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BREAKING NEWS: Free Chipmunk Costumes, Waffles in Webkinz World!

Webkinz World has introduced another third-party ad and, just like the Bee Movie ads, they have a free gift if you click on certain ads!

The newest third-party ad in Webkinz World is for the "Chipmunk Movie" which starts on December 14th.  It's another animated movie, like Bee Movie, except it stars Alvin & the Chipmunks.  There are a total of 3 ads, and, just like last time, 2 of the 3 yield free items.  Both are shown here so you know which ones to click on.  The best success we've had is to click back and forth between the daily activities and the newspaper until you see it.  So far, just like the Bee Movie ad, it only appears in the top slot!

There is one difference, however.  When you click the free costume ad, you will be awarded one of 3 costumes.  Alvin's, Simon's or Theodeore's.

[... Read More to See the Different Costumes ...]
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NEWSFLASH: WI Member Activates Webkinz Love Frog and POTM Ribbons Return!!

We've just received our first report from a user locating the Webkinz Love Frog! Earlier this evening,  a user from our forum sent me a snapshot of her newest Webkinz!

Everyone congratulate her on being the first member to get her hands on this highly-sought-after Webkinz! She lives in Pennsylvania, so it looks like the frogs have landed in the US already!

In other news, the Webkinz Pet of the Month Ribbon is floating through Webkinz World again, only for today, Saturday, December 1st!

[... Read More for Virtual Pictures & Ribbon Strategy ...]
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EXCLUSIVE: 4 New Webkinz - Black Poodle, Velvety Elephant, Grey Arabian, Tie Dye Frog!

Ladies and Gentlemen, a WebkinzInsider.Com exclusive! 4 BRAND NEW PETS are coming to Webkinz World!

WI brings you the very first pictures and announcement of:
  • Webkinz Black Poodle
  • Webkinz Velvety Elephant
  • Webkinz Grey Arabian
  • Webkinz Tie Dye Frog
We don't know the Pet Specific Items or the Pet Specific Foods for these new Webkinz yet, but these are official, confirmed images of the future Webkinz!

Remember where you heard it first.  Your #1 Source of Webkinz Information, WebkinzInsider.Com!!

[... Read More For Pictures ...]
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BREAKING NEWS: Surprise Webkinz Coming Out -- The Grey Wolf!!

To all you WI fans and Webkinz fans out there, thank you for bearing with me while I waited for the right images to post this breaking news statement.  After today's update, there have been images and rumors floating around about a new Webkinz that no one knew about: the Webkinz Grey Wolf!

While we didn't doubt the authenticity of these images, we were reluctant to post them, as they appeared to contain some proprietary information that Ganz may have not wanted shown to the public.  An image I was hoping for, along with further proof have just surfaced!! Everyone congratulate Sunshine Shannon, as her Lil' Kinz horse "Shimmer" is best friends with the brand-new Webkinz Grey Wolf!

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NEWSFLASH: New POTM, Turtle, Love Frog, Hanukkah Items, Quizzys and Games!

With the downtime in Webkinz World, as is typical on Thursdays now, we have been blessed with updates, new Webkinz Pet of the Month items, new features and some old features coming back!

For all of you out there who have finished all the Quizzy's categories, you've got a whole new section of "Everyone" questions to answer!

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Ganz Officially Announces Three New Pets in Webkinz World!

As all you "insiders" have known for some time, the newest pets introduced into Webkinz World over the past few weeks are the Webkinz Collie, Webkinz Penguin, Webkinz Charcoal Cat, and the Lil Kinz Penguin and Lil Kinz Koala.

Ganz has just announced their official release in Webkinz World in the daily newspaper and they can now be found in the Webkinz Catalog!

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Happy Thanksgiving!! Don't forget to log in to Webkinz World!!

Good morning everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving to all the American Webkinz fans out there!

For those that didn't know, American Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, while Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October.  The reason for this is because the annual harvest comes earlier every year in Canada, due to being farther north.  This year, Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated on October 8th.

Even though Ganz is a Canadian company, Thanksgiving in Webkinz World matches American Thanksgiving! Don't forget to log in today and get your Thanksgiving gift!

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NEWSFLASH: Possible New Cheeky Webkinz -- Cheeky Raccoon!

There was some very interesting speculation in our forum on Sunday evening.  One of our users, Homeslorgrunner, was checking the bio on her Webkinz Reindeer Karina and noticed something very odd: Karina is listed as being best friends with a Cheeky Raccoon!!

I also have verified the authenticity of the image, as it was met with some skepticism when it was posted.  While it may turn out to be a glitch in Webkinz World, this image was not altered.

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BREAKING NEWS: WebkinzInsider.Com Solves the Employment Office Mystery!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and Webkinz fans everywhere, WebkinzInsider has a huge announcement in store for all of you that you just have to see to believe!! It's a revolutionary new section on WI related to the Employment Office in Webkinz World!!

