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Webkinz Rare = Aug 6th 11 am KT = Formula Blackboard $2500

"Whoa Merthyn! What happened? You look like a lobster!"
"Arte, you won't believe me."
"Try me Merthyn."
"This is what happened. I woke up this morning and started my gardening. The weeds had really taken over so I had to do a lot of raking. My corn was ready to harvest and I had a great crop from it. This took me most of the morning, cause you remember how I grow vegetables for Chef, right?"
" I remember. I had the leftovers for lunch today and they were just as good, if not better,than they were the first time."
"So anyways, I was hot from all that and thought I would enjoy a dip in my pool. Man I wish that it would fit more than one person. I really want to invite my friends over for a pool party, but it's kind of boring when only 1 can be in it at a time. The water felt like ice at first, but it was so refreshing. Well, you know that there is no sunscreen or sun umbrellas so needless to say, I got a sunburn really bad."
"Merthyn, my friend, you need to see Dr. Quack. He should be able to fix you up right away. Here's you list and go see him NOW!"
"Thanks, Arte."

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Breaking News: Five New Recipes in Webkinz World!

Chef Gazpacho has released five new recipes in Webkinz World today, according to the "What's New" section of Webkinz Newz! Three of the Webkinz recipes are for the stove and two Webkinz recipes are for the blender. Check out the Recipez section of the forum for more details and join fellow WI members working on the new concoctions now! We'll keep you updated as further details develop.

Also, check out the new greener grass for lawns and, as reported by WI on Friday, the new Queen Marie's Periwig available in the Curio Shop!  read more »

Webkinz Rare = Aug 5th 4:00pm KT = Sacred Scribe Desk $3975

Man, it’s been so hot in Webkinz World lately! I wish Tabby would let me paint fences inside, but she’s afraid I’ll spill paint all over the carpet in the employment office. I never spill paint! Well, hardly ever.
Anyway, I’ve turned in my last fence for the day. (Where do all those fences go, anyway? I keep looking for them around Webkinz World. I tried asking Tabby, but she says her clients are confidential.)
On the way to the curio shop, I stop at Mrs. Birdy’s garden. She’s out watering the plants.
"Hey, Mrs. Birdy, I like your floppy sun hat and funky girl glasses!"
She beams at me. "Oh, thank you, Merthyn. Dr. Quack says I shouldn’t get too much sun, since I am a penguin, after all."
"Anything ready to harvest?" I ask hopefully. "It’s been a long time since lunch."
She sighs and shakes her head. "No, it just all needs to be watered. Merthyn, will you ask Arte to see if he can get in some sprinklers? I love my garden, but all this watering is a bit boring."
"I’ll ask him, Mrs. Birdy. You know, those carrots look ready to harvest to me."
She doesn’t seem to have heard me. "And if he can’t get a sprinkler, could he at least get some pretty watering cans? Maybe in pink?"
"Ok," I say. "Give me a call tomorrow if you need any help raking."
"Thanks, Merthyn, you’re such a dear."

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Webkinz Rare = Aug 4th 12pm KT = Super-Secure Trapdoor Toybox $1950

"Wingardium, Leviosa, Wingardium Leviosa!" I'm standing in the vacant lot next to the Curio Shop, waving my new Unicorn Hair wand at a large boulder.

"I don't think you're waving it right. Isn't it swish and flick?" I look back over my shoulder at Fia who is sitting on a picnic table, munching on Grilled Carrot & Asparagus Sandwich. "Why does Arte want you to move this thing anyway?"

"He says he's going to be using this area for extra storage and he wants me to make sure it's clear." I sigh, "What are you doing over there? I thought you said you were going to help me get this wand to work!"

"Woah, I never said I was going to get the wand to work. I just promised that i would help you get it put together. Actually getting it to do something is your problem." I hear hoofbeats on the grass as Fia's Unicorn Fluffy trots by with Nanners on her back.

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Webkinz Rare = Aug 3rd 12 pm KT = Jumpin Jukebox $4500!

I can't believe Arte is giving me another chance. I hope this time is much better than the last. It has to be. Dogbeard and Chef will be there. I hop in my golf cart and head to the Golf course.

"Benevuto Merthyn! Benevuto! "
"Morning Chef! Is everyone already here?"
"Yes-a we are a-ready to a -go and-a atta the first-a hole. I-a was here a-waiting for a-you."
"Morning Merthyn," Arte and Dogbeard said in unison.
"Morning Arte. Morning Dogbeard. Let me throw the tee up to see who goes first. Arte, looks like you are first, then Chef, then me and sorry Dogbeard, you are last."
"I don't mind being last. Gives me a chance to see my competition."
We all just laughed.

Our golf game was going great til we hit the 14th hole. It was my turn.
"Uh-oo," I said.
"Ahhh it does-inna look-a good Merthyn."
"Yep. You got it in the raspberries. Good Luck Merthyn," Dogbeard said.

