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BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz Reindeer Found and Activated in Webkinz World!

A user in our forum, lily1117, was able to purchase and activate multiple Webkinz Reindeers today, October 3rd! Here is her post & a picture of her reindeer in their Santa's Sleighs:

webkinz cheats

My daughter was calling around today to see if she could find the German Shepard and she found a store near us that had the Reindeer. They had just gotten it in today, so needless to say we went racing over to get one....okay maybe 4 (one for each of my children) They were suppose to be Christmas Presents but I was so excited to see what it came with that I couldn't I think sometimes I get more excited than my children do webkinz cheats


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NEWSFLASH: Kinz Cash & POTM Glitch in Webkinz World Fixed!

Ganz was fully aware of the issues that many people were having when adopting the Webkinz Frog, this month's Webkinz Pet of the Month. Many people across our forum reported issues of not receiving the loot bags and Ganz corrected this issue during the nightly update last night (October 2nd). This fix created another glitch where some who activated these Webkinz Frogs for the Pet of the Month exclusives ended up losing most or all of their Kinz Cash!


Ganz contacted Webkinz Insider this morning and gave us an update on the issue and asked for our assistance in collecting the names of people who had lost Kinz Cash so they could prevent it from happening again.


At around 3:30pm Kinz Time, Ganz informed us that all users missing Kinz Cash from last night's update have had it fully restored, and have also been given an extra 2,000 Kinz Cash.


Ganz has told us that they are very sorry for the mistake and are quite upset with what happened, as well. Ganz has also informed us that they are implementing preventative measures so that this doesn't happen in the future and they thank all of you for your understanding!  read more »

Newsflash: Brown Arabian Webkinz Found in the Wild!!

webkinz cheatsThe Brown Arabian horse has been found in the wild. Our very own COWS4U was the first person in North America, that we know of, to post an in-hand photo of the horse, shown below. This style is SO new that the code can't even be activated yet.


From what we understand, these aren't supposed to be released until the last week of October, but be sure to keep your eye out for the Brown Arabian in your area!  read more »

NEWSFLASH: Webkinz Updates - New Game, More Atlantis, Pet of the Month Answers!!!

Webkinz World was down for a couple of hours this afternoon and, when it came back up, we noticed a few changes!! We've also put a call in to Ganz to find out which pets qualify for the Pet of the Month. The Webkinz Frog and trading card Frogs will count, but the Lil' Kinz Frog will not count!


The front page of the Webkinz News when you log in is the announcement of a brand-new game in the arcade, Home Before Dark!!!

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Posted by: Michigan 829
Hi. Just wanted to share this with you. I start at the end (preferably with the Party house) and work my way to the beginning. Seems to be a little easier that way (at least for me)!!! Hope this helps. Happy Gaming!!webkinz cheats

I also just figured something else, out!! Try to connect as many doors at the end to one pathway and that's how many webkinz will go home at once!!


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Smaller Webkinz Spotted Frog Discovered by Webkinz Insider Member!

Hello Everyone!


Last week I received a spotted frog that I had purchased from one of our vendors and noticed that it was MUCH, MUCH smaller than the original spotted frog I had purchased in May. I thought that I had been accidently sent a lil' kinz until I noticed that there is NO lil' kinz spotted frog! I was concerned since this one was a gift and so I put a post out on WI to see if anyone here had the same problem. Everyone was so helpful and suggested that I contact Ganz - and so I did!


Ganz is SO GREAT!!! They immediately contacted me and asked me all kinds of questions about the frogs because they are very interested in quality control. I sent them a picture and I think I even talked to one of the head men at quality control! By the way, they checked the code and found it to be a real one. I heard from Sharon in Canada today (who is totally delightful!), and she is sending me a new spotted frog! She told me I could keep the little one . . . and now, LOL, Justin says I must have a OOAK (One of A Kind)!


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BREAKING NEWS: Another Webkinz Secret Recipe Solved!!

webkinz cheats

Earlier this evening, a user in our forum, WebkinzFan2012 was the first to discover a new Webkinz Secret Recipe!! Congratulations!!


The staff here at WI has verified the recipe, and it is correct! The name of this Webkinz Secret Recipe is Astormishing Sandwich and you make it as described below:

  • Sandwich Maker
  • Watermelon
  • Jelly
  • Bread


Users in the forum have discovered that you MUST use a W-Shop Watermelon. Farm-Fresh Watermelons will not work.  read more »

Breaking News: Webkinz Insider Member Solves a New Webkinz Recipe!!

Here's another breaking story from Webkinz Insider with up-to-the minute information about Webkinz World!


webkinz cheats

A member on our forum has solved one of the new recipes earlier this morning! FAMOUSDOG is credited with the solution and will be cited as the "Discovering member" of this recipe on Webkinz Insider! Well done!


The recipe is for the Slippamarink Sandwich and is made in the following method:

            • Sandwich Maker
              • Bagel
              • Ice Cream
              • Ice Pop


Let's all work together to figure out the rest. The names of the recipes are listed in the Recipes section in our forum!  read more »

BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz Pet of the Month Area in the W Shop!

As a follow-up, it looks like the Webkinz team has brought another change to Webkinz World with the lengthy maintenance window this morning: The Pet of the Month area has been added to the W Shop, showcasing the items that will be given in the "Goodie Bags" when a user adopts a Webkinz Pet of the Month.


webkinz cheats


In a most interesting turn, by all estimates, Webkinz World was open for about 20-30 minutes when people were able to see the new theme and this new Pet of the Month section. A glitch was quickly discovered in that you were actually able to PURCHASE the Pet of the Month items!!


