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NEWS FLASH: Pigs Baffling

A group of pigs referring to themselves as PADL (Piggish Anti-Defamation League) have been filing frivolous lawsuits, staging bizarre protests, and baffling just about everybody, according to just about everybody.

PADL has filed suit against the W Shop for selling Piggy Banks, which it considers "oppressive icons of a cruel stereotype." In a written statement, PADL said, "It is unacceptable, in this supposedly enlightened age, that a major retailer continues to sell Piggy Banks. Those obese ceramic caricatures perpetuate the idea that pigs are all greedy and gluttonous -- so gluttonous, they will even eat spare change."

W Shop assistant manager Kanji Bigmane described his first encounter with PADL: "I was working in the produce department when a pig approached me and asked whether I slept well at night selling Piggy Banks. I shrugged and said, 'Why wouldn't I sleep well?' He said that he hoped I had a good lawyer. He kept following me around, telling me that I was a bigot and saying a lot of stuff I really didn't understand... I got scared and thought that he might be a vampire, so I started throwing garlic at him. Eventually he left."

The Piggish Anti-Defamation League has also lambasted the nursery rhyme, This Little Piggy Went to Market, and has declared that the expression, "eat like a pig," is a vulgar insult that "sullies the piggish soul."

Many pigs are quick to point out that PADL doesn't speak for them; and that, indeed, they are unsure as to what PADL is even trying to say. "I guess they're tyring to say that some pigs don't like to eat so much," said Olaf Oinkerson. "I know I like to eat, but okay, for the sake of argument: 'Some pigs don't like to eat so much.' There, I said it; and I didn't even need to file any lawsuits or resort to weird, semi-apocalyptic language. Wow! Aren't I impressive?"

Another pig mused, "I really hope PADL just goes away. Sure, pigs like to eat; and cats are cute and fuzzy; and gorillas have a thing for bananas. So when I say these things, am I a bigot? If I meet a pig that doesn't like to eat, a cat that wants to be ugly and scary, a gorilla that hates bananas... sure, I'll think they're a little weird. Should it be a crime for me to say so? Are we going to end up seeing lawsuits flying back and forth whenever someone's feelings get hurt?"

He added, "Bottom line, sure, I respect the right of the PADL folks to be different. But I'd appreciate it if they'd also respect my right to be ordinary. Now excuse me; I have a big plate of mud burgers to get back to."
 read more » featured in Toronto Globe & Mail Webkinz article!

Check out yesterday's article on Webkinz titled "Webkinz Mean Real Chores - for Mom & Dad" written by David Andreatta in the Toronto Globe & Mail newspaper! The article references and contains quotes from Justin, our fearless leader, and Karen, who is known as misssquarejane in the Webkinz Insider forum!


We would like to welcome any new visitors that have found us as a result of the news (and everyone else, for that matter)! Click the link above to read the whole article and let us know what you think!

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NEWS FLASH: Earthquake Ignored

An earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter Scale struck Webkinz World yesterday at 3:00 pm and was widely ignored.

"An earthquake, really?" said Hopkins the frog. "At 3:00? Well, that would've been in the middle of my daily trampoline workout. I was bouncing around anyways, so I guess I missed it."

("Earthquake? What earthquake?")
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NEWS FLASH: Inside the Life of a Webkinz Psychiatrist

Webkinz World is widely recognized to be one of the happiest places in the universe. So it may surprise people to know that there is actually a Kinz Psychiatric Association (KPA) whose licensed doctors help patients cope with the unique stresses and traumas of Webkinz life.

"Admittedly, we're not often very busy," said Dr. Hippocampus, one of the KPA's founding members. "Ever so often, we'll get a real difficult case, like when some person decides, for 'scientific reasons,' to see what happens when you reduce a Webkinz' health and hunger meters to zero." He shook his head angrily. "What do you think is going to happen, Mr. Meany? Your poor Webkinz's self-esteem is going to end up in the toilet, that's what!"

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New Webkinz Officially Announced, Old Lil Kinz Available Again!

Front page news in Webkinz World this morning is the official announcement of the Webkinz Black Stallion. Obviously, all you "Webkinz Insiders" have known about the stallion for quite some time, but Ganz's official announcement means that they are on their way to (or already are at) retailers in the US and Canada!


Further news is also that...

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BREAKING NEWS: Pictures of new Webkinz and accessories into 2008!!

Well, the team here at Webkinz Insider has gotten their hands on some pictures of many of the new releases of Webkinz, Lil Kinz and Webkinz accessories through the first part of 2008 thanks to an anonymous user!!!!

