday, April 22nd.
webkinz cheats
UPDATE:  In addition to the Violetwing Butterfly, the eStore has several other "extra" items for sale.  According to Ganz, these "earth-conscious" exclusives are being offered in celebration of Earth Day.
  • Charm Codes:  Panda, Polar Bear, Tree Frog
  • Figure Code: Love the Planet Sheep
  • Exclusives:  Mini-Yeti Forest, Giant Bamboo Garden, Modern Windmill
webkinz cheats
This is the first time the Love the Planet Sheep Figure Code has been offered for sale.  The "Figurine Specific Item" (FSI) that comes with the Sheep is the Energy Efficient Lamp.

WI Confirms June Caring Valley Pet!

We can now confirm that June's Caring Valley pet is the Persian Cat.  
June Caring Valley Webkinz
As many of you already know, Caring Valley Webkinz are similar to the wCares Webkinz that were released last year.  Each plushie comes with two tags:  one to adopt the Webkinz and one to claim your Caring Valley prizes.  Ganz will feature different plushie each month.  The Webkinz Panda is the pet for April and the Poodle is the pet for May.  To find out more about the Caring Valley, and to see pictures of the new Caring Valley prizes, please check out our Caring Valley Prizes article.

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