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New Big City Streetcar Exclusive in Webkinz World

There is now a brand new exclusive in Webkinz World! Pictured above is the Big City Streecar. Your pets are going to love riding in this classic streetcar. In a surprising move Ganz has chosen to retire the Neo Gothic Piano. You may remember this exclusive was just introduced to Webkinz World in August of 2013.
Exclusive items can be obtained five ways. When adopting a new Webkinz pet you will receive a random Exclusive for every pet except the first one. Visit the Wish Factory and trade Tokens for the exclusive of your choice. Make a Wish of the Day in the Wish Factory and you might win an exclusive of your choice. And don't forget the Super Wheel. Exclusives are tradeable and kinzpostable and can be exchanged with other Webkinz World players.

Spring Fling Floaty Clicky on Webkinz Newz

Is that your pets tummy growling? Right now on Webkinz Newz you can participate in a Spring Fling Floaty Clicky. Simply search Webkinz Newz for the floating Molly Pig, click on it, fill in the required fields and a virtual Belly Bustin' Prize Pack, filled with edible goodies, will be added to your Webkinz World account. This Floaty Clicky will end on April 30, 2014 @ 23:59:59. There is a limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day!

Sneak Peek of Webkinz Fiesta Chihuahua

It looks like there will be another Fiesta pet coming to Webkinz World soon. Ganz has offered us a sneak peek of the upcoming Fiesta Chihuahua. The Fiesta Chihuahua is a lively pet who never misses a party! Bright and colourful, matching their outgoing personality, the Fiesta Chihuahua features a Pinata Rocking Horse as their PSI. The PSF for this pet is Fandango Fries. Stay tuned . . . we will let you know when this pet arrives!

Webkinz Insider member adopts Green Sloth

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member YOMCNUGGET on the adoption of the estore exclusive Green Sloth! Meet Apple, who is enjoying a relaxing day on their PSI, the Lazy Days Hammock. The PSF for the Green Sloth is Slow Cooked Stew.
The Green Sloth is available in the Ganz Estore right now, in a bundled promotion that includes a tradeable MVP hat!

Sneak Peek of Patchwork Leopard

The new Patchwork Leopard will soon be sewing up hearts in Webkinz World. This talented new pet is a wizard with a needle, thread, fabrics and patterns. The Patchwork Leopard comes complete with their PSI, the Cute Quilted Couch and their PSF, the Quilted Cake!
We will let you know how and when this Patchwork Leopard arrives in Webkinz World!

Webkinz Rainbow Zebra retires on April 27th, 2014

As of April 27th, 2014, the Rainbow Zebra, will be considered retired. If you own the Rainbow Zebra then stop by Today Activities in Webkinz World on Sat., April 26th, 2014, where all Rainbow Zebra owners can participate in a game of Count the Sailboats. On Sunday, April 27th, 2014, Rainbow Zebra owners will receive a FREE Rainbow Butterfly Tank Top. The Rainbow Zebra was first introduced to Webkinz World in April of 2011. The PSI for this pet is the Rainy Day Window and the PSF is Herbivore Smores.
If you would like to add this pet to your collection before it is gone then please consider visiting our partner Store, Ameriwade. Ameriwade features flat rate shipping (up to 8 Webkinz) of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada. Your credit card will not be charged until your order ships.

Webkinz Day is APril 29th! Floating magic W's in Webkinz World!

The countdown has begun. Webkinz Day is almost here!
Be sure to log into your Webkinz World account on April 29th to help celebrate Webkinz Day and to receive your Webkinz Day Gift Box, full of anniversary related goodies for your pet to enjoy! Webkinz Day celebrates the launch of Webkinz World, which happened on April 29th, 2005 making this Webkinz World's 9th anniversary! To learn all about Webkinz Day, please visit our WIKI HERE!
To help speed up the countdown and to add to the excitement, Webkinz World is also featuring floating Magic W's. Between April 20th, and Webkinz Day, April 29th, search Webkinz World for the floating Magic W, clik on it, and a Webkinz insprired prize will be added to your account. You can click one magic W per Webkinz World account per day.

Webkinz Insider member Adopts Knit Sock Dog

A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Webkinz Insider member marnabear, our first member to adopt the new Knit Sock Dog! Let's welcome Heel to marnabear's family. As you can see Heel looks right at home wearing his PSI, the Knitted Beanie. Pictured right next to Heel is his other PSI, the Comfy Knitted Chair. The PSF for this pet is Cozy Tea!
If you are considering purchasing a new Webkinz plush then please visit our partner store Ameriwade!Ameriwade features a flat shipping rate (up to 8 webkinz) of $5 in the USA and $8 to Canada. Your credit card will never be charged until your order ships.

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