Included in this article are pictures of:

Brown Arabian Stallion Charcoal Cat
Collie Lil Kinz Koala
Chimpanzee (?) Love Frog
Reindeer Black Cat
German Shepherd Lil Kinz Googles
Lil Kinz Basset Hound Yellow Lab
Lil Kinz St. Bernard Duck
Pinto Webkinz bookmarks
Webkinz Pet Clothing Trading card album
Pencil case Webkinz Lip Gloss

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A Webkinz Insider member wins the Riddle Contest!!

One of our users here on WI was a lucky winner of the Webkinz Riddle Contest!! Congratulations to Nessie and her daughter, they submitted the correct answer quickly enough to be selected: Chef Gazpacho & Quizzy at the Curio Shop, mining for gems and they had the Pearl Egg! Read further for her post and a link to the thread!


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NEWS FLASH: Clydesdale Struck by Fireball!

In an event that is being described as "totally wacko and bizarre," a magical fireball from the World of Warcraft website ended up in Webkinz World and struck a Clydesdale for 28 damage.

"We have absolutely no way to account for this," admitted Lt. Picklebreath, one of the first police officers to arrive on the scene. "If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that the proliferation of new wizard-themed rooms across the land is having unintended consequences."

The Clydesdale, whose name is being withheld to protect his privacy, is being treated at a local hospital, where the full extent of his injuries remains uncertain. As one doctor explained: "Webkinz don't have 'hit points,' so we're not really sure just how serious this 28 damage is. It seems like he'll pull through all right, but if he doesn't show signs of improvement soon, we'll try transferring him to a nearby inn. The limited information we have on such cases seems to indicate that spending a night at an inn restores all lost hit points."  read more »

First hard job ever in Webkinz World & New Q's @ Quizzy's!!

job-board.pngThere's an amazing number of announcements today in Webkinz World!

It appears that they've finally added the first hard job to Webkinz World, Kinz Post Sorter, and have added a "Green Thumb" question category at Quizzy's.

You need to have completed 50 math questions at Quizzy's in order to access the job.



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Webkinz News: New Wizard Theme Available in W Shop!

WOW! There is a brand new theme in the W shop today, and evidently like our friends in Webkinz World enjoy Harry Potter too!

The new theme is the "Wizard" Theme, and currently available pieces include:

Daedalus Dining Chair - $300
Daedalus Dining Table - $750
Enchanted Chest - $525
Magic Carpet Couch - $1100
Wise Wizard Bookshelves - $450
Wizard Flooring - $125
Wizard Potions Table - $450
Wizard Wall Scroll - $150
Wizard Wallpaper - $150

Noticeably missing are big items such as a bed and it possible that those items will appear in the Curio Shop in the near future? Only time will tell, but until then, put on your sorcerer's hats and get crackin' on those secret spells!
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NEWS FLASH: Webkinz World rocked by meat scandal!

For years in Webkinz World, carnivores and herbivores had existed quite peaceably, side by side. The lions, tigers, leopards and so forth never felt the urge to eat their neighbors, since they could have all the meat they wanted cheaply from the W Shop. But this idyllic harmony has been upset by the shocking revelation that all the hamburgers, hot dogs and so forth sold at the W Shop have never been meat at all, but M.E.A.T.

"It stands for Mostly Edible Anodized Tofu," explained a W Shop employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Its taste and texture is virtually identical to actual meat, and we figured this would be a nice way to satisfy the dietary preferences of our carnivorous customers while not, you know, totally freaking out all the cows and pigs."

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President Bush Declares Webkinz Day a National Holiday

ASSOCIATED PRESS -- President Bush today announced that, as of next year, Webkinz Day will be formally recognized as a national holiday.

"Aren't Webkinz the awesomest?" quipped a visibly giddy President. He continued, "Webkinz teach children, and remind adults, about many great American virtues, such as hard work, consumerism, and casino gambling. It is therefore only fitting that we set aside a day in their honor."

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NEWS FLASH: Webkinz Chef in Distress!

Homeless. It's a word rarely heard in prosperous Webkinz World. But tonight, after a string of failed business ventures, chef Frog E. Frogg finds himself out of doors.

webkinz cheats

"I dreamed of starting a restaurant," Frogg sighed. "Nothing outlandish, just a comfortable little place...

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How to Cook / Make a Webkinz Recipe

How To Cook / Make a Recipe for your Webkinz

This HOWTO details everything that you need to do to cook for your Webkinz, from buying the appliances, all the way to making your first recipe! We hope you all find it useful

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