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BREAKING NEWS: New Stove Recipe - Florbuzzall Buggaburst!

Saturday morning, skatakyle from our forum, was the first WI user to discover yet another new Webkinz Secret Recipe!! Congratulations on her discovery!!


The staff here at WI has verified the recipe, and it works! The name of this Webkinz Secret Recipe is Florbuzzall Buggaburst and you make it as described below:  read more »

  • Stove
  • Honey
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Tomato Soup
Thanks again to skatakyle for figuring it out so that we can all enjoy it by feeding our Webkinz and sending it to our friends!!

BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz Insider discovers January Pet of the Month!!

Following our early announcements of the pets for the Webkinz Pet of the Month for October, November and December, WebkinzInsider.Com has confirmed Ganz's selection for January's Pet of the Month. 

Despite other predictions, January's Pet of the Month will be the Lil' Kinz Golden Retriever, HS010.  The Webkinz Golden Retriever will not be included as the Pet of the Month, so it must be the Lil' Kinz Golden Retriever.

Don't forget that December's Pet of the Month is the Webkinz Chihuahua (HM104), and that Webkinz Insider your #1 source of information about everything Webkinz!  read more »

BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz Insider Member Finds Charcoal Cat!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, keeping with current tradition, we have yet another news flash about a Webkinz Insider member getting a Webkinz before the announcement of its release!!

This time, it's the Webkinz Charcoal Cat, which was has been delayed from its original anticipated release date of September 24th.  The first WebkinzInsider member to report finding one is soteeny, so everyone congratulate her on her new Webkinz Charcoal Cat that she activated and named "Smokey"

[... Read more for Virtual Pics ...]
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NEWSFLASH: New Kinzville Class, Quick Draw, Contest, Webkinz Wheel of the Month!

Midnight brought another change to the newspaper and some very cool announcements and features in Webkinz World came with it! The first change is an intelligence class was added to the Webkinz Kinzville Academy.  We hope you all get to work and help us figure out what action your pet can learn from this new class!

Don't forget to be in Webkinz World from 3-4 PM Kinz Time today to spin the Wheel of the Month!!

UPDATE: It appears that the Wheel of the Month is still not working and gives a blue screen followed by a long wait and an error message that says "I am sorry, we had trouble loading a required file. Please try again."
The other announcements are as follows: Quick Draw has returned to Webkinz World, Webkinz Wheel of the Month, A new contest is coming November 7th.

[... Continued ...]
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BREAKING NEWS: WI User Finds Lil Kinz Polar Bear!!!!

Well, Ganz has pulled a fast one on all of us, it seems.  We've never seen a reference anywhere to a Lil Kinz Polar Bear, but one of our administrators here at WebkinzInsider.Com, mom2tc, found some in a small shop in Florida!! The retailer told her that very few of them were accidentally shipped to her and allowed her to buy them!

Here's the first known image of the plush!! Notice the tag and size, it's not a regular-sized Webkinz!!

[... Read More for Virtual images ...]
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BREAKING NEWS: First Pics of Webkinz Pinto Horse Special Item!!

It's been rumored for some time that the Webkinz Pinto Horse would have a "Wooden Trough Bathtub" as its Pet Specific Item, but no one has seen any pictures of it... until now! Our very own COWS4U was able to get her hands on a Webkinz Pinto Horse by way of a very generous user on our forum

When she registered it this morning, to her surprise, the PSI was awarded to her, and it is indeed the "Wooden Trough Bathtub"!!! Enjoy the very first pictures of the Webkinz Pinto Horse's special item.  COWS4U has told me that it can be placed both indoor and outdoor.

[... More Pictures ...]
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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I have just received word from Ganz that the Halloween Items will be put back into the W Shop for one more day! That's right, it's coming back!! Here's the official word from them:

We will be putting the Halloween Items back on sale tonight for purchase tomorrow. They will be available until some point on Friday. After that they will be gone for the year. We didn’t realize that so many fans were waiting until the very last day to make their purchases.

So, for all those disappointed people that were upset that they couldn't complete their themes with those few extra pieces, you have a second chance! All Webkinz fans rejoice!!!
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NEWSFLASH: Trickle Treacle Recipe Discovered by Webkinz Insider Member!!

Just now, a moderator in our forum, Auntkinz was the first to discover yet another new Webkinz Secret Recipe!! Congratulations, now we can all make a sweet treat for our Webkinz on Halloween!!


The staff here at WI has verified the recipe, and it works! The name of this Webkinz Secret Recipe is Trickle Treacle and you make it as described below:  read more »

  • Blender
  • Cola
  • Pickles
  • Pumpkin

BREAKING NEWS: Halloween has arrived in Webkinz World!!

The newspaper changed again at midnight in Webkinz World! That must be a record, as it changed from the Grey Horse picture to the Webkinz Brown Arabian picture at about 9pm KT and then to the Halloween page at midnight!

Included in this article:
  • Opening the Halloween Treat Bag
  • Official Ganz statement on removal of Halloween items
  • 5 New Recipes
  • Updated Storage of Items

[... Continued ...]
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NEWSFLASH: Long Downtime in Webkinz World Brings Many Changes!

