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Ganz Announces Winners in Griffin "Silly Story" Contest

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Ganz has announced the winners in the Griffin "Silly Story" contest.  Congratulations to Savannah, Josette, Ellen, Nidhi, and Sandra.  Each one of these players has been e-mailed an adoption code for a Webkinz Griffing and a feature code for a Griffin Emblem Rug.  This is the first time the Rug has been available in Webkinz World.  To read each of the winning entires descrbing how the Griffin became a royal symbol, please click "Read More" below.
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Winners of Webkinz Insider Earth Day Contest Selected!

Great job everyone! The staff and I had a great time seeing all of your rooms and reading the amazingly-creative descriptions that you all wrote.  I wish that we could give everyone a prize, as we all had a very difficult time choosing a winner! In fact, we decided to give out a few honorable mentions and awarded them a free 1 month Insider Insider Subscription!
Congratulations to redvelvetroses, with her Eco Living Yard entry! She was selected as the winner of the Webkinz Signature Panda (courtesy of  You can see the entry and description here: Eco Living Yard by redvelvetroses
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The randomly-selected entrant, awarded a 6-month subscription to our Insider Insider premium account is bunnyslippers13.  Congratulations!
The 3 honorable mention winners are TexasGirl8, bambrowneyes and timerj.  Congratulations!
Also, stay tuned for a contest this weekend to celebrate the ExtravaGANZa and a giveaway next week from the Toronto Blue Jays!
Click read more to see the honorable mention entries.
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Giant Beans Ready to Harvest in Webkinz World

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 If you purchased and planted Magic Bean Seeds from the Ganz eStore last weekend, it's time to check your garden and harvest your plant.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member jagular for this picture of a ready-to-harvest Magic Bean Plant.  Each harvest yields one "Giant Bean", which can be seen at the top of the plant.  
WI Member sydney88 fed one to her Webkinz and found that the Giant Beans increase the Hunger meter by 10 points, Health meter by 5 points, and Happiness meter by 2 points.  The Giant Beans sell to the wShop for 10 KinzCash.  
If you are interested in purchasing some Magic Bean Seeds for your account, keep an eye on the Ganz eStore ( for the next time they are on sale.

Webkinz Day Coundown Exclusive Glitch Continues

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Over the past couple of days, many of our members have noticed something strange with the Webkinz Day Countdown exclusive.  As you know, this exclusive is supposed to count down how many days are left before the next Webkinz Day, on April 29th of each year. 
On Thursday, April 30th, however, instead of resetting to "364", all of the Countdowns displayed the number "15".  And, today, instead of showing "363", the Countdowns are showing the number "14".  Is this a glitch, or are we counting down to another event?  Hopefully Ganz will clear up this mystery soon.

Users Missing Webkinz Deluxe Membership Gifts, Policy Explained!

Webkinz Deluxe May GiftThanks to DavidMami, we have been able to confirm (via Ganz Customer Service representatives) that the case of the missing Deluxe Membership gifts is not a glitch or mistake made by Ganz.
While no doubt confusing, Webkinz World is configured to award Deluxe Members their Deluxe Membership Gift (for May, it will be the Racing Jacket) on the monthly anniversary of joining the Deluxe Membership program. For example, if you joined on April 5th, your Deluxe Membership Gift will appear on May 5th.
Due to the obvious confusion this will cause, Ganz is considering changing it so that all users receive their gifts on the 1st of each month!

May Day at the Ganz eStore, Friday, May 1st *UPDATE*

 webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Ganz eStore ( on Friday, May 1st:
  • Webkinz:  Emerald Lab, Griffin
  • Exclusives:  Griffin House Tapestry, Entire Circus Theme, High End Counter, High End Sandwich Maker
NOTE:  Although Ganz indicated that the "Entire Circus Theme" would be available for sale today, the Bounding Big Top Cannon was not included.  The Cannon is the only Circus Theme item that does not have the word "Circus" in the name.
UPDATE:  Ganz has now confirmed that there will be 12 "Birthstone Pets", one for each month of the year.  The Emerald Lab, the first in this series of "precious pups", will be available for the month of May.
Also, Ganz is celebrating the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa at the eStore with a different theme each day. Friday is "Circus Theme Day.  Saturday is "Charms & Figures Day".  Sunday is "Pet Day".
Remember, the Pet Specific Item for the Emerald Lab is the Emerald TV and the Pet Special Food for the Emerald Lab is Emerald Eclairs.  
Thanks to jagular for the picture of Beryl, her Emerald Lab
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May 1st Events in Webkinz World

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May 1st is just around the corner, and there are a lot of things scheduled to happen in Webkinz World tomorrow:
  • Pet of the Month Ribbons - On the 1st and 15th of every month, floating Pet of the Month ribbons come to Webkinz World.  Click on a ribbon to get a chocolate version to feed to your Webkinz.
  • Cocker Spaniel POTM - It's a new month, and there's a new Pet of the Month.  For May, it's the Webkinz Cocker Spaniel.  Adopt a new Webkinz Cocker Spaniel any day this month to recieve a special POTM gift.
  • Webkinz ExtravaGANZa - This year's Webkinz ExtravaGANZa is scheduled to run at participating Webkinz retailers from May 1st to May 3rd.  Check with your local store to see what events they may have planned to celebrate Webkinz World's fourth anniversary.
  • Deluxe Membership Gifts - Those of you who have signed up for Deluxe Memberships will receive a new Deluxe Gift Box this month.  This May's special clothing item is expected to be a new Racing Jacket.
  • Caring Valley Tree - Now that May is here, there is a new tree in the Caring Valley.  Members entering the Caring Valley code off of specially tagged Caring Valley Webkinz will receive a Flowering Fringe Tree they can customize and display in their Webkinz' yards. 
  • Emerald Lab - The Emerald Lab is scheduled to debut at the Webkinz eStore on Friday.  

New Actors and Playset Added to Webkinz World wShop

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In addition to the new Room Theme that was added to the wShop earlier this week, three new Webkinz Studio items have been added as well:  City Street Playset, Super Hero Actor, and Villianous Burgler Actor.  The Playset and the two Actors can be used with the Webkinz Studio (also a wShop item) to create virtual movies in Webkinz World.  All four items can be purchased in the Toys & Books section of the wShop.

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