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Updates to Webkinz User Agreement

About 5 months ago, in March, Ganz amended their user agreement and told us that we would only have 6 months to log into a lapsed account and then it would no longer be accessible. That 6 months is coming up within the next few weeks. They would like to keep their users informed and current, so they have reposted their user agreement, complete with some warnings about misuse of their virtual products. "The User Agreement now also explicitly forbids the sale or trade of any and all virtual items, with the exception of the trading of items for items through the in-game system. Virtual items may not be sold for cash, traded for eStore points, or traded for any equivalent service or consideration. Accounts violating these terms may be permanently banned." To read more and find out how this affects you go to the login page and click on the Privacy and more tab located in the upper right hand corner.

Re: Updates to Webkinz User Agreement

View Post Originally Posted by Webbiekinz
Has anyone won something from the Zingoz Slushie? I thought there were several prizes, is it just the bumper car?

Can we still trade here? Sounds like the new user agreement only allows trading in the club house
Yes, Just the Bumper car is a prize. The other prizes are through the Wackyer Zingoz game

And, Sally says YES, we are still able to trade the way we have been. As long as we are using the in-game system which includes Kinzposting

Click the image to open in full size.

Re: Updates to Webkinz User Agreement

As long as we use the account, is it ok Dixie?
Will they delete free accounts if we are using them?

Re: Updates to Webkinz User Agreement

I'm a lurker here so forgive my ignorance, but how do we trade here?

Re: Updates to Webkinz User Agreement

View Post Originally Posted by dexdangerousfan
I'm a lurker here so forgive my ignorance, but how do we trade here?
Dex, it has been a long time since the trading rooms were open, here. It usually requires an application to the Gifted program at which point you would have been assigned a Gift coach to help you through the process. Since we don't have a program as such, any more. Trading is basically only allowed between the gifted and gurus.
If we can increase the traffic, here, this is something we can look at in the future, but for now trading when you aren't gifted or a Gift Trainee is not allowed (under the current rules).
We are working at getting this place back to a functioning model of what it used to be and hopefully we can restore that. For now trading for someone who isn't gifted will have to be done through other sites and the trading rooms, I am sorry.

Re: Updates to Webkinz User Agreement

I am probably slightly sad about this because in case of the event that one of those cool webkinz you tubers come back and want to play again, they will not be able to. I really hoped this one girl would do a comeback video because she was so popular and had the best rooms!! ugh ok this hurts
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