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Ganz Removes One Month Deluxe Membership Option from eStore

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When the "Deluxe Membership" was added to the Ganz eStore earlier this month, one of the options available for purchase was a "One-Month Membership".  This was the smallest, and at a cost of only $5.00 US, was the least expensive membership choice.  As of this week, the One Month-Membership option is no longer available.  Ganz has removed it from the eStore and replaced it with a "Three-Month Membership" which costs $15.00 US.  For complete details, please visit the Ganz eStore (

Ganz Expands Clubhouse "Kinz Chat PLUS" Rules

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As many of our members have noticed, a new "Rule Page" has been added to the Kinz Chat PLUS section of the Webkinz World Clubhouse.  In what appears to be an attempt to clarify what is and what is not acceptable behavior in the Clubhouse, Ganz has expanded on the rules.  This new rule page deals with such topics as: 
  • Always Protect Your Identity
  • Always Respect Others
  • No Inappropriate Behavior
  • Kinz Chat PLUS Banning
  • Reporting Other Members
  • Your Account is Your Responsiblity
Anyone who wishes to participate in the Kinz Chat PLUS section of the Clubhouse must agree to the rules Ganz has put in place.  Anyone who fails to follow those rules can have KC+ blocked from their account.

New Virtual World from Sony Launches Today -- Free Realms!!

Are you looking for adventure, would love to try out the newest interactive social gaming network online and would like to help with setting up guides and building a new community to help out other players? If so, we need your help!
From time to time, the staff is alerted to the existence of new virtual worlds and evaluates their potential. Approximately 10 days ago, I was made aware of a new virtual world called FreeRealms by one of our Twitter followers.  They had just started an "open beta" program and a few of us were admitted into the program for testing.  We were so impressed with what Sony had done with Free Realms that we knew they had a hit and I have been working on transforming VirtualPetInsider.Com to FreeRealmsInsider.Com.
Free Realms Insider
Unfortunately for me, Sony officially launched the site early this morning and FreeRealmsInsider is far from finished! Putting my need for perfection aside, I wanted all of you to know about Free Realms and be members from the very first day!
Free Realms
Free Realms is an amazing environment and has been classified around the industry as a "Webkinz-World of Warcraft-Second Life" combination for players of all ages! The game itself is rated "E for everyone" by the ESRB, and FreeRealmsInsider will operate with the same policies and rules that we have here on WebkinzInsider.Com.  
UPDATE -- Before joining, make sure to visit Target for a "FreeRealms Starter Card".  TTGTTG found them at her local Target and they're 99 cents! Read the following article for details: Check Target Before Joining FreeRealms -- One Month Premium Membership + Extras for 99 cents!
Read more for an in-game screenshot.
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GANZ Announces *Mother's Day* Contest

Time to start designing!
Ganz has announced that a new Webkinz Newz ( contest will be starting on May 2nd. Design a compact kitchen (small room, W Shop items only) for a chance to win a Chef Gazpacho Dinner Set (Chef Gazpacho’s Stove and 2 Chef Gazpacho Place Settings).
Please visit the Webkinz Newz site for complete details:

Last Day to Enter Earth Day Contest for Signature Panda, Insider Membership!

Happy Webkinz Day everyone! Don't forget to log in today!
Just a reminder to everyone that today is the last day to enter our Earth Day Contest here at Webkinz Insider. We're giving away a Webkinz Signature Panda, donated by Ameriwade.Com and a 6-month Insider Insider premium membership! 
Head over to the official contest thread and post a picture of an "environmentally friendly" room and tell us a creative story about the "green" features in your room: Official Earth Day Contest -- Win a Signature Panda or Insider Insider Membership -- Closes April 29th, midnight PST!
We only have about 125 entries so far, so your chances of winning the randomly-awarded 6-month Insider Insider membership are better than any contest we've had here on WebkinzInsider.Com!

Webkinz Wednesday at the Ganz eStore, April 29th

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Ganz has announced the following items to be available at the estore today:
  • Charm Codes:  Polar Bear
  • Webkinz: Griffin
  • Exclusives:  Griffin House Tapestry, Knight's Suit of Armor, Circus MarqueeDeep Sea Creature Cove
This is the first time that the Griffin is appearing in the estore. Justin informed us of the Griffin coming on April 1st The Griffin House Tapestry was revealed in an estore glitch on April 24th by FIA
Thanks to jagular for the picture, we can see the Griffin with its Special Item: Fabled Fireplace.  Also in the picture is the Griffin House Tapestry.
webkinz cheats

Medieval Bear Tapestry On Webkinz Day Superwheel!

Make sure that you log into your accounts on Webkinz Day, April 29th not just for your Webkinz Day gift, but also your spin on the Super Wheel! The prizes on the Super Wheel have been changed for this Webkinz Day and it now includes an item previously unavailable in Webkinz World -- The Medieval Bear Tapestry!
Medieval Bear Tapestry
You may remember an article written by FIA in early March about some previously-unknown Medieval Items -- Possible New Medieval Items Discovered on Webkinz Newz.  The mystery of the Medieval Bear Tapestry spotted in those images has now been solved!
Many members have reported that the Medieval Tapestry has magically appeared in their docks, before spinning the Super Wheel.  At this point, we are unsure as to why.

Ganz Awards Master Chef Trophy to 10 Recipe Contest Winners!

Ganz selected 10 winners for their recent "Design a Webkinz Recipe" contest.  You can check out all the winners here:
Thanks to hiphopten for providing us with the following image.  Her entry is listed on the Webkinz Newz Winners page under Isabela!
Webkinz Master Chef Trophy
We've also had another confirmed winner here at Webkinz Insider, our very own CYNalot, under Cynthia! Here's a picture of her Master Chef trophy and her Magical Retriever!
Master Chef Trophy
Unfortunately, CYNalot has discovered that the trophy cannot be sent to another account.  Any future winners, be careful to enter the code on the account you want it to stay in!

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