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Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz! *UPDATE*

The Road Trip 2013 may now be over, but there's still time to decorate! Here is the Road Trip Stop Sign. This item is a wall decoration which will fit in either Indoors or Underwater rooms. It won't go Outdoors or Treetop. Here it is in my account to give you an idea of the scale.
To get this item, take part in the Peek-A-Newz event in Webkinz Newz. Under the Contest tab, click Events, and find the Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz Challenge. ENTER the Campaign. Find the Black Wolf's head 5 times; it will be peeking from behind ads and announcements. Watch carefully as sometimes only the top of the head with the pointy ears will show. When you find him five times and fill out the form, a Stop Sign will be deposited in your account. As usual, there is one prize per account per day, and this event will last until 11:59pm Wednesday Sept 25.
Unfortunately this item cannot be kinzposted.
*UPDATE*: The Road Trip Stop Sign is now kinzpostable, as well as the other recent Webkinz Newz prizes, including the Portable Road Trip Fridge and the Road Trip Car. Thank you Ganz for granting our wish!

Re: Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz!

Awesome!!! So much cool stuff right now! Thanks for the info

Re: Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz!

Thanks for the information & Thanks for updating us on everything going on

Re: Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz!

lol, cool! Thanks for letting us know! c:

Re: Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz! *UPDATE*

Thanks for posting a pix makes me want one and thanks to Ganz for making stuff postable

wondering if Ganz figured out if items are not postable players don't come back as much

I mean how many stop signs can 1 account keep if the items can't be sent elsewhere -beside the point really thanks to Ganz again

Re: Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz! *UPDATE*

great! Thanks for letting us know.

Re: Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz! *UPDATE*

thanks, ganz

i looked all day for the black wolf and never saw him as i was looking for molly and stoogles, etc


Re: Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz! *UPDATE*

I don't normally do the peek a news and I don't think I'm going to bother with this one no offense but it just looks so plain

Re: Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz! *UPDATE*

Thanks for the info......

Re: Road Trip Stop Sign Peek-A-Newz! *UPDATE*


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