Before I get to the "big news", I want to remind everyone that Ganz is giving us all another try at the Wheel of the Month! Everyone will be able to spin it today, Saturday, from 10am-11am and Black Bear owners will get an additional spin tomorrow, Sunday, from 10am-11am.  Don't forget!!

[ ...Read more for pictures and the WI Job Center Announcement... ]
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BREAKING NEWS: WI Member discovers another un-announced Lil Kinz!

To follow up with all of our new pet announcements (our WI members sure do get 'em early, don't they?) Here's a picture from none other than valleygram, showing us his newest pet, the Lil' Kinz Koala.  This is another "surprise Lil' Kinz", just like mom2tc's Lil' Kinz Polar bear from a few weeks ago! valleygram named his Koala "Kiwi".  Congratulations!  read more »

BREAKING NEWS: Floating Ribbons in Webkinz World!!

Late last night, Ganz sprung a surprise on everyone and has started putting "floating ribbons" in Webkinz World (shown on the left)!! They are "Pet of the Month ribbons", and are just like the Fall Festival leaves!! When you click on one, you are awarded a "Chocolate Medallion". 

There are 3 important discoveries about the "floating ribbons":
  1. They follow the same pattern as the Fall Festival leaves, which is the 'chance every 6 minutes' rule.  More detailed instructions on the '6 minute rule' are included if you click 'Read More'.
  2. You do not have to have a Pet of the Month to get the medallion! We're not sure if it's a glitch or if it's intentional, but users have reported that everyone sees the medallions and can get the prize!
  3. This is only for today, Thursday, November 15th.  It will not run a week, like Fall Festival.  It will probably come back, but who knows when?

[Read more for strategy and more pictures]

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BREAKING NEWS: New Pet of the Month Items, Clothes, Virtual & Lil' Kinz Penguin Pics!

More breaking news today comes in the form of a Webkinz World update.  They threw a bunch more at us, and I think the most exciting is the addition of two new Webkinz Pet of the Month items!! They are the "Party Machine" and "Kinzville Cuckoo Clock".  Many users in our forum had noticed the new cuckoo clock over the past couple of days from a picture in the news, and it appears that their speculation was right on the money, a new POTM item!

We also have the new Party Machine pictures, along with a few new Webkinz clothing items in the W Shop and pictures of the virtual Webkinz Penguin and pictures of its PSI and PSF (below is a picture of Flo, next to her brand-new Ice Fishing Hole).  These virtual images have been very hard to come by up to this point! There's also some storage news and a new class at the Kinzville Academy, and a WI user has come up with a Lil' Kinz Penguin, as well!!

[... Read more ...]
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NEWSFLASH: WebkinzInsider.Com Interviews Webkinz Creative Director!!

WI users and Webkinz fans everywhere, the answers to all of your questions are here!!!

As many of you may recall, a few weeks ago, WebkinzInsider.Com was granted an exclusive interview with the Webkinz Creative Director.  We were allowed to ask 20 questions, so we decided that it was best to ask all of our members what questions they wanted asked. 

We sorted through over 1,200 posts, most containing multiple questions and selected 20, which were sent on to the Webkinz Creative Director for the interview.  We felt that these 20 questions best represented the members of WebkinzInsider.Com and all Webkinz fans, young and old.

Included in this article is the entire interview.  Our questions are in bold and the Creative Director's answers are in italics.  We'd like to thank all of our members for getting us to this point that we have been recognized by Ganz.  Without all of you, and your passion for Webkinz and WI, this would never have happened.

[... Read more for the interview ...]
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BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz Collie found by WI member!

Earlier we reported on a WI member finding the Webkinz Penguin in Ontario, Canada today.  Another member, connie1234, located the Webkinz Collie in Ontario as well!  Unlike the Penguin, the Collie is activated, registered and viewable in Webkinz World.  Here is a picture of today's new pets side by side.

Read more to see the virtual Collie pictures!

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BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz Insider Member Finds Webkinz Penguin!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all the ships at sea.  Keeping with current tradition, we have yet another BREAKING NEWS statement about a Webkinz Insider member getting a Webkinz before the announcement of its release!!

This time, it's the Webkinz Penguin, which has, to this point, been one of the hardest new Webkinz to find information about!  The first WebkinzInsider member to report finding one is Joanne951, in Ontario, Canada, so everyone congratulate her on her new Webkinz Penguin.

Unfortunately, when she tried to register her pet, it gave an error message of "No Environment Found", so it appears that Webkinz World isn't quite ready for them to be activated.   Joanne951 has contacted technical support and is waiting for a response on what to do, or when she'll be able to fully register her pet!
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