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Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

webkinz cheatsMother's Day is coming up and what better reason to hold a contest here on Webkinz Insider!
The contest will start today and will end on May 8th at 10pm KT. For this contest all one has to do is post their gratitude towards their mother on this thread. Fifty-eight randomly selected posts will win clothing items.
Why fifty- eight? Because Mother's Day is May 8th afterall. Please remember no full names, but first names are fine. Let's start posting how much we love our moms! Good Luck!

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

I love my mother because she is the most helpful, kindest, generous and loving mother that she is! Our family would be a wreck without her and Well she is our mother! She pretty much made us, and cared for us our entire life so we should cherish her and give her gratitude!!
Happy Mothers Day To Everyone!!

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

There isn't anything much better in life than having a mom; they take care of us no matter how old we get to be, through the good times and the bad times, and I am so thankful my sisters and I were able to have our mom with us for as long as we did. And I miss her every day. Happy Mother's Day, mom. Love you.

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

i love my mother because she isnt just only my mother but my best friend. i can tell her anything and everything, she can keep a secret, and will give advice if i want it. she will even keep her opinion to herself if need be to comfort me. she will always be there for me and i will always be close to her in some way. i love you mom and happy mother's day!

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

Thank you mom for everything you do for me!!! I love you

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

I love my mother because she is caring and helpful. She gives me advice and support, and has helped me through alot of sticky situations. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Love you mom!

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

I love my mother because I keep learning about her the older I get. I grew up with my father, but my mother has always had a place in my life (sometimes not the best place LOL), but I really am glad that she gave me life and I do love her

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

I love my mother dearly, and I wish there would be a better word because I feel like love just isn't powerful enough. She's made me who I am today and even through all the fights and yelling, it's only us closer. Not only have I grown more as a better daughter and her as a better mother, we have become best friends. My mom's there to help me whenever I need her and she's always there to tell me "I told you so" or "I told you nothing comes good out of not listening to me" and I hate to admit that she's actually right. Haha. She's my role model and I'm her number 1 fan. She's taught me to live your life and love others before yourself. She's also taught me to be strong and fight through everything especially when she went through a kidney transfer to my aunt who had kidney failure in both of hers. She's my best friend, mother, and caretaker. I don't know what I'd ever do without her.
Love you momma!

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

My mother is the most awesome Mom in the world! She has 6 children and makes time to spend with each one of us and let us know we are loved. She als works tirelessly around our house to make sure we have a clean, healthy, happy home. She cooks dinner for us almost every night and would give up anything of her own to make her children happy. She is the best Mom I could ever imagine! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

I sure wish I still had my mom with me. She was the best mom ever - always was fair and made time for us. She read me stories when I was too young to read and she was so good at finding names for my dolls. When I grew up and began collecting teddy bears she got me some beautiful ones. If she were here today I know she would be buying me Webkinz and coming up with great names for them. I miss you so much, Mom.

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

My mom always cares about me. She helps me prepare for activities, drives me to places, cooks for our family, and many other things that I can't even do myself! Thank you so much mom for helping me all these years! You really deserve a day dedicated just for you! Happy Mother's Day! http://2.bp.********.com/_u1vbefMFlv...others-day.gif

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

I love my momma so much!!! My mother is the most selfless people I've ever met. She puts everyones needs above hers and loves us unconditionally. My mom is there for me whenever I need her. She is my best friend.


Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

I lost my Mom in 1993 but I think of her each day and realize more and more what a caring, loving Mom she really was. I think she would love Webkinz and Webkinz Insider as much as I do!! I love you, Mom.


Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

LOVE my MOM and WI

My MOM is always giving me help and great advise

My MOM always can spin a bad day into a good one

My MOM always sees the brighter side of life

My MOM is silly

My MOM can make me laugh

My MOM makes me great dinners & treats

My MOM is an angel

Thank you MOM!


Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

Way back in the early 70's my dad had gone back to GA to his former employer as the one here had cleaned out middle management. He and my mom decided to use this time as a break (I have 3 older sisters and they were all in college and wanted to stay at the colleges they were in here) and then when that time was over they would reevaluate their marriage.

It was not long after he left, I was home with a bad cold, and my mom received divorce papers, surprise! She was devastated. In 25 years of marriage she had worked out side the home for a year and a half as a key punch operator (and no you young whipper snappers have no idea what that is, lol), 3 kids in college and I was in middle school and she was just over 40 years old. Her generation had the stigma about divorce as well, so she was dealing with the failure of the marriage AND how she felt others would see her.

It would have been easier for her to tell my sisters they would have to move out and take care of themselves, all were over 18 years old. But she didn't. She had to sell the nice house but rented and then bought a nice condo nearby so we would stay in the same schools easier.

She went to the local hospital and was able to get a job doing key punch again and in time she went after a payroll job and got it! She was great at her job and did her best to keep things as normal for us as she could.

When she was about 50 years old I talked her into trying some college courses at the local community college, in accounting for her job and she would get reimbursement if her grades were good. This was scary for her as she had graduated when she was 15, from high school. She had skipped two grades in elementary school. One room school in a small town and being an intelligent girl she finished her work and paid attention to those just ahead of her and knew their stuff too!!

She did do well in college, with some help in math and english from me, as now she was taking course and learning material she had never had or hadn't had in decades. She was totally awesome! She worked so hard in all her classes and all day at her job too, plus she kept me active in Job's Daughters over the years, marching band, concert band, orchestra, etc.

She toughed it all and came out on top! Her perseverance in spite of so many things at the time, to get herself to where she could buy the condo on her own (time when women weren't doing this much, had to have a hubby) got an education, graduated with an Associates Degree in Accounting and more! It wasn't easy but she kept going and was an inspiration to me in my life.


Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

I love my mom more than anyone else in this world!! She is the best, most caring, kind, loving, generous mom out there. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful mom. I love you mom!!!

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

Dear mom:

Thanks for teaching me how to tie my shoes, ride my bike, make turkeys by tracing my hand, cut out paper snowflakes, straighten my bangs, love nature, spot a liar a mile away, patience (that didn't 'take' so well...), thanks for doing my homework when I was too upset to think, teaching me how to boil water, going through the Want Ads with me looking for my first jobs, picking out my wedding dress and walking me down the aisle, worrying about me even though I tell you that you don't have to any more, and thanks for letting me worry about you. Thanks for showing me what to look for in any best friend.

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

There aren't enough words to say what my Mom meant to me. She was a single parent who never let me feel like I was missing out anything. She played both Mother and Father. She supported me, encourage me, and gave me an awesome person to look up to. Even when faced with cancer, her faith in God remained unwavering.... til the very end. She was my Mom, my best friend, my hero.

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

i love my mom! and this year she has outdone the spoiling part!
she took me and my sister to venice, italy for the AMAZING mask carnival and we had the time of our lives. she even treated us a to masked ball and we all rented out costumes ...
that was the topping on my cake this year.
the fact that my mom and my sis and myself could spend a full 6 days together and just enjoy each other's company!

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

I am thankful that my mom instilled the value of education.

Re: Webkinz Insider's Mother's Day Contest

My mom is the best. She always takes care of us when we are sick. She comes up with fun games to play and great crafts to make.

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