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Breaking News: Charm Forest Prizes Revealed! has obtained some incredible photos of the new Charm Forest in Webkinz World. The screenshots are courtesy of member kiwikat7, who was fortunate enough to unlock all 24 of the charms today! The screenshots include pictures of the Charm Collection box, the Charm prizes (including fountain), the Charm Candy, and a Charm Forest tree! You can also view the entry to the Charm Forest itself. Click "Read More" to see more photos below.

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Breaking News: Big Changes in Webkinz World today!

Many exciting changes are taking place in Webkinz World today! Upgrades include the addition of the new Charm Forest shown below. Time to activate those new charms you've been saving!

A few new items have been added to the Wizard theme! The Magical Dreams Bed, Alchemy Television, Abracadabra Candalabra, Daedalus Head Dining Chair, Floating Trophy Pedestal, Inspired Incantations Dresser, Wizards Side Table and Wizards Magic Mirror are now available. Save up your kinz cash - this enchanting theme is pricey! Click "Read More" to see more photos below!

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Webkinz Rare = Aug 2nd, 8pm KT = King's Guard Suit of Armor $1875

The shop looks dark, better slip in the back.
"Hello Arte?"
"Merthyn over here."
"What's going on here Arte?"
" Merthyn, I have so many extra Bowling Alleys, Geographic Globes and Ra's Golden Bureaus that I don't have much room. Seems that not many people bought these items. They asked for rares, so I offered them. I am sending them back to the manufacturer to re-coop some of my money. This is where I need your help."
"You need me to help load them up on the truck right?"
"You are correct. I can use all the help that I can get. I have some help already here. Let's hurry up and get this done so that I have room for my delivery truck that arrives in a couple of hours."
"Oh, hi, Dogbeard."
"Hi Merthyn. Grab the other end of this bowling alley. You can help me load them up."
"Sure thing Dogbeard. I'd be glad to help you."
"I got the Ra's Golden Bureaus," hollered Arte.
"We got the Geographic Globes," shouted Tabby and Chef.
"Hey Dogbeard, have you ever played bowling with Arte?"
"No Merthyn I haven't. I'm usually on my ship."
"That's right! How's Arte handling your boat?"
"SHIP! You mean ship. I own a ship!"
"I'm sorry, I knew that. How is Arte handling your ship?"
"He's coming around slowly. Hey look, only one more to go."
"Let's hurry up and finish Dogbeard, I am getting tired."

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Breaking News: Series Two Trading Cards to be Released November 4th!

Word on the street is that the new Webkinz Series Two Trading Cards will be released November 4th! The Series Two cards are certain to be a hot commodity given the success of the Series One release. Keep an eye on your favorite retailer for more details!  read more »

Webkinz Rare = August 1st 8am KT = Experiment Station 4 $1250

"Okay tell me again Merthyn why we are carrying cabbages and melons to Chef Gazpacho's Place?"
"I made a deal with him. I would bring him my home grown vegetables and he in turn would cook us a terrific dinner. Arte, I thought you deserved a fabuous meal with cola that I owe you. Is your shoulder feeling any better?"
"It is Merthyn. The ice pack and rest did it good."
"Not much further Arte, I see Chef's Place."

Ahh, now that-a looks perfecto, a-nothing looks a-better than a nicely set-a table ah?
mmmm, that-a dinner smells belissimo! When the moon a-hits your eye like-a big a-pizza pie, that's amore' ....

Oh I-a almost-a forgot the Beach Sunrise Frappe's ... I-a gotta put them-a outta on-a the table, everyone willa be-a here very a-soon......

"Hi Chef! It smells wonderful in here," I say.
"Oh Chef, please take these melons from me before I drop them."
"Ohoa! Absolutely Arte! Letta me-a take those and-a you-a two can-a have-a a seat."
"Merthyn, It smells wonderful in here. You would think with my sniffer, that I could pinpoint those ingredients but I can't. I wonder what we are eating tonight?"

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NEWS FLASH: Bob the Tomato Confirmed Safe, Uneaten

It has been confirmed that Bob the Tomato, host of the popular Veggie Tales children's videos, is alive and well, two days after Plumpy the Hippo allegedly ate him.

According to a police report, Plumpy turned herself in at 8:15 pm on Sunday, saying, "I think I've eaten him; I think I've just eaten Bob the Tomato." She went on to describe how, while preparing dinner, "I heard a voice coming from a tomato saying, 'God made you special and he loves you very much.' And I said to the tomato, 'Well, thanks, I'm sure God made you special too.' And then I just threw it into the stew -- because my food, it tries to sweet talk me, tries to get out of being eaten -- it happens a lot. But then after dinner I thought about it, and I wondered, 'Did I really just eat Bob?'"

(He's okay, everybody! He's okay!)

