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Important Notice: Front Page Stories and News Updates

Many of our members have noticed a delay in the updating of front page news articles. The staff have previously addressed this in a noticed posted to the forum here, however due to the ongoing delays in updating the front page it is important to address this officially as well. 
Our intentions have never been to let updates to Webkinz World, new pet adoptions, or important information slip by our team of volunteers.  However, recent issues with the editing software for our Front Page has created a barrier to those updates.  Many volunteers have been unable to access the front page editor for over a year, and for others it can be difficult to work with at the best of times.  We have yet to find a solution, or resolution, to these software issues and have been unsuccessful in locating the reason why it is affecting specific volunteers and not others.
Because of these technical problems, the volunteers able to access the front page editor and publish stories successfully is limited.  This limitation also means that the stories will not be published right away, as our volunteers have commitments to other activities on WI and outside of WI.
This is disappointing for many, and we  wanted to extend our apologies and provide a further update to the situation. It is not our intention for these stories to sit idle for so long, but the technical issues are a huge barrier for these updates to happen in a timely matter.  The staff who are able to update will do so as soon as possible.
In the mean time, we strongly encourage our members to ultilize the information available in our WIki project and Forums. The WIki project is updated by dedicated volunteers, and features some of the latest and most valuable information about Webkinz World.   

Spring WIKI Banner Contest Opens February 27th

Ready for another contest? Starting February 27th 2015, members are invited to design and enter the Spring WIki banner contest. Three banners will be selected and displayed on the WIki homepage throughout the season, with the first place banner being displayed March 14th, 2015.  Are you unsure of what the banner should look like? The banner below is included as an example, and was created for our winter WIKI banner contest!
Please visit our official entry thread for more information.  Contest will close on March 13th (2015) at 11:59pm US Kinz Time. For information on how to create a WIki banner and for additional help click HERE
Good luck to all of our entries!  

Webkinz Newz publishes Neigowa Blancetta Recipe

Attention Webkinz Food Collectors: Webkinz Newz has published the secret recipe for Neigowa Blancetta.  This secret Super Chef recipe has been underwraps since November 24th, 2010. Super Chef recipes are extremely rare to solve, as they require players to use the super chef stove in the clubhouse and three recipe foods to solve.  
The recipe for Neigowa Blancetta is Fire & Water Sandwich, Mount Snococo, and Sweet Creola. 

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Mystical Purple Hedgehog

Congratulations to WI Member DragonKeeper on their adoption of the Mystical Purple Hedgehog. Mistika Violentine is pictured here with her PSI, the Wishing Well Spa.  The PSF for the Mystical Purple Hedgehog is Marvelous Macaroni. 
The Mystical Purple Hedgehog is an exclusive promotional item from the Ganz eStore.  This pet is only available with the purchase of 130,000 eStore points. When purchased, you receive two codes for the mystical purple hedgehogs to adopt and enjoy.

Gamez in Webkinz World: New WI Contest Opens March 1st

 Calling all Arcade fans!  Have you perfected a new Webkinz Game?  Have you won a new trophy? Do you know the secret to successfully complete Webkinz games? Then this contest is made for YOU. Starting March 1st, Webkinz Member Cynalot will be hosting a special contest for WI members interested in Arcade games.  Each week, three games will be highlighted with specific challenges to enter the draw for exclusive prizes.  Furthermore, these challenges will help to update and create new guides for our members to improve their arcade gaming skills!
The first contest period runs from March 1st to March 7th at 11:59pm KT.  By completing specific challenges in Ant Mainia 2, Smoothie Moves, and Zacky's quest you will be entered to win one of three exclusive prize categories.  For more information, and to see the upcoming challenges, click HERE.

WI Member Adopts Golden Fawn

Congrats to WI Member DragonKeeper on their adoption of the Golden Fawn. Arany Marini is pictured here with her PSI, the Golden Canopy Bed. The PSF for the Golden Fawn is the Marigold Muffin.
If you are interested in adopting this stylish new pet, check out the Ganz eStore today. This pet is a member exclusive, and currently available in the Deluxe Year Membership bundle. For more information about current, upcoming, or seasonal pets visit our WIki.

WI Member Adopts Blue Avenue Kitten

Congrats to WI Member DawnScott1 on their adoption of the Blue Avenue Kitten. Betty White is pictured here with her PSI, the Blue Avenue Coupe Car. The PSF for the Blue Avenue Kitten is the Jewelled Lollipop.
If you are interested in adopting this stylish new pet, check out the Ganz eStore today. For more information about current, upcoming, or seasonal pets visit our WIki.

WI Member Adopts Oatmeal Pup

Congrats to WI Member SpotHarris on their adoption of the Oatmeal Pup. Always Eat Your Oats is pictured here with her PSI, the Sweets Baker Oven. The PSF for the Oatmeal Pup is Homemade Apple Crisp.
If you are interested in adopting this sweet new pet, please visit our Partner store Ameriwade. For more information about current, upcoming, or seasonal pets visit our WIki.

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