Webkinz World is back online and the glitch has been corrected. Ganz took this in stride and removed the purchased items from all accounts and returned all of the spent Kinz Cash! NOTE: It appears that some people may STILL have the items in their yards/homes/docks, so take a look!

UPDATE: VIDEOS of the items added!!



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BREAKING NEWS: New Features, New Atlantis Theme & New Recipes in Webkinz World!

One of the users on our forum, proud*mom, was able to get in to Webkinz World before the rest of us, at around 10:30 AM Kinz Time.


It does appear that the downtime this morning was to add new features to Webkinz World, specifically an "Action" tab has been added to the dock!

webkinz cheats

The first few actions are: wave, smile, and giggle and you can record a sequence.  We assume that further actions will be added as time moves forward.  No one has had a chance to experiment, but some believe that you can record these sequences and replay them for your friends when they visit your Webkinz home.


In addition, they've also added a new Atlantis theme at the W Shop and have announced 5 new Webkinz recipes.

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Webkinz Rare = Thu, Sept 20th = 2pm KT = Master Grill $4450

“What’s got you feeling a little under the weather?” Dr. Quack asks me.

Perched up on the examining table in the clinic, I yawn. “I don’t know.”

“Okay, Merthyn, let’s listen to your heart. Now there’s a ticker you could keep time to!”

“Tee-hee,” I giggle. “That’s my favorite line, Doc.”

“Thanks. Mine, too. I’ve been using it for years. Well, Merthyn, I think you could use a little more sleep.”

“Actually,” I say, “that’s part of the problem. Lately, I’ve been staying up later.”

“Let me guess, exactly two hours later?”


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BREAKING NEWS: Ganz Gives WI Insider Info About Webkinz World!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all the ships at sea! We've got some BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE NEWS that was given to us by Ganz! They gave us some information and I will copy the correspondence here directly in its original form so that you may all speculate on what you think some of it means!


And remember, this came straight from Ganz to Webkinz Insider, your #1 source of Webkinz information. ENJOY!

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  1. There will be some Cheeky news in the new year, but no, we are NOT re-releasing the retired Cheeky Dog. Once retired, a pet stays retired.
  2. A major new area will be opening in Webkinz World in two weeks. It will be for everyone. It's not feature code related at all.
  3. Secure trading is on the way. No more KinzPost trading.

Webkinz Rare=Wed, Sept 19th=10am KT=Experiment Station 2 $1150

"Merthyn, why are you so sweaty?"
"Arte I was playing Bullseye Batter all morning. My high score is 5211."
"Well not too bad. What made you play it all morning, I missed you."
"I was practicing hitting the bullseye. I was practicing my aim."
"Your aim?"
"Yeah, you know that new job Newz Delivery? Well, seems that I can't deliver a newspaper to the front door. I keep throwing it in the bushes. Tabby hasn't offered me that job in a few days. I think she had too many complaints about me."
"Oh don't be so hard on yourself Merthyn. It's a new job. Everyone needs to learn how to throw the paper. Maybe she is just offering the job for other people to try."
"I'm sure you are right. It just looked like fun. The good news is that I laid floors for $250. So I did actually make some money today."
"I like it when you make money Merthyn."
"Why's that?"
"Cause you spend it here," Arte said laughing.


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Webkinz Rare=Tue, Sep 18=3pmKT Sacred Scribe Desk $3975=8pmKT Opus Sofa $4250

"Hi Merthyn, it's Arte."
"How are you doing today Arte?"
"I need a big favor. Can you run to the Wshop for me and pick up a couple of things?"
"No problem. What do you need?"
"I need hot dogs, beans and cheese. Can you get me 9 of each? I will pay you back when you get here."
"You got it Arte. Let me get my flip flops on and I will head on out."
"Thanks Merthyn, bye."
"Bye Arte, see you soon."


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BREAKING NEWS: WI Discovers Webkinz November Pet of the Month

To follow up on our breaking news about the Webkinz Pet of the Month program that Ganz announced earlier in the month, Webkinz Insider brings you news about November's Pet of the Month.


It is confirmed that November's Pet of the Month will be HM004 - Webkinz Black Bear. Please remember, that only the regular-sized Webkinz Black Bear will count as a Pet of the Month so that you can receive the special prizes. The Lil' Kinz Black Bear does not count for this promotion!webkinz cheats



Don't forget, starting October 1st, the Webkinz Frog (HM001) is the Pet of the Month. While we are certain that the Lil'Kinz Frog will not count, we are currently unsure as to whether or not the trading card frogs will be honored as Pet of the Month. If you have one, just wait and see!


Remember where you heard it first! Webkinz Insider!!  read more »

Webkinz Rare = Sun, Sept 16 = 5pmKT Medieval Stone Column $3000

Arte looks up from his paperwork. "Nowhere special. That's the kind of thing I pick up when I see it, usually at yard sales. You'd be amazed what people get rid of when the run out of room. Sometimes I end up with so many that even I run out of space to hold them. That's when they go on sale." He turns back to work.

I am continuing to sort through the Chefs Hats when I come across a couple of deflated balloons. "Hmmm, this is strange. I wonder how these got in here."

Arte looks back up and frowns. "Those must be left over from Krystin's party awhile back. You know, you guys really made a mess in here. I had no idea that Karen was such a party animal. I am glad that everyone stayed to help clean up afterward, but it looks like some stuff got missed."

"Yeah, that was a fun party." I smile. "But coming across these balloons suddenly makes me feel like I have forgotten something, something important." I sit down in a Royal Banquet Chair and try to remember. "Arte, is there something I was supposed to do?"

"Yeah, you're supposed to be taking all of those Chef's Hats up to the front room, not sitting th..."


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