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Webkinz Insider and the Struggles we are having!

As you could not help but notice, Webkinz Insider is really struggling right now.
We all have been aware that the hardware and software that Webkinz Insider uses is very outdated. Justin has been kind enough to apply band-aids whenever he could and has managed to keep us limping along thus far. Unfortunately, the site is really failing at this point and there is not much that can be done for it.
We have had a good ride thus far. WI has given members lifelong friendships, a sense of community, a safe place!
I would like to thank Justin for his years long dedication to this site. Rather than let it go, he kept it going for the WI community. I cannot imagine, on the day he and Kevin (Wendy) had a dream and created WI back in March 2007, that he had any idea of what Webkinz Insider would quickly turn into. The official launch date of Webkinz Insider was March 23, 2007.
We have had a fantastic run and countless good times! Our WIKI has always been second to none and our Gift Exchange was once the place to go to get the the most coveted Webkinz World treasures. I remember when you could not even keep up on the games threads and especially on the Chat Threads.
At this point we need to treat each day like it may be the last day for Webkinz Insider. Make sure you contact your good friends. Make sure you are up to date on your click to wins. Thank members who's contributions over the years have benefited you. Read some old posts for nostalgia's sake. Grab some screen shots.
I will keep you updated with any news here, if I am able.

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