Police immediately began attempts to contact Bob's publicist at Big Idea Studios in order to establish his whereabouts. As there are no laws against eating vegetables (talking or otherwise), Plumpy was simply referred to Dr. Hippocampus for psychiatric evaluation.
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Webkinz We'll Never See

Wow, there sure are a lot of different Webkinz. And, as you must surely suspect, GANZ has several new ones in the works as we speak. But did you ever wonder why certain animals are chosen to be made into Webkinz, and others not? Some of the reasons might surprise you. Following are a few examples of animals that have been considered, but ultimately rejected, for "the plush treatment."

Why it Would be Cool: This South American rodent has the softest fur of any animal and, despite appearing to be a Frankenstein mishmash of rabbit, mouse and squirrel, is not at all creepy.
Why It Ain't Gonna Happen: "Uh, what's a chinchilla?" And also, on second thought, it is kinda creepy.

Why it Would be Cool: Rattlesnakes have rattles in their tails. That's right, people -- they come with built-in toys! They are therefore, by default, the coolest animal ever.
Why it Ain't Gonna Happen: Rattlesnakes have no feet. Hence, they can wear no shoes. They would have to be allocated their own special "Dress Your Pet" screen, which apparently violates some policy GANZ has about favoritism. Not that you'd think giving a break to the guy with no feet would be a bad thing, but whatever.

Why it Would be Cool: This delightful tropical bird has vibrant colors and would look adorable dressed up in a little pirate outfit.
Why it Ain't Gonna Happen: A natural and irrepressible mimic, the parrot would quickly pick up on all those naughty words you say when you lose at Goober's Lab. It would teach them to the other Webkinz. And then, faster than you can say "Atomicolicious," Webkinz World has turned into South Park with fur. You don't want that to happen, do you?

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NEWS FLASH: Pigs Baffling

A group of pigs referring to themselves as PADL (Piggish Anti-Defamation League) have been filing frivolous lawsuits, staging bizarre protests, and baffling just about everybody, according to just about everybody.

PADL has filed suit against the W Shop for selling Piggy Banks, which it considers "oppressive icons of a cruel stereotype." In a written statement, PADL said, "It is unacceptable, in this supposedly enlightened age, that a major retailer continues to sell Piggy Banks. Those obese ceramic caricatures perpetuate the idea that pigs are all greedy and gluttonous -- so gluttonous, they will even eat spare change."

W Shop assistant manager Kanji Bigmane described his first encounter with PADL: "I was working in the produce department when a pig approached me and asked whether I slept well at night selling Piggy Banks. I shrugged and said, 'Why wouldn't I sleep well?' He said that he hoped I had a good lawyer. He kept following me around, telling me that I was a bigot and saying a lot of stuff I really didn't understand... I got scared and thought that he might be a vampire, so I started throwing garlic at him. Eventually he left."

The Piggish Anti-Defamation League has also lambasted the nursery rhyme, This Little Piggy Went to Market, and has declared that the expression, "eat like a pig," is a vulgar insult that "sullies the piggish soul."

Many pigs are quick to point out that PADL doesn't speak for them; and that, indeed, they are unsure as to what PADL is even trying to say. "I guess they're tyring to say that some pigs don't like to eat so much," said Olaf Oinkerson. "I know I like to eat, but okay, for the sake of argument: 'Some pigs don't like to eat so much.' There, I said it; and I didn't even need to file any lawsuits or resort to weird, semi-apocalyptic language. Wow! Aren't I impressive?"

Another pig mused, "I really hope PADL just goes away. Sure, pigs like to eat; and cats are cute and fuzzy; and gorillas have a thing for bananas. So when I say these things, am I a bigot? If I meet a pig that doesn't like to eat, a cat that wants to be ugly and scary, a gorilla that hates bananas... sure, I'll think they're a little weird. Should it be a crime for me to say so? Are we going to end up seeing lawsuits flying back and forth whenever someone's feelings get hurt?"

He added, "Bottom line, sure, I respect the right of the PADL folks to be different. But I'd appreciate it if they'd also respect my right to be ordinary. Now excuse me; I have a big plate of mud burgers to get back to."
 read more » featured in Toronto Globe & Mail Webkinz article!

Check out yesterday's article on Webkinz titled "Webkinz Mean Real Chores - for Mom & Dad" written by David Andreatta in the Toronto Globe & Mail newspaper! The article references and contains quotes from Justin, our fearless leader, and Karen, who is known as misssquarejane in the Webkinz Insider forum!


We would like to welcome any new visitors that have found us as a result of the news (and everyone else, for that matter)! Click the link above to read the whole article and let us know what you think!

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NEWS FLASH: Earthquake Ignored

An earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter Scale struck Webkinz World yesterday at 3:00 pm and was widely ignored.

"An earthquake, really?" said Hopkins the frog. "At 3:00? Well, that would've been in the middle of my daily trampoline workout. I was bouncing around anyways, so I guess I missed it."

("Earthquake? What earthquake?")
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