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Breaking News: Webkinz Seal Found in Canada!!!

The highly anticipated Webkinz Seal has been found first in Canada!! Our very own Valleygram posted pictures of the newest Webkinz pet playing in Webkinz World.  We're sure that it will be found in other parts of Canada and all over the U.S. any day! The Pet Specific Item is the Icey Ocean Bathtub which goes well with the Arctic theme.  The Pet Specific Food is the Bubbly Fish Pop.  Take a look below!

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Breaking News: New Stove Recipe Uncovered - Turretango Twist!!

A special thanks to Cormac07 for reporting to us that a new Stove recipe has been solved.  It is called the Turretango Twist.  What a cool looking recipe!



French Fries

Salad  read more »

BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz World Fall Festival is Here!

At midnight, the newspaper in Webkinz World changed to the one shown below and the leaves started appearing!! So far, they appear in just about any area of Webkinz World. Users in our forum took a bunch of screenshots, so you can see all the prizes:
Autumn ToquePotted Elm
Maple SweaterApple Cider
Pumpkin SoupWheat Sheaf
Corn Husk DollFruit Hat
Fall Festival Print

Here's an image of the newspaper followed by an image of a red leaf in Quizzy's so you know what to look for:

[.. Continued (More pics) ..]
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BREAKING NEWS: More Halloween Items, Webkinz Reindeer in Webkinz World!

Well, after posting the article on the new mail system, we took a look in the W Shop and noticed that Ganz has released the rest of the Halloween theme! Many users were wondering why the flooring and wallpaper hadn't been released yet, and it was worth the wait.  This year's flooring and wallpaper is different than the 05/06 Halloween theme! Even more exciting, the flooring is animated, with red eyes that randomly appear in cracks of the floor!

What is probably the most exciting additions to the theme are the Haunted Dungeon Gate and the Frightening Lightning Window! In Halloween 05, we saw the Monster's Lair Gate, which didn't return in Halloween of 06 and appears that it won't come back this year, either! The Haunted Dungeon Gate and Frightening Lightning Window are both animated, as well.  The Gate shows flashing red eyes, while the Window has flashing lightning and trees swaying outside in the wind!!

[... Continued ...]

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BREAKING NEWS: New Mail, New Kinzville Academy Class & Fall Festival!

Today's morning/afternoon downtime brought a significant change to Webkinz World today: a new mailbox in your dock.  You no longer have to go to your room and look for the letter to appear in the lower left; the icon in your dock will let you know when your Webkinz friends have sent you mail, can be accessed anywhere in Webkinz World and will keep an archive of the last 10 letters and packages that you've received!

The staff has received numerous inquiries about the upcoming Webkinz Fall Festival and what activities or prizes may be included.

[... Continued ...]
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BREAKING NEWS: Third-Party Webkinz World Ads and Free Bee Costume!!

As some of you may recall, we reported the possibility of third-party advertisements and free items along with them about a month ago.  This morning's update has brought us our first third-party advertiser, and free items along with it!! Thanks to Garrett & Flameboy for the PMs, hydro1112 for the e-mail and lolo7777777 for pictures in the forum.

The ad is for "Bee Movie" and there appears to be 3 different ads for it.  Users reported the facelift of the honey in the W Shop and this appears to be the reason for it! There are two "white background" ads and one "black background" ad.  The black ad does not yield any free items, but the other two white ads, shown below, yield a free bee costume and free honey!

UPDATE -- 11 AM Kinz Time, Sunday, October 14th, the ads have become extremely rare and the costumes and honey seem to have nearly disappeared.  Your chances of getting them now are very low.[...More pictures...]  read more »

BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz Insider Discovers December Pet of the Month!!

Following our early announcements of the pets for the Webkinz Pet of the Month for October and November, WebkinzInsider has confirmed that December's Webkinz Pet of the Month will be the Webkinz Chihuahua, HM104. Again, the Lil' Kinz Chihuahua will not be included as the Pet of the Month, so it must be the Webkinz Chihuahua.


Don't forget that November's Pet of the Month is the Webkinz Black Bear (HM004), and that Webkinz Insider your #1 source of information about everything Webkinz!  read more »

NEWS FLASH: Webkinz World Announces New Quizzy's and Recipe Hint!!

The front page of the Webkinz World newspaper has changed again today and, following recent tradition, has brought some new additions to Webkinz World.  There is now an "Environment" question category under the "Everyone" age group in Quizzy's.  The newspaper also gives a hint on how to make the new Webkinz Secret Recipe "Quendidot Buzzitree".  As most of you Insiders know, littlexred3 reported the solved recipe on Friday, October 6th: Blender -- Honey + Salad + Pink Lemonade.

Breaking News: Codes now Available on Webkinz Purses!

A user on our forum, Sunshine, purchased a Webkinz purse today with a virtual code! The code unlocked a magical wardrobe that holds up to 15 items! That will come in very useful with the new dock restrictions. The particular purse that was purchased was the turquoise and pink variety and was found in Illinois. Thanks so much to Sunshine and her family for sharing the attached photos with us!

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Official News: More Safety for WI Users!

As the owners of, we pride ourselves on the safety offered here for our site members. For this reason, we have taken an additional step to verify our Administrators and Moderators on the WI staff.

Background checks have been completed on every Administrator and Moderator on WI to validate their identities and to verify they have no criminal backgrounds. The checks were conducted by a third party vendor. Confirming our expectations, all staff members passed these checks with flying colors!

Moving forward, any member that is added to the staff as a Moderator or Administrator will be background checked as well, to ensure that WI continues to be one of the safest forums on the Internet. Thank you all for making WI what it is today!

Justin & Wendy
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Breaking News: Slipinsip Recipe Solved!

A special thank you to cutiepie297 for passing along information about another new recipe that has been solved: SLIPINSIP!

This recipe is:  read more »

  • Blender
  • Jelly
  • Iced Tea
  • Bananas

Breaking News: Kinzstyle Shop has Arrived!

The long awaited KinzStyle Shop has arrived in Webkinz World!  You now may purchase authorized Webkinz clothing for your pet which will contain a feature code.  This code can then be entered in the Code Shop to obtain a Shopping Bag.  Once you open the bag, you can then select a super cool outfit for your Webkinz pet!!!  Clothing should be arriving in stores very soon so keep an eye on your local retailer for more details!

webkinz cheats

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Breaking News: Another new Webkinz recipe solved!

Thank you to littlexred3 for bringing to our attention the another new Webkinz Secret recipe has been solved! It has been verified by the staff here at WI.

It is called the Quendidot Buzzitree.

  • Blender
  • Honey
  • Salad
  • Pink Lemonade



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Breaking News: Kinzville Academy, Halloween Theme & Haunted Organ Available!

The recent maintenance in Webkinz World has resulted in some long awaited additions to the site. The Kinzville Academy and the Halloween Theme items (including the Haunted Organ!) are now available in Webkinz World. At this time, the Halloween theme consists of the 2006 theme items as well as the coveted Haunted Organ pictured below. It is available for purchase for $1500 in the W Shop - make sure to grab yours!

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BREAKING NEWS: One More Recipe Discovered by a Webkinz Insider Member!!

Earlier this afternoon, a user in our forum, yournotme was the first to discover yet another new Webkinz Secret Recipe!! Congratulations!!


The staff here at WI has verified the recipe, and it works! The name of this Webkinz Secret Recipe is Sacchbingarings and you make it as described below:  read more »

  • Stove
  • Lollipop
  • Peppermint
  • Waffles

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