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Webkinz Insider History Article

In commemoration of 20,000 members, I have written a little article.



As you all know, Webkinz Insider has hit 20,000 members over the past few days, and Justin has asked me to make a little article about the history of WI.

Let me start you off with a basic summary of WI. This site made its “big” debut March 23'rd, 2007, but did not become popular until around May 2007. The site made its big 100 member milestone on April 6'th, 2007, and 500'th member on April 17’th, which is remarkable the progress made in 12 days. At , July 25'th, Webkinz Insider made it's transition to be a "Big Board", which means the website has more than 500,000 posts. Justin, our site owner was the first member, with Kevin, a previous administrator being the second. Now let me take you on a little WI milestone tour;



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August 23rd - September 3rd : Another $10,000 KC Contest on Webkinz.Com! ***ENTRY @ 9AM KT***

The newest contest has been announced on Webkinz.Com in the "contest" section! it is being called a "Webkinz World-Wide Scavenger Hunt" in Webkinz World, so keep an eye on the Today's Activities page starting tomorrow! We are flattered by the remarkable similarity to the recent MINI-Winnie Contest held here on

As many of you may recall, we were fortunate enough to have a winner from the July Webkinz World contest from WI. We'd like to repeat that success, so we have also included another thread in the forum for members to collaborate on the contest, figure out what each clue means and determine the correct answer!


Please join the forum and work together with thousands of others, rather than leaving comments on this article!!

According to the contest, there will be only one winner and they will receive the $10,000 Kinz Cash prize!

NEW INFO!!! They've announced that there will be second and third place prizes for the contest! They haven't said what the surprises will be, maybe an exclusive item or a trophy? Who knows???


Just logged in before they shut down and took a screenshot of the "Contest" tab -- Entries before 9AM KT will be disqualified, so be ready right at 9AM to make your entries!!! Image attached to the end webkinz cheats

Let's all work together to get the right answer to the clues, and hopefully have another winner from Webkinz Insider!

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Webkinz Rare = Wed, Aug 22 = 5pm KT> Sacred Pyramid Flooring $700

I can't believe Arte came through with the Webkinz Humvees...
I still can't believe this beauty is mine.
Not a scratch on her and all shiny. She has that new car smell. I need to gas this Humvee up and drive around town. I want to show it off. I wonder who else bought them?
As I am driving past Ms. Birdy's Adoption Center, I see there are a lot of new webkinz about to be adopted. Ms. Birdy is out there greeting them and giving them a security code.
"Hi Ms. Birdy!"
"Oh, Hi Merthyn."
I pull into the parking lot to talk to her.

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BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz Humvee Toy SUV on Monday Aug 20 @ 5pm KT!

Hey everyone, I just got back from Arte's in my brand new Humvee Toy SUV!!! He was so generous to give it to me.

You will all be able to pick your own up at 5pm KT on Monday, August 20th for $5500 in the Curio Shop! Save your Kinz Cash and be ready, because the Humvee is considered by many to be one of the rarest items in Webkinz World and who knows when the next chance you'll get to buy it will be!

Good luck and I'll see you around, my Humvee gets terrible gas mileage, so I have to go fill up the gas tank before work tomorrow!

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Breaking News: Webkinz St. Bernard is Now Retired!

The latest newz in Webkinz World this morning is that the St. Bernard has officially been retired! If you haven't already added one to your collection, now would be a great time to pick one up before they are gone! As with all retired styles, if you have one already registered on your Webkinz World account it will still work properly. We certainly will miss the St. Bernard and his awesome fireplace, but we look forward to the release of the upcoming Lil Kinz Bernard.

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Breaking News: New Webkinz & Webkinz Release Dates

Here's a follow-up on our breaking news a month ago, with the first-ever pictures of the newest Webkinz to be introduced.

We've received direct confirmation that Ganz has announced a Webkinz Seal, Webkinz Turtle and Webkinz Penguin! We've heard rumors for months, and even seen fake pictures of the Webkinz Penguin, but this is the first official confirmation that we've received on any of these pets!

In addition, Ganz has introduced a Lil Kinz Leopard in order to expand the current Lil Kinz line. The "official release dates" for nearly all of the new Webkinz and Lil Kinz are as follows:

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More Webkinz We'll Never See

Here, for your entertainment and edification, is another edition of the often imitated, but never duplicated, Webkinz We'll Never See (TM). Please bear in mind that, although I'm getting my information from an inside source, by "inside" I could very well mean, "inside my twisted little head." So, take it all with a grain of salt.

Cheeky Elephant
Why it Would be Cool: Webkinz goes retro! We're heading all the way back to 2005 to rediscover cheeky chic.
Why it Ain't Gonna Happen: GANZ actually had the cheeky elephant in development. They finally canned it when they concluded that, invariably, "an elephant with puffed-out cheeks appears to be suffering intestinal distress of Biblical proportions." Yeah, don't think about that one too hard.

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Webkinz Rare = Aug 16th 6pm KT = Egyptian Vase $6250

"Yes Merthyn I am. A captain always wears his hat, coat and boots no matter what we are doing."
"Won't you be uncomfortable?"
"Absolutely not. This attire is very comfortable. Now lets throw those tubes in the water and start floating. Are you ready Arte?"
"Yes sir, I am."

