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New Webkinz Springer Spaniel, Cherry Blossom Bird Confirmed for June!

We can confirm two of the new Webkinz pets coming for June, 2009! They are the Webkinz Cherry Blossom Bird and the Webkinz Springer Spaniel.  
Webkinz Cherry Blossom BirdWebkinz Spring Spaniel
We don't currently have any official in-game images of either of these pets but, thanks to Splish-Splash from our forum, we have an idea as to what the Cherry Blossom Bird may look like! According to his instructions, if you select German (Deutsch) language and log in, you will see the following when you log in.  
Webkinz Cherry Blossom Bird Virtual Preview
Judging from the tail on the plush and the tail on the virtual image, they look similar, but this could be a different bird altogether with the pink and red coloring!
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And, thank you to everyone who sent in copies of this picture from the KinzPost stationary.

Online-Only Figurines Coming to Ganz eStore!

Today's Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore brought a few new items, including a new figurine -- the Golden Goal Deer! Thanks to starlit1211 for notifying the staff about an ad for figurines in the eStore.  It appears that a new series of online-only figurines will be for sale at the eStore on weekends.
Upon learning that there would be a new eStore-only figurine set, we can confirm the following 6 figurines with their FSIs (Figurine Special Items) will soon be available.
Ganz eStore Figurines
We can also confirm that these Figurines and their FSI's are currently sendable/tradable items in Webkinz World.
We're not sure if there will be a different figurine for each day of the weekend, but we'll find out tomorrow!

Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore, April 18th

The Molten Lava Volcano is available today at the eStore. It is an awesome outdoor animated accessory, and appears to be available on purpose this weekend. Thanks to jagular we know that it fits in outdoor yards only, not  on treetops nor in underwater rooms.
Also, a Golden Goal Deer Figure code is available for sale.  Here is a picture of the two items that are awarded with the code:  the virtual Golden Goal Deer and the Golden Goal Stadium Seat.
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The "extra" items available for Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore ( are:
  • Webkinz:  Phoenix
  • Exclusives:  Molten Lava Volcano, Circus Side Table,  Wood- Paneled Whirlpool, Zangoz Statue
  • Charm Codes:  Black and White Cat, Pig
  • Figurine Code:  Golden Goal Deer Figure

Unattainable Score for Eager Beaver Adventure Park Game

Many members on the forum are finding out that if they play the new Eager Beaver Adventure Park game in the tournament, they receive this notice.
They are not receiving their KinzCash for the game either. This is only in the Tournament Arena and not the Arcade. We hope that Ganz programmers will correct this glitch soon.

Webkinz Insider Updates Rare Items Display!

I've been wanting to update the rares display for a very long time on WI and just never could find a way that was as visually-pleasing as I wanted and uncomplicated enough for manual entry.  I finally broke down and spent the last few days on coding a new rare entry and notice generation script!
webkinz cheats
Now, a WI staff member needs to only enter the Curio Shop rare data once and the system takes care of the rest, with a nice graphical display! Our Curio Shop Tracking Tool is also integrated into this new entry mode, so that data will become useful to everyone once again as well.
A few functions that you may not notice at first.  The name of each rare item can be found by putting your mouse over the image in question.  The rares for the entire day will be visible until the clock in that time zone turns to midnight, so members can see if they've missed any rares earlier in the day. Finally, whenever each time zone has a rare in the Curio Shop, the text above and below the image will turn red, giving everyone on the forum a heads up that something rare is available in the Curio Shop during that hour!

WI Member Solves New Webkinz Grapplesnap Recipe!

Webkinz Recipe Grapplensnap solved
Congratulations to monkeecj for his 4th solved recipe, and his fastest one yet! In less than two hours from starting work on solving the recipe, it has been solved and verified!
The recipe is: Apple Juice, Baked Beans, Green Grapes in the Blender!
Head down to our recipes section of the forum to help out on figuring out the other 4 that were introduced to Webkinz World today!
Check out our webkinz recipes section for all the solved and unsolved Webkinz recipes!

Five New Recipes in Webkinz World!

This morning's update also brought us 5 new recipes to solve in Webkinz World! Our resident recipe guru's will surely be hard at work trying to figure these out as quickly as possible.  If you'd like to lend a hand, please visit our Webkinz Recipes section in our Webkinz Forum!
Grapplesnap Webkinz RecipeSweet Creola Webkinz RecipeTusslepuff Webkinz RecipePicaroon Webkinz RecipeSpringerle Drizz Webkinz Recipe
The 5 recipes in order are: Grapplesnap, Sweet Creola, Tusslepuff, Picaroon and Springerle Drizz.  Good luck!!

New Kinzpost Wrapping Paper, Stationery, Stickers, Messages

Ganz updated the KinzPost section of Webkinz World last night, as well.  There are 4 new wrapping papers -- Wizard Paper, Wacky Paper, Unicorn Paper, and Fairy Paper.  In addition, there are a number of new stationery sets, stickers and "canned messages" to include with your gifts.  Here are pictures of the 4 new wrapping papers:
webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats

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