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First hard job ever in Webkinz World & New Q's @ Quizzy's!!

job-board.pngThere's an amazing number of announcements today in Webkinz World!

It appears that they've finally added the first hard job to Webkinz World, Kinz Post Sorter, and have added a "Green Thumb" question category at Quizzy's.

You need to have completed 50 math questions at Quizzy's in order to access the job.



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Webkinz News: New Wizard Theme Available in W Shop!

WOW! There is a brand new theme in the W shop today, and evidently like our friends in Webkinz World enjoy Harry Potter too!

The new theme is the "Wizard" Theme, and currently available pieces include:

Daedalus Dining Chair - $300
Daedalus Dining Table - $750
Enchanted Chest - $525
Magic Carpet Couch - $1100
Wise Wizard Bookshelves - $450
Wizard Flooring - $125
Wizard Potions Table - $450
Wizard Wall Scroll - $150
Wizard Wallpaper - $150

Noticeably missing are big items such as a bed and it possible that those items will appear in the Curio Shop in the near future? Only time will tell, but until then, put on your sorcerer's hats and get crackin' on those secret spells!
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NEWS FLASH: Webkinz World rocked by meat scandal!

For years in Webkinz World, carnivores and herbivores had existed quite peaceably, side by side. The lions, tigers, leopards and so forth never felt the urge to eat their neighbors, since they could have all the meat they wanted cheaply from the W Shop. But this idyllic harmony has been upset by the shocking revelation that all the hamburgers, hot dogs and so forth sold at the W Shop have never been meat at all, but M.E.A.T.

"It stands for Mostly Edible Anodized Tofu," explained a W Shop employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Its taste and texture is virtually identical to actual meat, and we figured this would be a nice way to satisfy the dietary preferences of our carnivorous customers while not, you know, totally freaking out all the cows and pigs."

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President Bush Declares Webkinz Day a National Holiday

ASSOCIATED PRESS -- President Bush today announced that, as of next year, Webkinz Day will be formally recognized as a national holiday.

"Aren't Webkinz the awesomest?" quipped a visibly giddy President. He continued, "Webkinz teach children, and remind adults, about many great American virtues, such as hard work, consumerism, and casino gambling. It is therefore only fitting that we set aside a day in their honor."

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NEWS FLASH: Webkinz Chef in Distress!

Homeless. It's a word rarely heard in prosperous Webkinz World. But tonight, after a string of failed business ventures, chef Frog E. Frogg finds himself out of doors.

webkinz cheats

"I dreamed of starting a restaurant," Frogg sighed. "Nothing outlandish, just a comfortable little place...

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How to Cook / Make a Webkinz Recipe

How To Cook / Make a Recipe for your Webkinz

This HOWTO details everything that you need to do to cook for your Webkinz, from buying the appliances, all the way to making your first recipe! We hope you all find it useful

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