Well, folks, the long downtime in the middle of the day brought many changes, too many to list in the title!

At this point, here is what we've discovered:
  1. The majority of the Halloween theme has been removed from the W Shop
  2. The picture of the Grey Horse has been changed
  3. There is a new class in the Kinzville Academy
  4. There is new clothing in the W Shop
  5. There are new Pet of the Month Items
  6. Most of the Pinto has been programmed into Webkinz World
  7. New time zone options
Halloween Theme Issues
One of the most worrisome and highly unpopular and unwelcome changes is the removal of most of the Haunted Theme items two days early.  It appears that many people were waiting to buy them on the last day (Halloween) and are upset that they were pulled this evening, October 30th.  Here is how the Haunted theme looks now, each of these items says that they will be available until November 14th:

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BREAKING NEWS: Halloween Gifts, Santa Outfits and Webkinz Grey Horse!!

The Webkinz World newspaper changed at midnight and we were given a few new announcements.

Santa outfits are available in-store, so if you're still having trouble getting a highly-sought-after Santa outfit for your Webkinz, you can buy on of the KinzStyle outfits!

As we have already seen with some registrations from our members and reports from all over the US & Canada, the Webkinz Seal, Webkinz Yellow Lab and Webkinz Brown Arabian Horse are out now.

Finally, we'll all be getting Halloween gifts on Halloween!! Don't forget to log in on Halloween day to claim your gift bag which will likely contain exclusive items that you can't get any other way!

We found something very interesting in the main Webkinz newspaper announcement upon looking closer at the pets in the picture.

[... Continued ...]
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BREAKING NEWS: WI User Find and Activates Webkinz Pinto Horse!!

Our breaking news is the discovery of a Webkinz Pinto Horse by a WI user, nannakatina! The Yellow Lab, Brown Arabian and Seal were all added to the Webkinz catalog today, but no mention was made of the Webkinz Pinto Horse! We currently only have in-real-life pictures of the Pinto: it appears that nannakatina has gotten it so early that the Pinto is not programmed into Webkinz World and it shows an invisible pet, just like COWS4U's early spotting of the Brown Arabian!!!

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WI Earns Exclusive Interview With Webkinz Creative Director!!!!!

We've got some amazing news that you won't find anywhere else but here, your #1 site for Webkinz information and news, WebkinzInsider.Com!

For some time now, I have been in direct contact with the Creative Director of Webkinz World.  As a result of our contact, we have been granted permission to host a "Question & Answers" session here on Webkinz Insider!

The Creative Director has agreed to "play 20 questions" with the users on Webkinz Insider; he has agreed to answer 20 questions that I send him from all of you! This is behind-the-scenes access and insider information that you won't find anywhere: an exclusive interview with the Webkinz Creative Director, with questions from all the Webkinz Insider users!

For the next week, an official interview questions thread will be "stuck" to the top of the General Discussion area of our forum.  If you think of a question you'd like to ask, post it in there.  On Monday night, we will close the thread, select 20 questions from it and send them on.

The guidelines are very simple:
  • No Rude or Sarcastic Questions
  • The Questions should be for everyone (no personal technical issues)
Other than those guidelines, the sky’s the limit.

Put your thinking caps on, this is an amazing opportunity for our members, so let's get some really great questions for him! Be creative! If you ever wanted to ask Ganz anything about Webkinz World, the Creative Director would be the person to ask and here's your chance!!  read more »

BREAKING NEWS: WI User Activates Webkinz Yellow Lab!!

As a follow-up to our article a few days ago with the Webkinz Seal, the same user, Valleygram, appears to be the first to have activated a Webkinz Yellow Lab.  COWS4U was the first to get a Brown Arabian a few weeks ago.  Looks like Ganz has released all 3 at once and they should be in stores everywhere very soon!

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NEWSFLASH: Webkinz Fall Festival Leaf Pattern Emerges (Poem Added!)

A user in our forum, bearbowler, reported a strategy for the Webkinz Fall Festival leaves! We've all been working hard and watching very carefully for the leaves for the past few days and a pattern has finally emerged!

When you first log in, you must be patient and wait awhile, sometimes over 30 minutes for the first leaf to appear.  Once it appears and you click on it, note the time.

From then on, you are on a 6 minute time schedule, based on the time you saw your first leaf.  Now, that doesn't mean that you will see a leaf every 6 minutes, but it does mean you have a random chance of seeing one every 6 minutes, and only during that time. Whether or not a leaf appears, you will stay on this 6 minute time schedule.

I have been verifying this strategy over the past hour, since I saw my first leaf and here are my results (BOLD means I saw a leaf): 11:25, 11:31, 11:37, 11:43, 11:49, 11:55, 12:01, 12:07, 12:13, 12:19, 12:25, 12:31, 12:37

These leaves are following the 6 minute schedule as reported, so I've set a timer to go off every 5 minutes and 45 seconds, telling me to look at my Webkinz World window! :)

Hope this helps everyone out there get some of the great Webkinz Fall Festival items by having a better chance finding those pesky leaves!! GOOD LUCK!

[... Read More for Fall Festival Poem by danathornberg ...]
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