Winner: WetNose
Prize: Rolling Hills Backdrop 2

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Medieval Bear Tapestry On Webkinz Day Superwheel!

Make sure that you log into your accounts on Webkinz Day, April 29th not just for your Webkinz Day gift, but also your spin on the Super Wheel! The prizes on the Super Wheel have been changed for this Webkinz Day and it now includes an item previously unavailable in Webkinz World -- The Medieval Bear Tapestry!
Medieval Bear Tapestry
You may remember an article written by FIA in early March about some previously-unknown Medieval Items -- Possible New Medieval Items Discovered on Webkinz Newz.  The mystery of the Medieval Bear Tapestry spotted in those images has now been solved!
Many members have reported that the Medieval Tapestry has magically appeared in their docks, before spinning the Super Wheel.  At this point, we are unsure as to why.

Ganz Awards Master Chef Trophy to 10 Recipe Contest Winners!

Ganz selected 10 winners for their recent "Design a Webkinz Recipe" contest.  You can check out all the winners here:
Thanks to hiphopten for providing us with the following image.  Her entry is listed on the Webkinz Newz Winners page under Isabela!
Webkinz Master Chef Trophy
We've also had another confirmed winner here at Webkinz Insider, our very own CYNalot, under Cynthia! Here's a picture of her Master Chef trophy and her Magical Retriever!
Master Chef Trophy
Unfortunately, CYNalot has discovered that the trophy cannot be sent to another account.  Any future winners, be careful to enter the code on the account you want it to stay in!

Fourth Annual Webkinz Day Arrives in Webkinz World!

Webkinz Day Countdown
The 4th Annual Webkinz Day has arrived in Webkinz World Asian Accounts! Webkinz Day is April 29th of every year, celebrating the launch of Webkinz World on April 29th, 2005.
This Webkinz Day, Ganz didn't disappoint, with a beautiful 4th Webkinz Day trophy! In the past, the Webkinz Day trophies have just been re-colored, but this is an all-new design sure to please all Webkinz fans!
For those with the Webkinz Day Countdown display, you'll notice that all the balloons have appeared, along with fireworks!
Thanks to bflyangel for all of these images from her asian account!
Once your account turns over to April 29th in its timezone, you will automatically receive the the Webkinz Day Year 4 Gift Box.
Webkinz Day Year 4 Gift Box
For those that want to keep the box unopened, click read more to see what's inside
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Webkinz Shimmer Snake Coming to eStore!

With the update to Webkinz World last night, we've discovered a new pet coming to the eStore soon! We have been able to confirm images of the Gift Box, PSI and PSF, but no images of the pet itself have been confirmed at this point.
The PSI and PSF for the Webkinz Shimmer Snake are the Shimmering Star Lamp and Twinkling Tiramisu.
Shimmer Snake Gift BoxShimmering Star LampTwinkling Tiramisu

Webkinz Deluxe Membership May Gift -- Racing Jacket

Webkinz Deluxe May Gift
With May 1st around the corner, the Webkinz Deluxe Membership accounts are going to get a new monthly gift!
It appears that Ganz has decided to continue with racing-themed clothing for the exclusive Deluxe Membership gifts by going with a Racing Jacket for May.

New City Styling Theme in W Shop!

While Webkinz World is still down for maintenance, we have still been able to confirm a new theme coming to the wShop -- the City Styling theme!
The release of this theme appears to be a half-release, as has been the case for some time in Webkinz World. We don't have any details on when (or where) the rest of the theme will be released.  While you wait for Webkinz World to come back up, we thought you'd enjoy the eye candy!
City Styling Theme

Webkinz Emerald Lab: PSI - Emerald TV, PSF - Emerald Eclairs!

Late on Friday night, we brought you the news and images of the "green" item (the Webkinz Emerald Lab) coming to the Ganz Estore in May, due to a glitch in the eStore.  
webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats
We can now confirm the PSI and PSF for the Webkinz Emerald Lab, the Emerald TV and Emerald Eclairs. We'll leave the creativity discussion up to our users.

Turkey, Peppermint Puppy, Lava Dragon Confirmed for 2009 Seasonal Webkinz!

We have just confirmed Ganz's selection for the Halloween/Fall and Christmas/Winter seasonal Webkinz plush releases for 2009!
For Fall and Halloween, the Webkinz Bat and Webkinz Black Cat will make another return, but there are two brand-new pets for this year -- the Webkinz Turkey and the Webkinz Lava Dragon! Both should be available in stores in September.
Webkinz TurkeyWebkinz Lava Dragon
For Winter and Christmas, the Webkinz Reindeer and Webkinz Snowman will return again, but we'll see a new Webkinz Peppermint Puppy and a Reindeer Kinz Klip available in stores in October!
Webkinz Peppermint PuppyReindeer Kinz Klip
Unfortunately, we don't have any virtual images at this time and we aren't sure what the PSIs or PSFs are. Maybe a "Lava Dragon" will bring the first PSI Lava Lamp to Webkinz World?

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