"This isn't so bad Dogbeard. I am enjoying this, " said Arte.
"I told you I was planning a relaxing water activity this week Arte."
"Yes sir you did. This is very relaxing and fun. Did you see the Perseid Showers the other night?"
"Wouldn't have missed it for the world. How did you know about it Arte?"
"I picked him up and showed the meteors."
"WOW! You really did listen and and pay attention during our lesson Merthyn."
"Of course I did Dogbeard, you're a great teacher."
"How are you doing Arte?" Dogbeard asked.
"I am having a blast Dogbeard. Don't feel sick at all! I could do this all day."

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Breaking News: Pegasus Retired from Webkinz World!

There is big news in Webkinz World today - the Pegasus has been officially retired! It will be joining the likes of the Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat, Grey & White Cat, Gold & White Cat, Basset Hound, Brown Horse and Unicorn in the retired collection. If you do not have a Pegasus, now would be the time to hurry and find one before they are no longer available! If you already have one, you can rest assured that it will still work properly on your Webkinz World account. Here are more details - straight from the Webkinz World Newz!

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Webkinz Rare = Aug 15th 8am KT = Royal Banquet Chair $5500 = 4pm KT = Medieval Dining Chair = $995

You have mail
Hmm. I wonder who sent me mail? CLICK. OH my goodness, I can't believe it. It's from George! Let me run this over to Arte's place and share it with him.

"Arte! Arte! George wrote! Can you read it? I am so excited and I don't want to miss a single word."
"No problem Merthyn."

Dear Merthyn,
Sorry it has taken me so long to write you. I have been in China looking at The Grand Canal. It is the world's oldest and longest man made waterway. It is longer than the Suez and the Panama Canal. Most of China's major rivers run from west to east and this canal runs from north to south. It is over 1,000 miles long and has 24 locks and 60 bridges. It is really neat to watch it in action. I can't wait til we can travel together and you can see these sights with me. This postcard doesn't do it justice brother, but at least you get to see it. 'Til next time.
Take Care,

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Webkinz Rare = Aug 14 6pm KT = Medieval Coffee Table $1380

**HONK** **HONK**
"I'm coming Merthyn, hold on."
"Hurry up! I don't want to miss it Arte."
"Whoa! You managed to get your Interstellar telescope attached to the top of your golf cart! Now there's something you don't see everynight."
"Arte, you need to offer a vehicle like a SUV so that I can carry stuff like this. This is my only vehicle that I have that can actually carry things. Come on. Hurry up and get in."
"What exactly are we seeing again this late at night?"
"We are watching the Perseid meteor shower. There is a new moon, which means no moonlight and dark skies. We should be able to see lots of meteors tonight."

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NEWS FLASH: Webkinz World Announces Formation of Kinz Corps

Webkinz World officials formally confirmed today what conspiracy theorists have for months suspected: the formation of a standing army, the Kinz Corps, to protect the Kinzish people from foreign enemies.

"Actually, we're only a standing army part of the time," clarified General Chester S. Catton, the Kinz Corps' commanding officer. "We're also a sitting army. And at night, we're usually a lying-down army."

(General Catton inspects the ranks.)

At its inception, the Kinz Corps consists of five battalions of 1,000 Webkinz each. There is also a Sigma 6 Dragonhawk Dropship (TM) which is on loan from G.I. Joe. Each Kinz Corps soldier is hardened by three months of intensive training and is armed with a 5.56 cm M-12 bubble gun.  read more »

Webkinz Rare = Aug 12th = No Rares, Sorry!

"Thank for inviting me over tonight Arte."
"No problem. Thought you would enjoy my cooking. This is one of the few meals that I know how to cook."
"I love lasagna Arte. This tastes awesome! Do you have a special ingredient or something? My lasagna never tastes this good."
"Merthyn, it's the cheese; Real California Cheese. Great cheese comes from Happy Cows and those are some Happy Cows out there. There is nothing that compares to it."
"I can taste the difference. How do you get California Cheese Arte?"
"I order it online. It ships right to my shop, thanks to kinzpost."
"I think I will have to check out Real California Cheese, cause it tastes great. It's just like the homegrown veggies taste better than the bought. Makes a big difference in those recipes."

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NEWS FLASH: Strange Accents Blamed on New Wig

The recent availability of Queen Marie's Periwig at the Curio Shop is being blamed for the rash of faux-Shakespearean accents that has been sweeping Webkinz World.

Said Ribbitus the frog, "My neighbor Patricia got one of those wigs a little while ago. It seems like as soon as she put it on her head, it knocked her brain clear back to the middle ages. She can't even speak to me anymore without spouting out enough 'thees' and 'thous' to choke a donkey."

"Verily, methinks he doth protest too much," sniffed Patricia in reply. "Hearken to me, dear Ribbitus: it becomes not a frog of such noble stature as thyself, to be stirred to bitter envy by my alabaster adornment."

"See?" snapped Ribbitus. "And I'm pretty sure she just made up at least three new words right there!" A fierce, maddened gleam crept into the frog's bulbous eyes. "One of these days..." he whispered, "one of these days... I'm going to burn that wig..."
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Webkinz Rare = Aug 7th 4pm KT = Thoughtful Think Tank $2300

"Time to get everything on and jump in."
"Dogbeard! I feel better IN the water!"
"Good Arte! Here's a quick lesson on how to use your snorkelling gear. See this? This is where you blow all the water out that filled when you breathe. You held your breathe and then you blow ... it's sorta like a whale."
"Are you calling me a whale?"
"No, you just blow the air out like a whale does. Try it."
"Perfect Arte! Ok this is my favorite place to snorkel 'cause there is an old boat wreck down below. Ready?"

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